Friday Night Tweet: Bad News Friday for the Goatherders

Coastal Shoring owner loses round in court ~ Paul Purpura


Finally today is a court hearing day for Pappy Kershenstine. Will Kershenstine lawyer Danny Abel bother to show up?

This is a valid question since last hearing Abel stood up District Court Judge Glen Ansardi.  I hope to hear something from the Gretna courthouse on this matter later today folks.  Hopefully Hammerman is there as well.


Are there more charges coming against Goatherder Aaron Broussard along with Tom Wilkinson? You betcha!

You bet your sweet bippy there are folks.  One of the first tips I got on the scandal in Jefferson Parish was the fixing of DWI cases in exchange for legal payola and I have heard rumors from several sources that indicate the Feds are also now wise to the Broussard / Wilkinson scam of getting kickbacks from lawyers that had lawsuits involving the Parish.  The final piece of that puzzle came today thus allowing this disclosure. This would mean by extension there are members of the NOLA area bar that should also be scared shitless and I’m assuming they are folks.

It strongly appears as if Team Uncle Sam will not stop until Head Goatherder in Charge Aaron Broussard is completely crushed, along with Tom Wilkinson. That is all.


Coming soon in Jefferson Parish: JPAS presents The Light in the Piazza starring John Young.

I personally think Patricia doing tricks with Ashton’s french bayonet would be a bigger draw but what do I know.

In any event meet the cast of the soon to open JPAS production The Light in the Piazza starring John Young.



Slabbed’s question of the day: What are the penalties for impersonating a lawyer?

Question: What are the penalties for impersonating a lawyer?

Answer: In most states in is a felony to misrepresent yourself as an attorney if you are not.

The key is that you have to actually practice as an attorney – so if you just go around telling people you are an attorney, I’m not aware of any criminal prosecution you would be subjecting yourself to.

Additionally, if you impersonate and practice – you are opening yourself up to several other possible charges such as perjury.

The safe bet? Go to law school.

This public service annoucement has been brought to you by Slabbed New Media. Stay tuned.


Friday Links

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Feel free to add your own links in comments. (It is a very wet day here 75 miles north of the coast 20 miles from the middle of nowhere so blogging on my part will be light today)