About all this brouhaha surrounding Jerl Kershenstine’s arrest warrant: They call me quashed

Folks do you get the feeling the Aaron Broussard cronies at Coastal Shoring are feeling a bit paranoid these days? Before we get to the latest jackassery from Danny Abel let’s review:

Did I say there was a warrant issued for Jerl Kershenstine’s arrest? Actually I did and it is true as it is alleged Kershenstine’s company, Coastal Shoring, helped itself to money that it was not entitled from a grant recipient. Now we’ve covered Coastal Shoring some here on Slabbed and it was in fact this post which contained a good bit on Coastal Shoring that finally pushed the Goatherders to SLAPP sue me in Nova Scotia. And that doesn’t count Lockem’s guest post on the topic.

As the above links indicate, Coastal Shoring has a few management problems to go along with the psychological ones and those would certainly Continue reading “About all this brouhaha surrounding Jerl Kershenstine’s arrest warrant: They call me quashed”


Has the Who Dat Nation seen the last of guard Carl Nicks?  There are a bunch of dominos fixing to fall into place one way or the other with our beloved Saints. Mike Triplett over at the T-P has some analysis of the Drew Brees contract talks. Meantime Grandmaster Wang over at Moosedenied figures guard Carl Nicks will be a casualty of the Brees contract.

I remain cautiously optimistic Brees, Nicks and Colston will be back. Neither Jonathan Vilma nor Sedrick Ellis 2011 performances are worthy of the scarce 2012 salary cap dollars they command.


I think by now most everyone knows Andrew Breitbart died yesterday. But what about the Putz?

Turns out folks Breitbart’s last twitter scuffle was with a friend to this blog, Lamar White Jr over at CenLamar. Folks there are not many bloggers as talented as Lamar from either side of the political spectrum. This story went national yesterday but I’ll let Lamar speak for himself on the topic via his post Proudly A Putz.