Did I hear Ashton will be speaking at today’s Jefferson Parish Council meeting?

Yep and I hear the inhabitants of the O’Dwyer batture property are straight piping their sewage into the river just upstream from the OPSWB’s fresh water intake.  For those that missed it last September NPR had the story.

We need Ashton’s remarks on YouTube.


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  1. Would like very much to give you all the information I have. The Feds, state & locals are all in violation of their permiting process. This goes even further & includes the power company placement of their tower on his property also. They purchased that right from the camp owners in excess of $30,000. The documents from the inspection of the septic tanks is very interesting as wel. All are in violation of the clean water act that the COE absolves them of.

  2. CITIZEN’S ARRESTS…Butt, where we gonna put ’em?

    GAWD Bless the noble efforts, but it has become insultingly apparent that the AUTHORITIES have no sense of ethics or accountability so pursuing that same unworkable venue seems to be a huge disservice, IMO.
    Alternative options?
    I suggested that he get some people to pack suitcases & move into the dwellings?
    Put yo feet up on the coffee table & tell that old lady to git in the KITCHEN & MAKE ME SOME PIE!
    Well, if that is NOT Feasible, OK…
    I’m just sayin’ if some of the brilliant minds out there, would use a little imagination, I expect MANY problems WOULD be SOLVED.
    Dealing with authorities is playing against a STACKED DECK. Do you REALLY expect to find JUSTICE at the YENNI BUILDING?


  3. THIS is TELLING, N’est pas?

    Jefferson Parish Council Actions TODAY

    Hold on private eye: Deferred a decision about hiring private investigators to research suspicions of fraud among parish employees.

    No ban: Canceled an ordinance to ban guns, sharp objects and video recording devices from parish buildings.

    Gym renovations: Hired K-Belle Consultants to complete the renovations of the Jesse Owens gym for $381,000.

    Emergency equipment: Hired DRC Emergency Services to provide emergency equipment as needed after a natural disaster. The contract is capped at $2 million for one year, and it cannot be increased by more than 10 percent without council approval.

    Toner and ink: Hired Academic Supplier for one year to provide toner and ink cartridges. The contract is capped at $300,000, and it cannot be increased by more than 10 percent without council approval.

    Hospital appointment: Appointed William Lazaro to the West Jefferson Medical Center board of directors. He replaces Charlotte Roussel as 4th District Councilman Ben Zahn’s representative.

    JEDCO appointment: Appointed Roy Gattuso to the Jefferson Parish Economic Development Commission, representing 1st District Councilman Ricky Templet.

    Alcohol board appointment: Appointed Nicole Amstutz to the Alcoholic Beverage Review Committee, representing Templet.

    Alcohol board appointment: Appointed Bryan St. Cyr to the Alcoholic Beverage Review Committee, representing 2nd District Councilman Paul Johnston.

    Human Services: Appointed Deacon Quin Bates to the Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority Board, replacing Kerry Kissel Lentini as Council Chairman Elton Lagasse’s representative.

    Human Services: Appointed Sandra Arsenaux to the Jefferson Parish Human Services Authority Board, replacing John Neal as Lagasse’s representative.

    Upper Kraak: Reached an agreement with the state Office of Facility Planning and Control to secure $250,000 in capital money for improvements to the Upper Kraak Ditche’s subsurface drainage system.

    HAHAHAHA! STEPHEN KING Couldn’t make this shit up!
    BUSINESS as USUAL ~ Self-Serving PIGGIES!
    MEANWHILE Kenna POE-LICE Pose as PROSTITUTES ON-LINE! Enema girl is working frantically to get the photos of STEVE CARAWAY & Mayor YENNI HENNY PENNY BENIHANA in DRAG on SNATCH.COM

  4. AROD: The Council never responds when they know they are all guilty and so they all take the infamous Unanimous Council’s Fifth Amendment(UCFA).

    The M&M Sistas get the UCFA kiss off all the time.

    The UCFA also tells us the JP good old boy’s club is alive,healthy and still very functional. Why ? – cause Mr. Spears, Johnson and Templet are new councilmen and can’t be blamed but they certainly don’t want to ask any questions about Ashton’s property which could cause problems for their other good old boys like LargASSE, Roberts,ex-Councilmen Young and Capella, etc..

    As John Young advises: ‘keep your head down, stay in your lane’ which implies pass the baton(BS) to the next runner, and run like hell away from the Truth.

    Really Mr. Young, you know Ashton has been screwed and tattooed yet your government is just as dysfunctional as the Broussard’s, if not more, because you promised to instill public confidence back in the JP government.

  5. Went to view Ashton O’Dwyer’s 5 minute presentation on the corruption involving the “Squatters Subdivision” on Ashton’s batture property given at the Jefferson Parish Council meeting of Wednesday March 7,2012—- Not there at http://www.jeffparish.net.

    There was no streaming broadcast of said meeting on the website either or on Cox Cable channel 6.

    Cox Cable is no longer broadcasting Jefferson Council meeting replays at 7 pm on Thursday and Sunday but instead plays Harahan( how many people live there) Council meetings in said time slot.

    Is the JP Council and John Young pulling down the shades, pulling the plug and turning off the lights to the Council meetings.There are too many ex-media people in his administration. I do believe he and the Council don’t want the public to see the M&M Sistas’ campaign contributions and Code Dept. presentations and guest people like Ashton raising questions about wide spread government corruption involving his family owned batture property.

    Knowing John Young’s media propaganda people read this blog site prove me wrong and tell me why everything went dark. Sun Spots – it is Cox Cable’s fault- Cox changed the program – ?

    So sorry, juxtaposed to the rumored floating turds being dropped by the “Squatters Subdivision” into the mighty Miss., those political story turds don’t float.

  6. Before the SlabbedNation goes to lunch, lets take up a collection as Ashton needs this for his next Council meeting presentation :


    If you want to get an audience to listen to your presentation how about a motorized demonstration to come down the center aisle as Ashton is speaking at the podium.

    Have it run circles around President Young’s alligator shoes then do a sharp turn by the cute tootsies of Forshee and then haul ass to terrorize the Council cesspool.

  7. Anyone wanting to view the March 7,2012 JP Council meeting which is no longer being shown at night on Cox Cable channel 6 or on http://www.jeffparish.net ( featuring argument of Ashton O’Dwyer about JP Code and Permits Dept. giving illegal building permits for squatters to build on his family’s batture property and the outrageous $11,000 fine the Code Dept.placed on an Asian couple for cutting down a tree on JP right of way): Go to—- http://www.jeffersonparishla.swagit.com/play/03072012-522

    Click on “Persons Appearing in Special Subject Matter”- Ashton is second person appearing for 5 minutes and $11,000 fine on Asian couple follows thereafter.

    President Young when are your media CAO’s going to start back showing the Council meetings at night on Channel 6 and on http://www.jeffparish.net.

    Since you are a part-time actor now under bright lights how about turning the bright lights back on the Council meetings; that is if you still want the citizens of JP to have transparent government.

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