Wednesday Night Must Reads.

This is now war ~ American Zombie

Does mob cooperation with the feds happen only in the movies? ~ Mark Moseley @ The Lens

Along those lines the 2011 saga of Whitey Bulger has some of those same themes that Mark brings up in his column.  Whitey passed through the Mississippi coast and lived in Grand Isle during some of his time on the lam.


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  1. Better than working with the FBI is the Mafia methoid of using FBI investigations to squeeze and put in line those they have been working with. IE they turn a dirty political person into their puppet when the FBI investigations occure. How? The mob can leak info to the FBI which will put the political person in JAIL. But the political person can’t do that to the mob. Just the way they make everything to their advantage. Even law enforcement is used to further the ends of the mob.

  2. I’m sorry, am I missing something here ? … Jefferson Parish is the Mafioso’s “hollowed ground” … that the former JP District Attorney John Mamoulides was not indicted, convicted and spending the rest of his life in prison is proof positive of that fact !!!

    SOS … Mamou is now making MILLIIONS with his latest scam ONGO …

    1. And lest I forget Mamou’s teflon clone successor, “Don Corleone” Connick … yet another JP District Attorney … like I wrote earlier … Jefferson Parish is a haven for the Mafioso, be they private individuals or public officials …

  3. IMA: Could ONGO be short for ONGOING political cronyism.

    I find it disgraceful that according to NOLA comments out of every BUS TICKET the company ONGO gets 60%, the Sheriff 20% and the JP Schools 20%.

    Seems to me it should be 20% ONGO and Sheriff and 60% to schools.

  4. The Moseley article is a laser guided missile article. The authorities are intent on taking on organized crime in Louisiana again.

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