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      1. Made it to the finals but he came up short. Great group of kids and our winner Joshua will make Mississippi proud in DC.


  1. Well, he and his parents (and extended Family) should be proud that he made it to the “finals”. How many people can say THAT? What was the question that tripped him up? He’ll think about it for the rest of his life! AROD.

  2. We are very proud of him. I told him going in luck would be a major factor. The answer to the question he missed was Philadelphia PA. The question involved the Schuykill River.


    The next question was which city lies directly south of Lake Pontchartrain.

    It was a wonderful experience for him regardless of the outcome.


  3. That’s a trick question. There is no “city” “directly south” of Lake P. Metairie is directly south, but it’s not considered a city. The answer also could be Kenner, New Orleans or Norco (I think).

    1. The answer was actually given the kids in that round in a multiple choice format so it was not a trick question.

      That said the rules allowed for “inquiry” from the accompanying teacher under certain circumstances so there is a mechanism to deal with bad questions.


  4. So how is a “Southern Boy” from Mississippi supposed to know that the Schuylkill (pronounced “SKOO-kill) River runs through the “City of Brotherly Love”? I mean, that little “tidbit” was definitely NO in Walt Disney’s “Johnny Tremaine”, which played when I was a kid, and taught me everything I know about Philadelphia (other than “Rocky”). And the word “Schuylkill” is Pennsylvania Dutch at that, meaning “hidden river”. It was “hidden” allright!. If “Little SOP” had gotten the next question, ie. the “City to the South of Lake Pontchatrain”, he’d have knocked it out of the park. I’d wager that that question was not answered correctly by a “Damn Yankee”. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. Knowing you, your wife and your son … I am certain that all of you are very proud and humbled by being part of this wonderful event … next year is right around the corner Lil’ Sop …

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