Let’s grind this Perricone = Henry Mencken1951 thing into the dirt.

I’ve sat back and watched the media spectacle that is the Assistant US Attorney Sal Perricone’s cyber coming out party from its more serious manifestations as it relates to the subject of legal ethics, a cause we champion here on Slabbed to the ridiculous specter of WWL morning DJ Tommy Tucker terming Perricone a Gutless Wonder given Garlandfill Robinette’s part in this scandal. It has been thoroughly entertaining.

Speaking of Tucker’s special yoda Garlandfill, Slabbed was the media outlet that broke the subpoena though admittedly in an on the down low type of way before saying it outright in March 2011 scooping the entire NOLA media by 6 months on the subject. There is alot of that type stuff scattered throughout these pages. It is why everyone with an interest in the scandal reads us and it is why SLAPP suit types like Aaron Broussard’s Goatherders come after us, the Slabbed Nation.  I guess it was only natural then, that when the Perricone scandal broke, certain media types would be interested in those older posts as they represent what the late Jim Finks would term journalistic “skins on the wall”. Slabbed’s older work on the Robinette subpoenas would be of particular interest since Perricone’s alter ego posted a tidbit on NOLA regarding the money trail that led from team Heebe to Robinette.  I’ll voluntarily solve that mystery and say there is no linkage as we rake our muck the old-fashioned way at Slabbed.

That said what Perricone aka Mencken aka CampStBlue etc had to say matches many of the things I’ve written on Slabbed regarding Judges Berrigan and Lemelle and certain members of the media and that makes him dangerous in another respect.  It is easy to label and dismiss bloggers as crackpots etc but an Assistant US Attorney that literally knows where all the bones are buried?  From a tactical PR perspective, Perricone must be crushed and along those lines I laughed when I saw this WDSU TeeVee story yesterday afternoon where a couple of Sal’s former coworkers Mencken dissed at NOLA are threatening defamation suits including Pat Fanning, Tim Whitmer’s lawyer and WWL TeeVee legal analyst Chick Foret.  I busted a gut laughing when WDSU passed off Aaron Broussard’s lawyer Robert Jenkins as a simple legal analyst, especially given that Mencken wrote that Heebe was paying Jenkins on Broussard’s behalf, such supposition not a stretch by any means given the Heebe funded suit filed by Kyle Shonekas for Sherman Copeland to close the Old Gentilly Landfill.

On a more serious note Drew Broach at the T-P checked in yesterday with a timely story documenting the fact Team Letten has lost two veteran prosecutors over media matters in the corruption scandal, a topic we’ve also touched upon with Perricone’s departure from the DoJ scene. Two is the magic number because there was very early speculation as to the reason Mike Magner was reassigned from the investigation and I heard it both ways, exactly as Broach wrote in his piece.  I tend to think Magner was reassigned because of the newspaper story cited in Broach’s report.  I’ll add there is a general feeling DoJ DC will be taking this investigation over among the legal observers I communicate with.

Keep an eye out on the continued press coverage of the scandal folks, for in many ways it is the public’s crystal ball into the behind the scenes of this massive Team Heebe PR offensive.


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  1. “leagl ethics a cause championed on slabbed” and that’s why we turn to the slabbed for all the slabba dabba doo, it’s good for me and good for you.

    We’ll most likely see more work done here than at the Doj Good job sop. i hear the show will go on and know you’ll be there filling us in. yeah!

    Uh, crackpot blogger? hum that sounds like a great new title of a blog and given the current BS in the courts it may go over big. That’s better than NMC’s alledged comments that some victims of corruption are crazy. But that has more to do with the ah- value of said corruption. crackpot blogger, crack-pot blogger, crazy crackpot blogger? nope you had it right the first time.

  2. Several commenters( Gate’, Ms-ville) have opined that Heebe’s defamation suit to discredit Letten’s office, which Heebe not only once desired and lost over a heated nomination/character issue but is now being prosecuted by said office criminally, is ‘Get Back’.

    I agree but the correct word is R E V E N G E.

    Described as the second next most powerful emotion next to L O V E.


    But what comes after R E V E N G E? All out W A R !!

    I’m ready for the Letten MOP (Massive Ordnance Penetrator) Bomb capable of penetrating layers and layers of corrupt political insulated bunkers.


  3. i am no Letten fan club member, but do you really think he would be replaced by someone better? look at the recent roster of us attnys: eddie jordan, harry rosenberg, almost fred heebe. i shudder to think what kind of cretin would be agreed upon after diaper dave pouts until he and obama can agree on someone. i can just see it, magnum, us attorney.

    1. I’m with you Sock … Given the propensity of our US Senators to reach for the bottom of the barrel, no telling who the next rotten apple might be … So why not Magnum? It’s plusible … Election time is here …He can raise a lot of campaign money, Republican or Democrat .

      1. HYPOCRITES ~
        How can you NOT hold LETTEN accountable for the past 15 YEARS of POLITICAL Corruption?
        JEFFERSON PARISH ~ Shaw Group ~ AMV ~ Nungesser ~ VITTER ~ Nagin ~ St. Pierre ~ Jindal ~ CALDARERA ~ John Young ~ SISSY CRISSY….
        Who you gonna CALL?
        The POE-LICE?
        The Better Business Bureau? Goyenesche? Jesus Christ? The US Attorney’s OFFICE?

    2. RITE!
      Letten is a SLAP in the FACE of thinking HUMANS!
      …I read some of MENCKEN’S Comments & the only badmouthing I read was AGAINST THE LANDRIEUS …SO, if you think that LANDRIEU, LETTEN, HEEBE, AARON BROUSSARD, ET al. are NOT Connected via an INSIDE NETWORK…….
      Hailing a man’s worth based on an imaginary alternate WORSE CASE SCENARIO is BULLSHIT!

  4. Ya’ think WWL-TV isn’t “grinding” on the Sal resignation.

    Reporter Mike Hoss had a lengthy story on the Mid-day report with Chic Foret alleging he’s thinking about suing Sal for the quote “unkind’ things Sal posted about the WWL legal analyst, Lil’ Chicky boy.

    Well Chic, what did you expect with a funny girly man name like Chic anyway.What journalistic hypocrisy and overkill.

    Like I said before time for Garlandfill to get a letter and a Bill of Information and lets see WWL carry the live removal of that Sequoia log from its sweet eye.

  5. I GOT IT….
    I will tell ya’ll EXACTLY What this is ALL ABOUT….
    It is the government’s lame ASS ATTEMPT to subliminally CRIMINALIZE INTERNET Commentary & to INTIMIDATE citizens!

    NOLA won’t even PUBLISH MY comments anymore.
    FUK ‘EM

    If I want biased NEWS…I’ll listen to LIMBAUGH….ugh…

    “THEY” including PERRICONE came up with this RUSE!

    He is the CRIMINAL for abetting the continual ROBBERY of LOUISIANA Taxpayers & has YET to ADDRESS the MURDERS & illegal detainment of new orleans citizens DURING HURRICANE KATRINA ~ BP Oil Spill?…WHO is supposed to PROSECUTE the corporations who overcharged for services in the aftermath of BOTH DISASTERS…Who is supposed to PROSECUTE the criminal politicians who continue to RAPE the taxpayers?


  6. MENCKEN SCHMENKEN….NEW EVIDENCE LEADS to a REVISED Theory….LANDRIEUS got they feelins’ hurt & LETTEN Took care of the BO BO.

    I find ignoring my real problems and stuffing my face with King Cake is a marvelous way of creating more problems for me to ignore in the future.

    Posted on Mayor Mitch Landrieu kicks off Mardi Gras countdown with king cake feast on January 06, 2012, 1:37PM

    PS: If his beloved sister and the president they worship continue with the current energy policy, we wil all be on horseback soon.

    Posted on New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu weighs in on Mardi Gras etiquette on February 25, 2012, 5:29PM

  7. You are very correct Mr. Marino. Examine very carefully where this city has installed these cameras and you will easily see that it’s all about demographics and the ability of the targeted drivers to pay the tickets. You find the cameras in neigborhoods where speeding is chronic and the drivers are poor. It didn’t take some pea-brained city official with a Norton Bomb sight to find who to target for their mendacious trap. St. Charles Avenue has three!!! Canal Street? Go count. Canal Boulevard. Go count. Wisner? City Park and Harrison? The list goes on and on.
    It’s a sad commentary of this city–but with nearly 200 killings a year, do you really think the idiots in city hall care about this little thorn?

    Posted on Traffic cameras are placed to fleece citizens: Letter to the editor on December 30, 2011, 7:15AM

  8. I agree. I’ve never, in my lifetime-75 years–seen a more dedicated group of young men and women working for the public good. I’ve always mused about what this place would be without the Feds, and I shiver when I contemplate their absence. We need to know more about that group. Thanks.

    Posted on Grateful for the work of U.S. Attorney Jim Letten’s office: A letter to the editor on February 24, 2012, 7:05AM

  9. THis is about money and political power. We are spending more to get less and these fools want to sustain the status quo????? Parishes with more population seem to be functioning quite well with a merged court system. But New Orleans (Orleans Parish), with its arrogant, atavistic view of the planet, seems content to spend taxpayers’ money to sustained an expensive antiquated system which only serves those who want to perpetuate it. Term Limits!!!!!!

    Posted on New Orleans lawmakers try to scuttle merger of criminal, civil courts on March 07, 2012, 7:27AM

  10. A “personal message” to Mr. Perricone from Ashton O’Dwyer: I hope you have steeled yourself for the firestorm which is, no doubt, coming your way. These USDOJ types from D.C. are CRAZY and unrelenting. But it’s my guess (and I hope I’m “right”) that you knew this day would be coming one day, and your cover blown, but that you prepared for it with some “toys in the attic” which none of us have yet seen. This is a “wish” over which I have no control. But let me tell you MY “wish”. I WISH THAT JUDGES BERRIGAN, DUVAL AND LEMELLE WOULD SUE ME FOR DEFAMATION. Oh! Come on! Plee-eeaze, Bere’ Fox, don’t trow me in dat briar patch! And for AROD’s wish no. 2, I WISH THAT THE FOLLOWING COLLEAGUES or FORMER COLLEAGUES OF MR. PERRICONE WOULD SUE ME FOR DEFAMATION: Michael Magner, Stephen Higginson, Brian Marcelle, Jan Maselli-Mann, Gregory Kennedy, Edward Rivera, Maurice Landrieu, and FBI Agent Christopher DiMenna. If you get sued, I will galdly share my dossiers on each of these individuals with you. This could really be FUN! Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Of course Perricone knows where “the bodies are buried” concerning the US Atty’s Office … he’s been there since 1991… and of course he has ‘black books’ which includes the Canal Street Madam’s…

      Perricone’s fate is his to direct … it will be interesting to watch the second quarter of this game play out …

  11. Sal better be looking for good legal counsel. My guess is he will be needing it on at least two fronts

  12. Hahahaha, yous guys are hysterical. The measure of a real “blogger’s blog” is the heft ‘n’ breadth of the shovel in your comment section.

    Convoisely, the T-P has a distinct and vested interest in managing the comments to their articles –particularly when said articles are written by Gordon Russell, big chief editor. Editor/Journalist… hmmmm.

    After we thoroughly nailed their asses to the wall (with ahem no small measure of covering our six backup from da padnas at Slabbed btw) for enabling the Corps of Engineers to violate Federal Code in the T-P comments section by shitting astro’turf all over anyone who questioned the Corps in-countenance, you can bet your sweet ass the editors these days know Exactly who is commenting.

    Enter G. Gordon Russell, the editor/journalist “breaking” these Heebee Jeebee stories.
    Conflict of Interest?
    ….herein lies the crux of the biscuit…


    1. No linkage between Sal and Slabbed that I am aware of Editilla though certainly Sal reads us. Now that he is done with DoJ I’d love to hear from him since you asked.

      There was a knucklehead from the Securities and Exchange Commission that would come on here from time to time back in the day trashing the Rigsby Sisters but that is about as official as we get from a commenting standpoint.

      That said I do not have a problem with government employees expressing their opinions online, even from their day jobs.

      The key here (and not just DoJ lawyers) is to not mix work and commenting. This is why I have copiously cited Rule 301 on Slabbed through time.


      Sal clearly wasn’t thinking.


    1. If you remember Lockem, Russell did some of those early stories on the Old Gentilly Landfill, was a guest of the Fred Heebe’s at his house for a meal and his name popped up on the list of River Birch lobbyists the FBI nabbed in their raid on River Birch HQ.

      I personally think Russell is on the up and up but the news coverage has gotten to the point where people are beginning to wonder. The stance taken by Payola radio does not surprise me. I was mildly surprised by last night’s Fox 8 news at 9, especially after the 3rd story on the subject.

      All that said I think I detect a general feeling in the NOLA media Letten knew more about what Perricone was doing than he has admitted to at this point. Hanlon’s razor, at this point tells me to discount that possibility in favor of more straightforward explanations such as Perricone running his mouth.


    2. You don’t suppose G. Gordon, as a big chief editor, knew the various aliases of Sal? I say yea & verily he did. He does not simply “just work there”.

      Now, whether G Gordon decided to let it ride, knowing this would become a big deal for coverage, (I mean he isn’t a goddamn idiot), or whether G. Gordon is an accessory after the fact by allowing a Federal Attorney to violate the Federal Code of Computer Fraud, his actions in pursuit of hype are at the very least unethical.

      Aaand, he’s an editor. Case closed there.
      I had no idea of the stuff SoP just listed, which makes G. Gordon a tasty morsel indeed.

    1. In JP when a sizable promissory note goes missing or there is a missing person needing to be found you would normally pay Lil’ Napoleon $300-$350 for his secretary to call the TP and cause an ad to run.

      However, after vicious Tommy “Tarsier” Tucker of Wbub-Wbub-L “EYE” Witness News chewed off Sal Perricone’s head and ate it calling him a “gutless wonder”, he was strolling along the shores of Hypocrisy Bay and found a strange “thing” in a floating box. Could it be the missing $250,000 note :

      [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S_9mOTs0tRA&w=420&h=315%5D

  13. Observation (personal) by SOP: “I detect a general feeling in the NOLA media Letten knew more about what Perricone was doing than he has admitted to at this point.” I’m SO-O-O-O glad that SOP let us know what he was thinking in this regard, because it mirrors the opinion I formed ever since Letten appeared on TV for the BIG PRESS CONFERENCE on Thursday, March 15th, AFTER he already had been talking to “U.S. Department of Justice Washington, D.C.” for 2 1/2 days, outside the public’s gaze. My immediate reaction to Letten’s DENIAL of personal knowledge, and to his DENIAL of personal knowledge by “the office” (as if “the office” was some sort of legal or juridical “person” with the capacity to act or to choose not to act) was BULLSHIT. Not only do I believe Letten KNEW, and that numerous Members of “the office” KNEW, but I believe that Perricone was not the ONLY AUSA or FBI Commentor on Web-Sites, although his appears to have been only on “nola.com”. Given the number of people in Letten’s office (I believe he is quoted today as claiming 60 or so attorneys) and a wide number of commenting monikers, the Washington,D.C. USDOJ investigators may be “busy” for a while to determine who may have done what. Now the reason this is important is a Federal Statute known as The False Statements Act, codified in 18 United States Code Section 1001, which provides, in pertinent part: “(a)…whoever, in any manner within the jurisdiction of the executive , legislative, or judicial branch of the Government of the United States, knowingly and wilfully – (1)falsifies, conceals, or covers up by any trick, scheme, or device [.] a material fact; (2) makes any materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent statement or representation…shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 5 years or…” Both Martha Stewart and former Louisiana Insurance Commissioner Jim Brown were successfully prosecuted by the Federal Government under this statute. So what does Letten’s BLANKET DENIAL at the Thursday Press Conference on the 15th mean to me, in the face of the clear and unambiguous wording of 18, U.S.C. 1001? IT MEANS THAT THE COVER-UP ALREADY HAS BEGUN AND THAT THE WASHINGTON, D.C. USDOJ HAS LETTEN’S BACK. I should disclose that I believe Letten and a number of his THUGS (or former THUGS) are all CRIMINALS arising out of the events at the “Federal Law Enforcement Coordination Center” known as Camp Amtrak on September 20, 2005, and the subsequent “cover-up” (ie. obstruction of justice) of those events, and failure to prosecute the criminally guilty parties, and my false arrest on January 29, 2101 and the subsequent wrongful malicious persecution for almost 2 years thereafter, before I got all charges DISMISSED. Sure, I’d like to see indictments in the River Birch matter. Sure, I’d like to see Ray Nagin indicted (but then I wanted to see Marc Morial, Sherman Copelin and Cleo Fields indicted – Letten didn’t help us there – I wouldn’t have minded to see the “Johns” in the Canal Street Brother case prosecuted – or the “list” published – Letten didn’t help us there, either). However, Jim Letten is not indispensable for any of that. Criminals belong in jail. I know where I’d like to see Letten and his gang of THUGS. But the THUGS from D.C. already are protecting him, and them. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  14. Ya’ll can keep sucking your thumbs & chasing the rainbow UP LETTEN’S ass.


    I’ve been following these events CLOSELY for several years.

    Jim Letten is like an abusive husband.
    He promises change & you already have so much time invested in the delusion, then the cycle repeats itself.



  15. …not if he knows Kitty Kimball, the Chief Justice of the State Supreme Court. She gave Jim Brown his bar license back—he had 5 convictions!!!

    Posted on Former horseman’s association director pleads guilty to conspiracy on September 01, 2011, 8:23AM

  16. Could it be that SLABBED is the alter ego of the Plaintiff?
    Posted on Fired attorney Anne Marie Vandenweghe sues Jefferson Parish on August 28, 2011, 5:34PM

  17. Another Letten news conference?
    Posted on Mark St. Pierre to be sentenced at 2 p.m. on corruption charges on September 01, 2011, 3:06PM

  18. His body might be on vacation, but his credibility is on permanent leave.
    Posted on WWL host got $250,000 from owners of River Birch on September 03, 2011, 12:31PM

  19. It is the luck of the draw…Lemelle had help from the Jeffersons to get his judgeship….enough said. Don’t ever think that the selection of Federal judges is devoid of politics. What Ivan the Terrible has done is to ensure he has more trials, by inviting the guilty to test the government’s case. I can’t wait to see what he gives Pratt.
    But public officials should suffer if they violate the law. I’m no bleeding heart, but kids who had NO shot at life get years and years in prison if they sell crack. Politicians–black and white–have been given a chance and abused it. They need to pay and pay dearly.

    Posted on Were sentences just? Or just luck of the draw?: Stephanie Grace on September 04, 2011, 10:54AM

  20. Whenever I go to a sporting event, either professional or amateur, I am amazed and lucky to be surrounded by so many experts on the game. From the moment the game commences, the incessant sporting advice and editorials flood the stands around me.
    I am so lucky to be immersed in a cornucopia of theories, postulates, stategies and predictions. I get so emotional, sometimes, that I just want to yell out, ” if you are so damn smart, why are you sitting next to me?”

    Well, I got the same feeling when I read this editorial. If the editorial staff of the TP is so damn smart, where were they when Marc Morial and Ray Nagin and Sidney Bartelemy were mayor and systematically destroying the New Orleans Police Department under the aegis of racial diversity? This newspaper, then, sat in the bleachers mute, for racial fire from those on the field. It would have taken real heart-pulsing courage to say, “STOP! What are you doing? The people you are putting in blue shirts aren’t quailifed to have police authority over us!” But what did we hear? ( ). Silence.

    Now, the paper is yelping in the shadows of the DOJ and DEMANDING that they fix the police department consistent with the image and forsight of the editorial staff of the TP. Seems ironic, doesn’t it?
    So, here I sit in the bleachers with the TP just waiting for one of the editorial writers to pour beer over my head, revoke my privilge to comment and watch the game on TV. But they forget that the same police department that serves me and my fellow citizens, serves them–but we don’t own the only newspaper in town.

    Posted on Justice Department and New Orleans officials must make sure they reform the police department for good: An editorial on September 14, 2011, 8:06AM

  21. Talk. Talk. Talk.
    It is the only arrow politicians have in their quiver. When you analyze a political animal, you realize that they are shallow creatures devoid of any substantive talent. The only asset they have is stringing words together.
    During Katrina the real work fell to the military. While they work, politicians were searching for the next new conference. When the camera went on, they clustered in front of the lense like moths to the light.

    Now, we have a crime summit. If they really thought about it, it is a Crime Solutions Failure Summit and they are the reason their is more crime than solutions. The conference they have assembled is an admission that they don’t have a clue what to do, but talk, talk talk.

    Oh, when is somebody going to as Carter what his involvement was in the faile Algiers Landing project…now there’s a little story. And Landrieu appoints him to be a criminal justice commissioner???? Ironic.

    Posted on Anti-crime summit at UNO Lakefront Arena starts today at 10 a.m. on September 17, 2011, 9:24AM

  22. Jay, why don’t you ask Nungasser about his visits to a certain business on Canal Street where his daddy had to bail his fat butt out of a jam? Love Jeannett. xxxxx

    Posted on Jay Dardenne holds clear lead over Billy Nungesser, poll indicates on October 12, 2011, 7:19AM

  23. There’s one unwritten rule in Jefferson politics. Everyone gets theirs, first. How can something so good be planned so badly? Or was it? The canal bottoms mentality is alive and well in JP and it will never change.

    Posted on Price tag soaring on Jefferson Performing Arts Center on November 21, 2011, 7:40AM

  24. “Ultimately, several people, including two federal prosecutors and Halbert, were interviewed about the leak, but no one was charged with a crime, said retired FBI supervisor Charles McGinty, who oversaw most of the Wrinkled Robe investigation.”

    Well, Mr. Broach, it appears you found your leak!

    Posted on Jefferson Parish court investigation leak worried FBI on November 27, 2011, 3:34PM

  25. Seven weeks is fast for New Orleans. Thank God Boh Brothers wasn’t in charge of the repair. They would recommend a new building for the new doors and it would take 5 years to build it.

    Posted on Doors replaced after pickup drove into district attorney’s office on November 23, 2011, 8:06AM

  26. TP, the only problem with your editorial is that it is too short. Indeed, how can politicians, when runnning for office tout their brillance, but when something like this becomes evident, they plead stupidity?

    Nothing occurs in Jefferson Parish by accident. It’s all by design, pardon the shameless pun.

    Jefferson Parish’s atavistc practice of carving the parish up in fiefdoms, has been an practice dating back generations. It has its origins in the old Police Jury days when the “juror” controlled certain and all aspects of parish government.
    Nothing has changed/ Today, each concilman(person) has control over his/her district and has a nice personal disposal fund to subsidize projects and buy votes. Every elected official profits from their office. The District Attorney’s FAMILY profits quite handsomely from doing parish LEGAL work,and NO councilman(person) will object, lest he finds himself at odds with the DA. And we thought John Momoulides was bad….

    THis is why ALL and I mean ALL council members where opposed to the Inpector General’s office and you can bet they are designing ways to gut the efficacy of that office. We can only hope that their designs are as effective as the one use on the Performing Arts Center. Will things ever change?????

    Posted on Jefferson Parish’s mismanagement of arts center construction is an outrage: An editorial on October 24, 2011, 8:05AM

  27. Letten shouldn’t give up on Jefferson Parish. But appears, sadly, that Heebe got the judge in his pocket. Good Luck Feds!!!
    Posted on Prosecutors should keep going after illicit contracts: An editorial on October 15, 2011, 9:11AM

  28. Mike Magner??? You got to be kidding. Every case this flop handles, he has to have his hand held. You are correct about one thing—the brains of that operation of Poydras is Jan Mann. Don’t ever underestimante her. Even Letten listens to her….and Heebe’s goose is cooked.

    Posted on WWL host got $250,000 from owners of River Birch on September 04, 2011, 10:45AM

  29. Considering my environment, this might be heretical—but the Blue Dog IS NOT ART!!!!!

    Posted on Art on Veterans Memorial Boulevard is supported by business fees, not tax dollars: A letter to the editor on October 19, 2011, 7:01AM

  30. The author of this missive is an ersatz attorney for the Fraternal Order of Police. Now, the reader can understand the etiology of the sentiment. Defillo, despite his bibelot-laden chest and his professed career, escaped any condign penalty with his pension. Sad, indeed.

    Posted on A long, distinguished career: Letter on August 29, 2011, 7:29AM

  31. Are you NUTZ??? Porkeous was charged( impeached) and was convicted in the Senate. He had, perhaps, able counsel, but the facts against him were overwhelming. He should have been charged in Federal Court and had Letten’s posse not been recused, he would have been. The Feds got Marcotte and Marcotte gave up the goods on this fat corrupt pus-filled carbuncle of a judge. Honorable? What is your definition of Honorable?

    Posted on Thomas Porteous on January 16, 2012, 8:30AM

  32. MY Personal FAVE :

    Posted on Tiny frog is declared the world’s smallest vertebrate on January 14, 2012, 8:35AM

    Maybe we can convince him to be police superintendent. It is abundantly clear that larger vertebrates can’t do the job.

  33. Patricia: Ok, its time to get some sleep girl you have been grinding yourself to death to 4 A.M.. Glad you’re not my dentist!

    I have a suggestion, lets stop grinding, set the charge, run like hell and blow this POST and be done with Wbub-Wbub-L, Tommy Tucker and others cause they’re bigger fish to fry, like NFL Goodhell , the new Ivan the Terrible of the Superdome:

    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D6PGKcVr-8s&w=420&h=315%5D

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