Let’s grind this Perricone = Henry Mencken1951 thing into the dirt.

I’ve sat back and watched the media spectacle that is the Assistant US Attorney Sal Perricone’s cyber coming out party from its more serious manifestations as it relates to the subject of legal ethics, a cause we champion here on Slabbed to the ridiculous specter of WWL morning DJ Tommy Tucker terming Perricone a Gutless Wonder given Garlandfill Robinette’s part in this scandal. It has been thoroughly entertaining.

Speaking of Tucker’s special yoda Garlandfill, Slabbed was the media outlet that broke the subpoena though admittedly in an on the down low type of way before saying it outright in March 2011 scooping the entire NOLA media by 6 months on the subject. There is alot of that type stuff scattered throughout these pages. It is why everyone with an interest in the scandal reads us and it is why SLAPP suit types like Aaron Broussard’s Goatherders come after us, the Slabbed Nation.  I guess it was only natural then, that when the Perricone scandal broke, certain media types would be interested in those older posts as they represent what the late Jim Finks would term journalistic “skins on the wall”. Slabbed’s older work on the Robinette subpoenas would be of particular interest since Perricone’s alter ego posted a tidbit on NOLA regarding the money trail that led from team Heebe to Robinette.  I’ll voluntarily solve that mystery and say there is no linkage as we rake our muck the old-fashioned way at Slabbed.

That said what Perricone aka Mencken aka CampStBlue etc had to say matches many of the things I’ve written on Slabbed regarding Judges Berrigan and Lemelle and certain members of the media and that makes him dangerous in another respect.  It is easy to label and dismiss bloggers as crackpots etc but an Assistant US Attorney that literally knows where all the bones are buried?  From a tactical PR perspective, Perricone must be crushed and along those lines I laughed when I saw this WDSU TeeVee story yesterday afternoon where a couple of Sal’s former coworkers Mencken dissed at NOLA are threatening defamation suits including Pat Fanning, Tim Whitmer’s lawyer and WWL TeeVee legal analyst Chick Foret.  I busted a gut laughing when WDSU passed off Aaron Broussard’s lawyer Robert Jenkins as a simple legal analyst, especially given that Mencken wrote that Heebe was paying Jenkins on Broussard’s behalf, such supposition not a stretch by any means given the Heebe funded suit filed by Kyle Shonekas for Sherman Copeland to close the Old Gentilly Landfill. Continue reading “Let’s grind this Perricone = Henry Mencken1951 thing into the dirt.”