Must read: What planet am I on? American Zombie

I watched 75 minutes of Fox 8’s late news last night and am in lockstep with Jason on how he is calling this. Simply put dredging up Cedric Richmond to talk about anyone’s integrity or lack thereof, is about as bad as Tommy Tucker at Payola radio lowering the boom on Perricone.

Maybe instead of  yammering about suing Perricone on the TeeVee, perhaps Pat Fanning and Chick Foret should put their money where their mouths are and file suit if they think Perricone defamed them.  And about Perricone’s alleged threat directed at Ray Ray the Chocolate guy?  If it were that serious, why was nothing done about it when the comment was left years ago, instead of way after the fact when the identity of the poster became known? Simple folks, because Ray Ray did not perceive a threat by what Perricone allegedly wrote back in the day, though I’ll grant the comment in question did come close to crossing the mythical line.

I’m not taking up for Perricone but the “news” coverage now has me scratching my head. The lesson here folks is if you value your privacy, especially if you are a proverbial knowledgable insider, stay away from newspaper and TeeVee websites as these businesses will, if given the opportunity, eat their own young in exchange for ratings.


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  1. Hell, I’m still trying to figure out what secrets in case investigations , or false objectivity’s in his profiling subjects rises to the allegations of being libelous or dereliction of his office ?

    However he is guilty of a being a bureaucrat having an extraordinary ability to eloquently express political opines and if that rises to the justification of his termination then Washington should be a ghost town.

    1. It does. I wish people would stop being apologists for this blow-hard. In addition to the many AUSA rules and Rules of Professional Conduct he has violated, he has jeopardized all of the cases he has commented on and given many defendants (past and present) and their attorneys serious fodder. Add to that the amount of time and resources the US Attorney’s office will now devote to cleaning up his mess, and this is a major, although clearly unnecessary, crisis.

      Please stop defending this jagoff.

  2. Political fodder for the respondents attorney’s yes, however it does not change incriminating evidence against those of the investigations.

    Best practices may have been violated , a censure would have been more appropriate.

    I would rather have a blow-hart jag-off U.S. Assistant Attorney who cares about where he lives and the people he serves than one that doesn’t.

    What he did was self expression not self enrichment .

    1. Keep making excuses for this poor martyr; let’s see what kind of havoc this caring individual has wrought in about a year. It’s legal fodder, not political.

      This guy does not care about the people he “served.” To he contrary, his comments indicate he thought the people he “served” were morons. His career is justifiably over. Amen!

      1. Hold on, you sound like an attorney that knows what you are saying and have strong convictions about this guy and appear deeply concerned about the havoc that he has caused in the justice department.

        Maybe you are even an attorney with the DOJ office and that is admirable that you express your personal opinions whether I agree with them fully or not .

        However schmuck’s like me know that justice is a commodity bought and sold in America today and out of reach for a lot of individuals schmuck’s like myself no matter how egregious the injustice is . There are very few attorney’s today that will take a case without receiving a large retainer and even fewer who do pro-bono work regardless of the circumstances .

        As a schumk I am also particularly familiar with the DOJ as a governmental political enterprise of which there is a presidential appointed district attorney. Each U.S. District Attorney as an aspiring politician and a bureaucrat customarily uses the limited budget pursuing high profile cases to promote his or her carrier that provide the most public coverage while other less publicized or more egregious injustices go uninvestigated or prosecuted.

        So please accept my sincere apology that I have expressed any opinions that may have offended you
        but the sky is not falling and the district attorney’s office will not lose cases over this the firing was nothing more than political and that’s why the majority of people think it’s being over blown.

        1. I am not an attorney with DOJ. You have not offended me and don’t owe me an apology. It is not the “District Attorney’s Office” and Perricone was not “fired.” Finally, please enlighten me as to how you have made the determination that the majority of people think this is overblown. Thanks.

          1. I don’t mean any disrespect but when was the last time you read or what SOP is saying .

            If you are an attorney and this passionate and truly want to make a difference in the community I would be interested it talking with you question is would you be interested in talking with me?

            SOP and CFGG knows my situation and it dose tie to the corruption in JP and why I have the feelings about the DOJ, all you have to do is contact either one of them they are familiar with what I am doing and why.

  3. Thanks, happy to vent just hope my key board can take the pounding !

    Want to get 5 attorney’s in a VW bug , throw in a $100 bill , want to get them out , tell them you’re driving to a community volunteer service .

  4. This latest bit of news that AROD will love – Justice Kitty Kimball’s sister in law, Shelly Dick (you cannot make this up), has had her name submitted for USDC MD LA judgeship. What a joke! She was an Office of Worker’s Comp ad hoc judge (appointed by that sellout, Jindal, who completely fucked up the PPO litigation. She is no more qualified to be even an OWC judge than my dog, much less a federal judge appointed for life!

    Dear God, help us all. The brother in law network is alive and well in Louisiana and people are getting tired of this shit. Mark me “ANGRY.”

  5. -“The lesson here folks is if you value your privacy, especially if you are a proverbial knowledgable insider, stay away from newspaper and TeeVee websites as these businesses will, if given the opportunity, eat their own young in exchange for ratings.”

    And that is the lesson. The real story that should emerge from this whole mess is the journalistic ethics of and whether or not their data mining actions are crossing the line and even breaching their own commenter policies. But you and I both know that conversation will never see the light of day.

    If you are an insider and wish to remain anonymous but inform the public of valuable information….stay the hell away from MSM websites.

    1. I SHALL NOT HIDE, NOR SHALL I BE INTIMIDATED…My name is Patricia Fay Fournet & I say to Jim Letten, Fred Heebe,The US Government & all that entails to SUK MY COK. GOT IT?

  6. To IMAANGRY: Thanks for the info. I’ve been waiting for this, as it was rumored @ 2 years ago. I assume that both Mary Landrieu (I’d better keep my mouth shut) and the “Diaper-Wearer” Vitter are both on board for Ms. Dick and jointly submitted her name to Obummer. Just so The SLABBED Nation knows, Ms. Dick (Titty Thimble’s sister-in-law) represented her sister-in-law in my personal litigation against the sister-in -law (whose “real” name is Catherine D. Kimball) and others, being Civil Action No. 06-7280 on the Eastern District docket and Case No. 08-30052 on the Fifth Circuit docket, all arising out of my abduction. brutalization, torture and false imprisonment on September 20, 2005, ALL PLANNED, ORCHESTRATED and EXECUTED by Kimball and her surrogates. Suffice it to say for now that, in representing her sister-in-law, who is a CRIMINAL, Ms. Dick COMMITTED FRAUD UPON THE COURT on multiple occasions, which should DISQUALIFY her from Federal service, and require that she be disbarred (Unfortunately, Kimball and her “pimp” Plattsmier, the Chief Disciplinary Counsel, CONTROL the entire Louisiana Attorney Disciplinary System under Rule XIX of the Rules of the Louisiana Supreme Court). But I’ll be watching this and corresponding with the appropriate Congressional Committee in a timely manner. As an aside, I hear “through the grapevine” that Kimball doesn’t even go to the Courthouse anymore, a fact which, if true, might be of interest to the litigants in recent “4 to 3” decisions. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  7. Yes and Vitter was also onbord to have Fred Heebe take Jim Letten’s job too after not practicing law for ten years. What a mess now we are back to square one with Perricone’s investigation of the Canal St madam and his recent termination. Say wasn’t it me that said Perricone’s termination was political ?

  8. You mean Flip , Flop Viiter , no eh?

    Heebe knows his way around the political landscape: Stephanie Grace
    Published: Thursday, March 03, 2011, 6:34 AM

    This much is clear to even the casual observer: Fred Heebe has an instinct for maneuvering around government. He knows how to figure out the rules of a given political game, and to play by them. He likes to identify pressure points, and to push them.
    The owner of the controversial River Birch landfill proved that a decade ago when, despite a resume that in no way screamed “federal prosecutor,” he muscled his way to the top of President George W. Bush’s short list to be U.S. attorney in New Orleans. Heebe did it, apparently, by funneling political donations to Republicans and by cozying up to powerful people, which is actually a typical strategy for winning these coveted appointments.
    Even though Heebe hadn’t practiced law full-time in more than 10 years, he assembled a dream team of powerful backers. There was then-Gov. Mike Foster, Heebe’s sometime hunting companion. There was Billy Tauzin, a powerful committee chair in Congress, whose aide called Heebe “uniquely qualified” to be U.S. attorney. There was David Vitter, a congressman at the time and a lawyer by trade, who made the counter-intuitive argument that Heebe’s business background was just as valuable as legal experience.
    Heebe appeared to be bound for Camp Street until allegations of domestic abuse by an ex-wife and former girlfriend stalled the process. The delay created an unexpected opening for Jim Letten, a career prosecutor with a highly relevant background but no influential sponsor — at least until he used his interim appointment to launch a constituent-pleasing assault on government corruption.
    Which makes the fact that Heebe now finds himself in Letten’s cross hairs more than ironic.

  9. Sorry I am old school and a veteran to boot this is what I fought for and will till the day I die;

    Freedom of speech in the United States is protected by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution and by many state constitutions and state and federal laws. The freedom is not absolute; the Supreme Court of the United States has recognized several categories of speech that are excluded from the freedom of speech, and it has recognized that governments may enact reasonable time, place, or manner restrictions on speech.
    Criticism of the government and advocacy of unpopular ideas that people may find distasteful or against public policy, such as racism, sexism, and other hate speech are almost always permitted. There are exceptions to these general protections, including the Miller test for obscenity, child pornography laws, speech that incites imminent lawless action, and regulation of commercial speech such as advertising. Within these limited areas, other limitations on free speech balance rights to free speech and other rights, such as rights for authors and inventors over their works and discoveries (copyright and patent), protection from imminent or potential violence against particular persons (restrictions on fighting words), or the use of untruths to harm others (slander). Distinctions are often made between speech and other acts which may have symbolic significance.
    Despite the exceptions, the legal protections of the First Amendment are some of the broadest of any industrialized nation, and remain a critical, and occasionally controversial, component of American jurisprudence.

  10. Accusing me of doing METH because I have a different viewpoint is a pathetic response from a supposed compatriot..

    Asking WHAT PLANET AM I ON without expecting SOMEONE to say URANUS…is ,,,,,funny.

    WHY the FUK is all this outrage against political Corruption Omitting Jim Letten?

    I WILL get an apology from you JASON….Maybe one day when you grow up & out of the facade you’ve created for yourself.


    1. Actually and according to the expert in these matters, C.B Forgotston, ‘Jingle Jangle’ Jindal is “the ROADS scholar” …

      As to Letten, I suspect he will be ‘hitting the ROADS soon’ …

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