12 thoughts on “In this episode of Magnum JD: Magnum sez eat yer hearts out guys”

  1. OK folks here is the backstory as I understand it. Magnum was smitten by Julia pretty much immediately and as is his custom he showed his affection by showering her with gifts like a Lamborghini for her birthday. He is a good looking guy in his own right so it didn’t take long for wedding bells to ring.

    In a comment left on Slabbed well over a year ago Supasleuth opined that what Magnum needed most was a good woman to settle him down. I mention that because I’ve gotten nothing but good reports on the guy since the new couples return from their honeymoon – no reports of borish drunken behavior in certain local watering holes or his alter ego John Countach ripping down St Chas doing warp 11 in his Lamborghini or wild parties that last until all hours of the night.

    While I’ve certainly been rough on Magnum for certain shithouse business dealings involving local politicians I’m personally delighted that Supasleuth had it called right, at least to this point, and I wish the new couple nothing but the best in their marriage.

    No single topic captivates the Slabbed Nation like our periodic episodes of Magnum JD. I truly hope this one has a happy ending.


    1. Until a certain former president of the Horsemen’s Benevolent Association gets rolled out of the Federal Pen.

  2. biggest russian comes to uptown news since grand duke alexis 140 years ago. for magnums sake he better not slip up. russians are not known for their forgiveness.

  3. Jr:
    It is known that Russians and other nationalities do cum so they can also get citizenship, enjoy capitalism and great economic opportunities.

    We will just have to wait and hope everything cums out OK as learning the Russian language can be challenging.

    Got to go JR. my main squeeze is calling, “I’m cumming dear”.

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