“The face of the enemy frightens me only when I see how much it resembles me”. Leary and Perret send a nasty gram to Timothy Gillespie at South Coast Today

A couple of days ago I fished a South Coast Today story on the Shelburne Whiskey Distillery from the google cache and published an excerpt of it as the Slabbed Nation speculated why it was pulled.  Last night in comments to that post Rat Bastard did some speculating as to the reason the story was pulled and it looks as if he was right as we visit today with the SouthCoast Today story “Trout Point Complaints” as Mr Gillespie has gone on the record with the back story on why his original report that we highlighted was pulled:

Below is a letter received April 3 regarding a story previously posted on SCT, but withdrawn as a courtesy to the management of Trout Point Lodge. As promised in the past, we have agreed to post complaints they have about SCT coverage of issues surrounding Trout Point Lodge. As we do not track Google cache (or any other archive service) we have no knowlege of what archives exist from any postings, current or removed.

Of course Rat Bastard appears to be spot on with his observation that the story was pulled “and only in Cache because of some of the same tactics that the people at the “point” have used in the past and are currently using with….. some unmentioned blog.”

This is a given and our readers may remember that when Leary and Perret identified former Trout Point Lodge Manager Joyce Case Harlow as having spoken with me, they passed several threats against her to the point where she called me on the phone very upset. THeir harassment of Ms Harlow finally stopped when I publicly advised her to call the FBI.  I mention this because Leary and Perret’s letter to Gillespie seems to indicate they have done likewise to the source for his original story, an unnamed official with the Town of Shelburne Nova Scotia as I again quote from today’s SouthCoast Today story:

XXXX XXXX has confirmed in writing that our representation to you of her conversation with you is correct.

Has anyone else noticed with Leary and Perret that unless they write their own story everything else about them in the press are lies and defamation?  Now I understand with all the heat on Aaron Broussard they would want to minimize their past involvement with him but if you show up acting an ass in a small town in Nova Scotia don’t expect people to forget all the parties to the jackassery.

Speaking of the Goatherders and serial lying how about a nice back story from Slabbed circa September 2011.  Back then Leary and Perret were sending serial DMCA complaints to my web host Automattic trying to get Slabbed taken down using standard Copywrite troll tactics.  When I posted a picture from Leary’s Flickr account on September 6, 2011 he got Nat Geo to complain as the Lodge was featured in the magazine a few years ago.  I simply changes the picture on the post and then printed the full Flickr page to a PDF, publishing it on September 13, 2011.  Not long after Leary took down the page and it is gone except on Slabbed.

On September 15, 2011 I posted an update to the saga of the Hostile Innkeeper. (Those wanting to catch up on Leary acting the part of a jackass running off paying customers because they would not sign their first amendment rights away should click here to catch up.) After I posted that update Leary’s picture from his Flickr page disappeared from the web.  Why one might ask? I think because Leary lied to Cheyfitz and then when Cheyfitz busted him on that lie the web page that contained Leary’s Nat Geo picture had to come down but the damage was done and duly noted. At this point it is worth repeating the update to Kirk Cheyfitz’s post Which 5 Star Resort wants to censor your comments:

Since this post initially went up, I have gotten numerous emails, ranging from apologetic to threatening, from Charles Leary. He alleges bad behavior on my part. He also says the long-running lawsuit filed against Trout Point and him by the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency (ACOA) has been settled. In addition, he says the man I talked to who was identified by his staff as Charles Leary was not, in fact, Charles Leary. But he will not produce the document showing the lawsuit was settled and he will not identify the man he claims I spoke to. Finally, he reaffirms his belief in his policy of attempting to own all his guests’ thoughts, observations and opinions about Trout Point.


That image was the link to Leary’s flicr page so I bet Mr Cheyfitz knew exactly which jackass at Trout Point Lodge ran him off that Jackass being Charles Leary, who then lied to try to cover his tracks.

Like I’ve said all along the Goatherders are one trick ponies that evidently have a penchant for threatening women given their prior behavior with Ms Harlow.  Duly noted is the fact Gillespie has not retracted his story “Trout Point figure fingered for expensive vacations on public’s dime” and I bet he took it down to save that poor woman in Shelburne further harassment by Leary and Perret. She sounds like exactly the type of person the Slabbed Investigative Team needs to talk with as we prepare our case here in Mississippi against the Goatherders.


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  1. When it comes to a private citizen getting the U.S. DOJ or the FBI’s attention on public corruption it is a daunting task no matter the injustice because they too are run by political whim.

    It takes courage, perseverance and personal sacrifice for those who want to make changes, that’s why so few try yet so many benefit greatly from those few that do.

    Thank you SOP & CFGG .

  2. Yes , the defamation blog they wrote,which I have a copy of ….and I know it was them and can prove it ….as they made a HUGE mistake in a comment made. Telling the story that I was FIRED was because they were scared of what I might tell, trying to discredit me, I was never fired from TPL , I quit when Perret refused me medical treatment ….and that story will be published eventually on my blog ! I have a hell of a lot more professional references addressing my ethics and honesty than they do !!

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