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    1. They liked him fine at the Sun Herald, where he began his career and worked his way up. It wasn’t that long ago he was hired over at the Press Register so the Advance Publications folks obviously like him too.


  1. It’s “Going, Going, Gone”, including paragraph 87(…” from obviously mentally unstable individuals from the deep south of the United States.”),from the prejudicial purview of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia —- to where—— wait for it—–to the humble halls of the Southern Division of the Southern District of Mississippi,and the U.S. District Court.

    Time for a Dylan tune:


  2. ” This is the place where the willow don’t bend,
    There’s not much more to say,
    This is the top of the end,
    So I’m going, I’m going, I’m gone…”

    To borrow a quote from Gleason, “How Sweet It Is”

    1. Listen up you little bastard … I wanted grand kids before you began to write like me …

      Tu as perdu ta maman ?

  3. And Dylan sings on:

    “Grandmaw said boy go and follow your heart,

    And you’ll be fine at the end on the line,
    cause all that’s gold doesn’t shine;

    Don’t you and your one true love (the TRUTH) ever part….

    Soooo ,….I’m goinggg….. I’m goinggg…. I’m GONE.”

    And may the LIGHT be with you ALWAYS.

    How Sweet It Is.*

    *hatip to Jackie

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