Aaron Broussard seeks trial delay: Justice postponed is not justice denied

Paul Rioux has all the skinny on the latest developments folks but it was one of the story commenters that hit the homer IMHO:

Yes, Broussard will seek to delay his trail many ways. To be expected. The good think about all this is that we are not him. The U.S. Attorney, by agreeing to a delay, is reacting in a way the Ameican People would react and that is we are basically a compassionate and empathetic country. We, unlike Broussard, want to do the right things and accommodate him as best we can. And yes, this is much more consideration than he gave the people of JEfferson Parish according to the many counts contained in his indictment; but he is the bad guy here. He is ill with prostate cancer and should be allowed to seek the necessary treatment. There are many options available to treat this illness, but the odds are that Broussard will die with prostate cancer and not from prostate cancer as it is slow moving if diagnosed early. He will eventually go to trial and answer for his wrongdoings. He violated the People’s trust and must answer to the law and if convicted, will probably spend many, many years in prison. Letten will see to that. Broussard will have access to excellent health care within the walls of Federal prison.

In the next installment of as the Broussard turns we’ll learn if Tom Wilkinson’s lawyer has mastered the spelling of his client’s last name.


5 thoughts on “Aaron Broussard seeks trial delay: Justice postponed is not justice denied”

  1. Lileth, a belike statement indeed. I harbor some dubiety on that assertion myself.

    Sal drop me a line dude.


  2. Maybe while we wait and Lil’ Napoleon gets treated ( cause he has been a cancer on JP and still is) the indictment count instead of 38 will increase to a more deserved number of 69.

    Hurry and get cured Bro’ so you can go to the farm and get your daily free prostate massage.

    Just make sure you turn the bidet off so you don’t flood the farm.


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