Are there more charges coming against Goatherder Aaron Broussard along with Tom Wilkinson? You betcha!

You bet your sweet bippy there are folks.  One of the first tips I got on the scandal in Jefferson Parish was the fixing of DWI cases in exchange for legal payola and I have heard rumors from several sources that indicate the Feds are also now wise to the Broussard / Wilkinson scam of getting kickbacks from lawyers that had lawsuits involving the Parish.  The final piece of that puzzle came today thus allowing this disclosure. This would mean by extension there are members of the NOLA area bar that should also be scared shitless and I’m assuming they are folks.

It strongly appears as if Team Uncle Sam will not stop until Head Goatherder in Charge Aaron Broussard is completely crushed, along with Tom Wilkinson. That is all.


7 thoughts on “Are there more charges coming against Goatherder Aaron Broussard along with Tom Wilkinson? You betcha!”

  1. Everyone knew what that abominable troglodyte Wilkinson is and had been pulling off his scams for years … and yet, as long as he was Parish Attorney everyone turned a blind eye … Judges, lawyers and court personnel … how disgusting all of these individuals are who facilitated multiple crimes of a Misprision of a Felony…and for what? … To cover for this lowlife bully Supreme POS ???

    Once the abstract of Wilkinson

  2. tom wilkinson and ALL od his sleazey relations have been misfeasing, malfeasing, corrupting and stealing from every level of local government; while perverting the public service purpose of hospital, court, public work, and every administrative department of Jefferson Parish.

    the “turducken concept” should be adopted as appropriate punishment: Debone every on of these scum and stuff them all up each other’s ass – then bake ’em all in federal court – then throw all in the garbage…because even “hot shits” are still SHIT!!!

    1. From everything I’ve seen it looks as though you are right about how Wilkinson perverted our JP Governmental institutions…

      And the sustaining problem that we have as taxpayers as it concerns continuing corruptive forces is that Wilkinson served as a role model for his son … and in Jefferson Parish where families are brought up in the good life of JP salaries and retirements what are we to expect from these Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso’s siblings like Aaron Broussard’s son who is on the public’s teat at the La. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals or Peggy Barton’s daughter who is on the teat in JP’s Planning Dept or Porteous’s son who was hired as a Council Assistant as a favor to Capella…

      The corruption problem in Jefferson Parish is both incestuous and pervasive … and would require that all of these family members be fired and cut from the teat they have been weaned on fo all to long, generation after generation.

  3. KIDD: After eating some Kershenstine Bar-B-Qued ass last nite I’m fairly satiated, but now you’re talkin’ “JP turducken”-chicken inside a duck, inside a big ass turkey- MMMMMMmmmmmmmm sounds good

    but before deboning can we just watch Lil’ Napoleon’s “MOVIE” where he explains away the errors of all the previews and see his infamous dive into a puddle for the last time –


    Aaron once in heaven you won’t need your Super 8 room key and He will always leave the light on for ya’

  4. Sop, I’m confused with the allegations against Lil’ Napoleon and recent reports of his trial being continued due to cancer therapy and that the allegations were to be limited for his up coming trial.

    I believe I read in the TP there was a telephone conference just the other day where the DOJ promised no more allegations were going to be made and this conversation was transcribed and introduced into the case record.

    Then last nite TV reports and the TP this morning announces more allegations of taking $40,000 from a contractor to funnel him( Company A) work and that Broussard used campaign funds for his French wedding celebration.

    Either these most recent allegations were not made part of the record or public before the telephone conference, the DOJ is not upholding its conference promise or these new allegations will be prosecuted in another trial.

    Anyway what do you think ever happened to the Super Indictment mentioning his Nova Scotia properties and is that still in the present case and prosecutable despite what the TP reported( can’t find the article cite).

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