13 thoughts on “Sunday Music: A clue to who we think ratted out Sal Perricone”

  1. James Gill, in his column this morning, states that “Heebe is the one who has been watching his rights erode.” What the fuck? You mean by virtue of the numerous TP articles attacking Heebe? Or, a few innocuous posts by Perricone? James Gill reveals himself as an abject moron with such unsupported and hypocritical comments. I’m so angry I could spit nails.

  2. For the second time in less than a week, I’ll disagree. You know Gill is not a moron. It is now clear that Perricone commented on things not yet in the public realm. I’m sure any criminal defense lawyer would take issue with a prosecutor engaging in this type of conduct . . . no?

    I don’t think this has anything to do with Heebe’s guilt or innocence. The issue here is that lawyers do not have the same unfettered First Amendment rights as everyone else.

  3. I did not call Gill a moron in general, but rather his comments in this article. How on earth are Heebe’s rights being eroded?

    1. You know I am no Heebe apologist, but since you asked; doesn’t he have the right to be presumed innocent? As someone who has not even been indicted, doesn’t he have the right to not have confidential grand jury information publicly leaked by the person prosecuting his case? Doesn’t he have the right to confront his accuser? Doesn’t he have the protections afforded a defendant (or greater rights because he is not yet a defendant) afforded by the AUSA manual and Rules of Professional Conduct regarding lawyer statements?

      I’m sure there are lots more, but those are what I could think of off the cuff. There is no overlap between Heebe’s potential criminal acts and Perricone’s misconduct.

      Would you agree that prosecutorial misconduct is always intended to erode the rights of the accused?

      1. Sock, I respectfully disagee –
        With the notable exception of disclosing grand jury testimony I would argue that any comments as ‘menken1951’ are anonymous opinion only. No one reading is influence more or less by the cachet of an unknown source. Cetainly different than “an un-named source in the Distric Attorney’s office”, or if Perricone had posted comments under his own name. And even the notable exception would of necessity have to be an excerpt of testimony and not just some facts as testified that were also common knowlege outside the grand jury. I know of no comment such to say: “It was reavealed to the grand jury.. .”

        I believe the rights eroding are those that all anonymous citizens should have… to defend one’s beliefs as did the “minutemen”: hiding behind trees without uniforms or names to avoid the reprisal of entrenched and determined opposition.

        1. Okay, so an arrogant, rule-breaking, power-hungry, bullying AUSA should be mentioned in the same breath as the minutemen? Please!

  4. A think about quote … from the movie “The Firm”

    Abby McDeere (Mitch’s wife):

    “Somewhere, inside, in the dark, the firm is listening.”

  5. Life imitates art in this NOW movie town, Hollywood South … another quoted scene from the movie, “The Firm”:

    Mitch McDeere: … Let me get this straight: you want me to steal files from the firm, turn them over to the FBI, send my colleagues to jail…

    Wayne Tarrance: … They roped you into this.

    Mitch McDeere: … Breach attorney-client privilege, thus getting myself disbarred for life, then testify in open court against the Mafia…

    Wayne Tarrance: … Well, unfortunately, Mitch…

    Mitch McDeere: … Let me ask you something: are you out of your fucking mind?

    1. I saw that Friday and thought Pot meet Kettle. I think Tommy has Perricone mixed up with the guy that follows his morning show.


  6. Jr: We need a new name for WWL-TV, as it seems they want very much to be the permanent, little water boys for Team Heebe and company.

    When the Sal Perricone story was announced it was described by Angela on WWL as a ‘MAJOR’ earth shattering story. Was that because her ex-hubby, Garlandfill, was caught with his paint brush in Heebe’s propaganda can stroking beautiful toxic picture of certain landfills.

    As far as a new name for WWL Buddy “D”‘s station description immediately comes to mind: ‘Wbub-Wbub-L’, kinda’ like a bobble head doll station whose pencil neck geek head bobbles when the sh*t hits them in the face.

    As for Tommy Tucker ,who the f*ck asked Tucker to comment on the integrity of Sal and Team Letten when he has a Garlandfill forming a huge payola log jam in his own eye. If I was Team Letten I would go after Garlandfill for an indictment immediately after reading Tommy’s tirade.

    You resign Tommy “F*ckhead” Tucker, NOW.


  7. from tucker’s wwl am bio “It sent me to WWL where I had the fortune to work closely with Garland Robinette, watch the master and work and absorb as much as I could.”

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