The Goatherders try to shut down Slabbed’s twitter account: Does Charles Leary work at the Danny Abel law firm? (Updated)

It appears the Able Law Firm now has a branch office in Nova Scotia folks to go along with the offices at the Super 8 motel on Clearview Parkway and the latest office de jour at Carl Finley’s place as it appears depriving me of my 1st Amendment rights has become a crusade for the libel tourists at Trout Point Lodge and their Louisiana based investors.

I had no idea Charles Leary was a lawyer folks. Click the pic to get the one page pdf. ~ sop

These are the Tweets Leary claims are defamatory:

19 thoughts on “The Goatherders try to shut down Slabbed’s twitter account: Does Charles Leary work at the Danny Abel law firm? (Updated)”

  1. What happens to roaches when you turn on the lights?

    The answer is they run when scared, so too those who may face long vacations in the Federal Hilton Inn !!

  2. “This person is actively harassing and stalking the Plaintiffs”- alleges the BS, goat herding Plaintiffs above.

    This allegation is totally false as Doug Handshoe is only trying to serve the Goat Herders with formal notice of a federal complaint, requesting a summary judgment on the BS judgment from the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia, Canada; which he has timely filed in Mississippi, USA.

    Did the Goat Herders obtain a license to practice in Canada. If so when and who is licensed and what are the license numbers so this intentional,totally erroneous allegation can be reported to the appropriate Canada licensing board.

    This is a prime example how the Goat Herders twist the truth to serve their diabolical purposes.

    1. I think they were pissed off over me posting the link on the 22nd to Paulsen dressed up for Mardi Gras as a woman. They generally go menupausal after I post something that pisses them off.

      We haven’t heard the last of Charles Leary’s jackassery, that you can bank Lockem.


  3. Thanks Sop I feel better already. But it wasnt you but the complaintant that gave me the brush off…Even Statefarmsucks got in on the action

    1. I’m very partial to Angela at the State Farm Sucks Network. I bet the Goatherders are jealous of her good looks.

      Whudda they going to do when their very bad behavior makes the news here in the States, from where most of their customers come?

      Like I told Mr Gillespie at SCT, this is just beginning.


    1. What was that old western series from the 50s where the guy was made an outcast. You ran the opening from it on Youtube once on the Ladder. I think it fits here huh? :mrgreen:


  4. I love that I use the same email system, gmail, as this law firm. Nothing says quality like not buying your own domain.

  5. (902) is a Nova Scotia area code. They can’t use a Nova Scotia contact number for the Abel law firm. Daniel Abel is not licensed to practice law in Nova Scotia. This is a serious matter for investigations.

  6. It is the phone number for Trout Point Lodge. That is neither here nor there. The issue is what happened with this document? Was it given to the authorities? Is there a criminal investigation underway?

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