Thursday Links: Topics we’ve previously covered.

Grand Isle police chief faces 3 challengers in Saturday election ~ Paul Rioux

Slabbed’s coverage of Chief Dubois and the Captain Jay Dantin molestation scandal looks to be figuring into the politics of this election folks.

Former Jefferson Parish exec Tim Whitmer, Aaron Broussard’s former aide, due in federal court ~ Rich Rainey

Does the Canal Street brothel offer peephole on River Birch strategy? ~ Mark Moseley


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  1. To Mr. Moseley of “The Lens”: I don’t mean any disrespect, but could you just speak “plain English”? I can understand the FBI and the Federal Prosecutors having their eyes on a bigger prize than the whore “Madame” in the Canal Street Brothel case. But please tell us: Who was/were the prize(s)? Why hell, the Feds didn’t even go after Marcello’s nephew/landlord. Who did he tell the Feds he thought he was renting to? Plain English would be appreciated, as would an explanation for why the Feds let the prize or prizes get away from them without even a slap on the wrist, much less a Federal prosecution. Now to the River Birch case: So if Heebe and/or Jim Ward are not the prize(s), who ARE the prizes, and how long will the Public have to wait for Indictments to be handed down? I’d also like to know if you believe that any Federal Prosecutions remotely connected with “River Birch” have been compromised by the Perricone scandal. Thanks. I am just responding to things you POSTED on “The Lens”, as quoted by SOP. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. No disrespect taken! I’m known for circuitous, oblique and often nonsensically cryptic passages. I get plenty of WTF criticism for the cute little subtexts and winks and nods running through my commentaries. The often leaden, clumsy prose doesn’t help, either. Jeebus, I WISH I had clear explanation for the whole thing, from soup to nuts.

      That said, I don’t think what I’m hinting at is so impenetrable. The tip about the Canal St. cathouse, before it was actually on Canal St., included (apparently true info) that Carlos’ nephew was the owner. I’d speculate that he told the Feds that he had no earthly idea about the goings on at his property and that he was terribly relieved that he had sent such an undesirable element packing. Perhaps, the Feds were skeptical. Perhaps, once they tapped the new location, they were still hoping to find links to the nephew or the mob. The Feds had a mountain of recorded conversations over many months… and they had evidence of a highly sophisticated, nationwide prostitution ring, scores of big New Orleans names from the black book… yet what was the result? Jeannette Maier and daughter get charged– big whoop.

      Maybe– as the links in my column to slabbed indicate– there is a Marcello family connection to the properties under or abutting the Heebe landfill.

      And, fair warning AROD, if you thought this column was bad you’ll probably find my next one equally inscrutable.

  2. Totally amazing. They announced a Super Indictment and now the DOJ is pledging no additional counts. The disclosure of personal health information was not for a trial delay but for sympathy insulation from more counts.

    I believe the Feds are fearful of a jury backlash if they put too many more counts on the back of poor Lil’ Napoleon.

    I am guessing that the Feds, by extending grace pledging no more counts, are also still hoping he shows his appreciation and rolls for them before the trial.

    Don’t hold your breath cause Lil’ Napoleon has promised to show the jury an entire ‘Movie totally explaining everything and disproving the previews’.

    So Whitmer, Karen Parker and all the other illegal paralegals all get off(as Rioux keeps repeating that first offenders never do the 3 years and $250,000 fine) for telling and testifying for the government about payroll fraud; all of which the local press had exposed in detail BEFORE Whitmer and Parker even pledged cooperation.

    Looks like a Canal St. brothel remake. Same script just different actors.

  3. I loved the Moseley piece on River Birch. Keep digging. The gold lies in the way the DOJ has prosecuted other landfill owners who used well connected front people to run their landfill operations for them. RICO, the environmental movement and competition from legal corporations has resulted in a shift in how the mafia does things. Thus the new model. Which is well connected front people who run the dump, get the dump through the regulatory hoops, spead money to the political structure, and keep the media very well fed.

    The only place you find the mafia type in the organization structure will be in a position where the money is counted. The “offer you can’t refuse” is something like this– You run this thing and I’ll keep track of the money.

    How the Marcello family explains the sale of land to River Birch (which was used to help shut down their own dump) is the key question in my mind? Answer… Could it be the Marcello’s profit from both and wanted to change the business model to reflect the new way dumps are run by the underworld?

  4. Why are landfills privately owned to begin with? It seems to me that sanitation pickup and landfills are governmental functions that should be done by government employees. This is another example of privatizing a governmental function that leads to corruption of the government.

  5. Steve, was the JP environmental dept. asleep at the wheel not to inspect and verify that Oakmount had in fact purchased and installed an oil/water separator as per permit.

    HHmmmmmmm Oil/water separator, where oh where have I heard that one before.

  6. It makes you wonder whether those rumors about US Attys visiting Nova Scotia are also true …

    And another point, why hasn

  7. “U.S. Attorney Jim Letten confirmed Friday that Fred Harper, the deputy chief of the criminal division, has not, and will not participate in the Jefferson Parish case because of the potential conflict.”

    Good grief! It looks like the DOJ Ethics people should investigate Harper while they’re at it.

  8. Wbub-Wbub-L “..has learned a high-ranking prosecutor..”.

    How about the “EYE”, with Garlandfill’s Sequoia log still in it, Witness News telling us who they learned it from or is that a journalistic secret source.

    Was it a honest house cleaning initiated to the “EYE” by Team Letten or was the DOJ admission forced by a snitch or the Broussard camp dropping the dime .

    Broussard’s case is developing more twists/questions daily then anybody has answers to:

    (1)Feds have a teleconference with Broussard camp and the TP reports the transcript in case record says there will be no more allegations filed. Then a few days later at Whitmer’s plea there arises allegations of a $40,000 pay-to-play to Broussard from a contractor( Company A) and the spending on campaign funds on Broussard’s french wedding celebration’;

    (2) the same day some rumors arise about a Broussard Lake Tahoe trip then next day it’s reported a DOJ prosecutor, Harper, was on that trip;,

    (3) Team Letten then responses Harper has not and will not participate in Broussard case; and

    (4)the Super Indictment concerning Broussard’s Nova Scotia property and allegations thereon has apparently vanished.

    Sounds like a very rough rugby game of I have the ball and I push you, you push me, I push you back….and as long as Team Letten has the ball with team unity and gaining yards toward the goal- no problem.

    However, it appears to me there’s a bounty pool out on QB Letten so whatsay we call Roger Goodhell in to sort it out and suspend all of these nasty players for life.

    Cause if Letten gets hurt and can’t play, the planned Broussard/Wilkinson/Fazzio/Heebe games will all go into overtime and easily surpass the years the JP Non-Performing Arts Building has been under construction.

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