Sal, it is time to step down

W O W ! ! I think it is wishful thinking for Letten to believe that this episode won’t have any effect on pending cases. Aside from that, this demonstrates the danger of assuming that those entrusted with representing the government are above reproach. And the defendants, lawyers, judges, and persons under investigation who were subjected to the running commentary from the heart of the U.S. Attorney’s office should wonder where Mr. Letten’s to them apology was — does he intend to apologize to Heebe, Lemann, Berrigan, etc?. ~ BRlawyer

And that comment to this story by Gordon Russell and Paul Rioux on the fallout from the revelation that Henry L. Mencken1951=Sal Perricone sums up exactly why Perricone needs to do the right thing and resign. His actions have compromised a massive federal investigation into the Jefferson Parish landfill contract, among others, that have tentacles back to literally the very early days after Hurricane Katrina. What Perrricone did was wrong and in fact was unethical. Simply put following the rules is what makes the good guys “good”.

True, Mr Perricone has the same first amendment rights as everyone else and yes, as Jason over at American Zombie alluded to yesterday there is way more to this story. At this point all we have is the realm of speculation to deal with there. From a practical standpoint there is a investigation to salvage and that can not happen with Perricone in the mix at Team Letten.

We should all be heartened to see Mr Letten promise that this matter would be dealt with in a forthright manner and Slabbed intends to hold his office to that promise.

Finally I think this is a good time to address all the issues Perricone’s actions have brought to the fore.  Do government employees have the right to express their opinions online?  Is Judge Ivan Lemelle really “Ivan the Terrible” as Perricone claims? Does Judge Ginger Berrigan really love criminals as much as she loved bad faith insurance companies after Hurricane Katrina?  Perricone’s opinions of those two jurists happen to match what we’ve reported on Slabbed over the course of the last 4 years.  In this case the problem is the messenger, not the message.  Folks do not mix work with blogging. Lawyers should not comment on their own cases in public online forums as nothing good can come from that.  Besides that is what I’m for anyhow.  😉

Sal, once you square things up with your employer we’d love to hear from you. From one blogger to another, Sein Fein.


26 thoughts on “Sal, it is time to step down”

  1. I disagree with all of this hysteria that Perricone needs to resign due to “compromised investigations.” Nothing I have read in his comments supports such a conclusion. Now, stupidity is one thing he is guilty of, occupying his position, running the risk of being outed, and calling Judges names. The whole lawsuit Heebe filed was stupid. What has it accomplished, other than getting Perricone kicked off he case, but trust me that here are other AUSA’s just as competent standing in line to take over this case. Like Ben Grubbs for Carl Nicks – no let down here. Take Heebe down. He is a cheattter.

    1. I totally agree imaangry. OPR will handle this. Politics should not. One does not have to have certain personal or political beliefs to qualify for a professional job. Sal commented on ongoing cases; although, not as an AUSA. As a AUSA he should not have done it. This does not rise to a huge scandal unless it uncovers illegal activity on his part which seems unlikely. Sal is allowed to have his opinions, too. He is not a 3-d cardboard picture walking around.

      I am surprised some would think (especially here)that others should be required to lose their job for posting comments on the internet. If one is posting anonymously, who cares? Anonymous commenters can even post things they don’t believe. Heebe really cannot show damages. I am sure not everyone took “Henry”‘s comments/opinions as facts unless they knew them to be facts.

  2. Why did Letten out him?

    It would have been difficult in my opinion to get an Order from CDC allowing a SDT to issue to NOLA under the auspicies of a defamatiuon suit.

    If I’m Heeber, I immediately dismiss the defamation suit. The goal was accomplished by Letten outing Perricone.

    1. Looks like that prosecutor ripped a page from the Harry Connick playbook. Hiding exculpatory evidence in violation of Brady is despicable. I am amazed at the high incidence of cheating in criminal law.

  3. This is a huge scandal and the hysteria is warranted. To say it’s not makes people sounds like the same homers who defend Gregg Williams’ bounty program.

    This is a very big deal, and it might very well bring down Letten in the process. Even the ultra-conservative WWL radio audience is calling for Perricone’s termination with 94%. It’s amazing that educated people actually can defend Perricone’s conduct, which runs afoul of both the Federal manaual and the Rules of Professional Conduct.

    I’m stunned that some of you think this is not a big deal. Please re-evaluate.

  4. Never said it wasn’t a big deal. The issue is that to my knowledge, the Rules of Professionalism speak to the lawyer directly commenting to the media about an on going case. Then its my understanding that the comments must be limited to address the issued.

    This is a whole new arena. Remember he was blogging or commenting “anonymously”. Before anybody says “whats the difference” between running to Angela Hill and spilling commentary as opposed to anonmously commenting, I would say there is a huge difference.

    Keep in mind I am not saying he shouldn’t be fired from DOJ. But as far as ethical/rules of professionalism, this is going to be unchartered territory.

    BTW, I don’t think for the moment Heebe’s defamation suit will be successful. He would be crazy top continue ir because there is no 5th Amendment privilege on the civil side. If I were him, I would instruct my lawyers to dismiss the civil suit immediately.

  5. BTW…. where is the evidence Gregg Williams ran a bounty program that rewarded players for injuring other players? Oh, that’s right, the NFL says there is evidence but won’t release it. 50,000 pages of documents means they probably have less than hundred pages that even are relevant.

    Question everything and demand proof before jumping to conclusions.

    1. From the Urban Dictionary:


      Someone who shows blind loyalty to a team or organization, typically ignoring any shortcomings or faults they have.

      “That guy is a total Broncos homer, they haven’t done anything good all season!”

  6. SOP, you and I both know how easy it is to trace IP addresses back to specific moments when someone comments. As Styborski has pointed out in my comment section, there were actually 4 pseudonyms that were linked to Perricone. This wonderful sleuthing was supposedly done by syntax comparison….bullshit. No f’n way. Somebody tipped team Heebe to Perricone’s commenting and those 4 accounts were traced back using IP addresses…I will bet my lily white ass on it.

    My working theory is that someone from within DOJ that had a bone to pick with Perricone (and apparently there are many candidates) tipped off team Heebe to the posts. They then went and bribed, coerced, intimidated…fill in the blank….someone within to trace those comments back per IP address.

    There is just no damn way they didn’t already know what they were looking for before they hired Mr. “I shall know you by the words you write” for a buttwad of cash.

  7. Though I can’t disagree that there was a tipster I think alliterations are used by many people, however words like’ redoubt’ and ‘dubiety’ flying around are as rare as are bald eagles and whooping cranes.

    But I think it would be fun for us bloggers to pickup some of these bald eagle words from future indictments/ complaints and start using them so that FBI profiler James Fitzgerald will be employed for a while longer trying to pin new charges on other prosecutors.

    As far as effects I believe you’re going to see the “flame thrower” syndrome and more aggressive tactics by the DOJ toward all the indicted.

  8. If all these SLAPP-happy corrupt criminals get away with intimidating anonymous messengers using their agents of retaliation, their high priced lawyers, then the Government will never investigate and/or prosecute anyone for anything because no one is going to give them information by commenting on blogs.

    Free Speech my ass…get back is more like it…

  9. No, no, no….WG…don’t lump us in with NOLA. I will not, under any fucking circumstance, divulge any IP address or information to anyone, including by threat of a court order. They can hold me in contempt send me to the pokey and make me a blogging demi-god. As far as I’m concerned I only have one source on AZ…his/her name is Anonymous and I care not about who that person is in the flesh, I simply want the information that person has. If the info is fo’ true it’s fo’ true…if it’s bullshit, it’s bullshit. It may be ugly but we’ll get to the bottom of it eventually.

    SP, I saw ZZ Top in concert when I was 18…loved ’em. Don’t get the reference though.

    1. Dambala … as you are well aware, there are any number of Federal criminal defense lawyers who previously worked as AUSA … Julian Murray, Pat Fanning and within the last few years, Billy Gibbens … and as AUSA have had interaction within the office with both Jim Letten and Sal Perricone …

      OOPS !… did I say Billy Gibbens, a law partner of Kyle Schonekas …

      “Billy joined the firm in 2006 after spending several years as a prosecutor in the United States Attorney

  10. More from the movie, “The Firm” …

    Tommie Morolto: [on the phone]… Of course I can talk … Why? …. isn’t that what I’m doing?… I mean if it’s something else, please advise me Maury … I always like to learn something I don’t know at five hundred dollars an hour.
    [cups his hand over the phone]

    Tommie Morolto: …I tell you Joey, every fucking lawyer on the face of the earth oughta be killed.

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