97 thoughts on “Who sez all them racists are here down south? Montana Chief U.S. District Judge Richard Cebull sends racist email.”

  1. To me, this has less to do with the president than it does with a lying, scumbag federal judge who bullshitted his way into a “lifetime” appointment. He has the absolute right to be a racist jerkoff, but he cannot be one and also be a federal judge. It means he’s a liar and a fraud.

    Nothing short of impeachment will do here. Another compelling argument against these bullshit lifetime appointments. I hope all of you federal judges reading this feel your well-deserved shame for having this distinguished jurist as one of your colleagues.

  2. I read the linked story and saw it earlier today.

    The forwarded e-mail says (quoting) “A little boy said to his mother; ‘Mommy, how come I’m black and you’re white?'” the email joke reads. “His mother replied, ‘Don’t even go there Barack! From what I can remember about that party, you’re lucky you don’t bark!'”
    (End quote)

    The Judge acknowledges that the “joke” was racist, but is that racist? Race is certainly at issue and a topic. The “joke” is certainly an attack on Obama’s mama, and there’s plenty that could be said about the forwarded e-mail.

    Without getting too involved with ad hominem attacks on anyone or general criticisms of the forwarded e-mail, I’m interested in a sober discussion of whether the comment is racist (which the story and the Judge apparently presume), not whether it was entirely inappropriate, let alone from a federal judge. Thoughts?

  3. Hey MetryDiogenes: Your Comment and “joke” reminds me of one I learned as a “YOUT”. A small boy walks into the bathroom as his Mother is exiting the shower. His gaze focuses on the space between his Mother’s legs, and he says, “Mother, what’s THAT?” His Mother replied, “That’s where the Indian hit me with his tommahawk”, to which “Sonny-Boy” replied, “Damn! Right in the CUNT!”. FUCK Barak Obama; FUCK Eric Holder; FUCK Colin Powell; and FUCK untold incompetent Negros in the Federal Government who haven’t done SHIT for me or mine. Ashton O’Dwyer.


  4. WTF ! It’s a fucking joke about a mongrel POS who is nothing but a jive ass fraud. And I’ll tell anyone of you whether you like it or not, the fact that this individual, whoever he is, was elected POTUS is not only evidence of the tunneling detachment of the political process by it’s citizens, but an abondonment to govern by the electorate of the US in favor of a more sinister group of people whose power is beyond the law. A fourth estate beyond our willingness to imagine.

    Fuck that racist MFer Barack Obama if he can’t take a joke.

  5. Mr. O’Dwyer:

    Why do you need anybody to do anything for you and yours? You sounds like a bitter, broken, drunk old man, who is so filled with hate that he can’t blog straight. Why don’t you get off your whiny ass and do for yourself?

    A couple of you angry losers (and you know what couple you are) seem so jealous that there are black men who have ascended far above your pathetic lives, all you can do is spew venom. Sad and pathetic.

    1. You are simple minded & rude with these juvenile assertions about ASHTON & Whomever else you’ve lumped into your teenage innuendo mindset…And you are WRONG. OK? Does your MAMA Know you’re PLAYING on the COMPUTER?

      1. Maybe I’m posting from your MAMA’S computer. Let me get this straight, you feel the need to scream in your comments by using “ALL CAPS” for nearly every other word, and you call me juvenile? I like my teenage mindset,GRANNY. And no, my dead mother has no idea of what I’m doing on the computer. Why don’t you go felch your racist, loser-boyfriend, who stared this . . . you OLD TROLL.

  6. Mr. O’Dwyer:

    I’ve never met you and don’t know your life experience. But, your ignorant, racist, one trick pony comments seriously detract from the cause of SOP and the bloggers who post here. So, get a life or change your mind and heart.

  7. OF Course HE’s RACIST.
    Those people who comprise government, from the judges to the prison guards to the policemen & parole officers & SORRY to SAY, THE LAWYERS & PROSECUTORS in America’s COURTS are part of a system that violates human rights, 24/7.

    War on DRUGS creates the UNDERGROUND Market from which it designates the criminals & feeds off their HUMAN SUFFERING.

    Human SLAVE TRADE.
    People as commodities.
    SEE IT.

  8. To Prince Charming: Go FUCK YOURSELF. To Imaangry: I’ve read many of your thoughtful, lucid Comments on SLABBED. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt, and conclude that you are just having a bad day. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. That’s all you got? Get off your meds, swig some whiskey, and try to regain the wit of your youth. Then, hit me with your best shot.

  9. You add nothing to the discussion with such comments. It’s a free world, though, and I hate to see racist comments detract from the thoughtful commentary on here. So, I don’t need you pardon or your speculations on my day. Have a nice day!

  10. For me, before any discussion could be productive, the term racism and racist would have to be defined. IMHO the terms are over-used and are now about as meaningful as the average curse-word. They are a scapegoat. They cloak the truth as much for the person they are meant to describe as for the person using them.

    1. IMHO the issue of “racism” is not really caucasian v/s negro v/s asian v/s semitic v/s ..
      The issue is cultural. catholics & protestant in Ireland (both caucasian) muslim v/s jewish (both semitic) American v/s Imperialist Japanese or American with capitalist Japanese ( same parties different cultures)

      The percieved American “Black” culture is non-productive, amoral, failed culture. It is not self-sustaining; it is parasitic. There is an eclectic set of American black cultural elements that enriches the whole, greater American society; but Leadership, requiring responsibility and constraint is NOT part of that set.

      Racism defined as denying universal human equality in creation is sinful and wrong. However; to live by, or submit to be led by, the values (or lack of such) characteristic of a failed culture is wrong, possibly evil, and definately anarchic. Racism defined as rejection of a failed culture is ludicrous in the extreme: and insulting as all hell!

  11. WTF !!! Does anyone on this blog know anything about this Judge, personally and/or professionally, other than the the leader line quoted from the MSM ? Probably NOT.

    So now come the Plantation Liberals to construct what is acceptable under our Constitutional rights of free speech and assocation…

    So let’s attack Ashton for expressing his antiquated biased opinions, and not the racist Barack Obama whose lack of character is deserving of both ridicule and being the butt end of jokes.

    You want to have an honest discussion about racism ? Really ? Then let’s stop pretending we are all equal !

    Hypocrisy pisses me off big time.

  12. Helllllloooooo … there are tens of thousands of Barack Obama jokes e-mailed and forwarded every fucking day … and this joke is Mickey Mouse mild when compared to most … no matter who received it and passed it on …

    This man has been a Tribal Judge of the State Judiciary of Montana, Federal Magistrate, and appointed to the Federal Judiciary since 2001 … and nowhere other than this BS from the MSM supporters and sympathizers of Barack Obama can I find any reference in his career about any racist conduct…

    It’s election time people … get hip … if you don’t support “The One”, Barack Obama, your a racist, fuck the Constitutional guarantees of free speech and association …

    Change the scenario to the Arkansas trailer trash Clinton, and his mother friends, and not one white Plantation Liberal MFer would be calling for any Federal Judge to resign …

    Fuck this bullshit, we need to keep our eye on the prize … unloading on the corruption of the Jefferson Parish Politico Mafioso …

    This is exactly what these thugs of the Jefferson Parish elite want … just like they did for years with their racist New Orleans BS mantra … don’t bother about looking here … now it’s, see what this Judge up in Montana did … I ain’t buying it …

    I’ll see y’all over on the FBI/WJMC post … now that’s what I’m talking about !!!

    DISCLAIMER: I am not a registered Democrat or a registered Republican. Frankly there is no difference when seeing these pigs from the backside of a taxpayers’ feed trough.

    1. Wait, aren’t you the one who constantly complains that the Fed. Govt. has been racist in its prosecution of black politicians while leaving the white JP politicos alone? But this judge is o.k. for you?

      1. FIRST: Yes I was the person who pounded on Letten about his racist prosecutions in Jefferson Parish…and I am proud to say that a DoJ deputy asst read the same and this issue was subsequently addressed in Washington. And frankly I don’t recall seeing your name commenting in accord. Fortunately Letten is not in charge of the JP Scandals investigations, and now white JP politics are being prosecuted.

        SECOND: I did not condone this Judge’s conduct, nor do I. He dug himself in this sewer without me and I’m free of the odor.

        1. Just a fucking minute you little bastard … I am the one who criticized Letten’s office for his failure to prosecute any of the white Jefferson Paris Politico Mafioso …

          Not only did I not see Prince Charmin’s name chiming in with me, I don’t remember seeing yours either !

          As for the Judge… fuck him too…you decide to put yourself in a politically correct arena then those are the rules you play by …

          1. Sorry whitmergate. You were the one commenter on Slabbed that relentlessly pounded Letten on this issue. I should have qualified my comment by stating that I did the same on other blogs and forums and not predominately here on Slabbed.

  13. Yes genius, what I do know, from actually reading, is that he admitted a judicial transgression and has self-reported his misconduct to the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

    You use the word “hypocrisy” in the same comment referring to Ashton O’Dwyer’s sick, putrid view of educated black men as “antiquated biased opinions.” That’s like Ray Nagin calling murderous thugs “knuckleheads.” Take a look in the mirror to see the very hypocrisy that pisses you off.

    What none of you Obama haters has even alluded to is the idiotic judgment displayed by a judge before whom all litigants are supposed to have equal standing, but they really don’t because he’s an educated good ole boy who hates n—–. And on top of that, how stupid can one be to send a joke like that, and then from his Fed. Ct. based e-mail address?

    1. Cebull exhibited a stunning lack of self awareness to go along with his stunning lack of racial awareness.

      The W specialized in good ol’ boys. Cebull is but the latest manifestation.


    2. Now that I’ve pissed off whitmergate, God forbid, let me take a piss on your pycho- babble parade Prince.

      Take a picture of your Plantation Liberal ass looking in the mirror and post it so we all can see what hypocisy looks like.

      I don’t hate Obama. I wouldn’t waste my time concerning myself with that fraud. I hate all of these corrupt politicos in JP.

      At least your not so stupid not to realize it was a joke, and not at all funny. And therein lies the irony.

      1. simadownah … I have a suggestion … maybe you should consider hooking up with your piss buddy over at eTrade … you may be more suited in giving financial advice … you can come back to Slabbed when you have learned how to write your own stuff and change your own diaper …

  14. It might clear the air, and stop the “name-calling”, to consider the following in the context of the murder rate in New Orleans since the first of the year, the multiple shootings on the Mardi Gras Parade Route (that’s right, I said MULTIPLE shootings), and the shooting of two cops yesterday. Among the other statistics appearing in “The Color of Crime – Race Crime and Justice in America” (Second, Expanded Edition), by the “New Century Foundation” of Virginia, are the following statistics: (1) Negro males are 7 times more likely than males of other races to commit MURDER; (2) Negro males are 8 times more likely than males of other races to commit ROBBERY; (3) Of the nearly 770,000 violent interracial crimes committed every year by Negros and Caucasians, Negro males commit 85% whereas Caucasian males commit 15%; and (4) Negro males are an estimated 39 times more likely to commit a crime of violence against a Caucasian, and 136 times more likely to commit robbery against a Caucasian, than visa versa. I’ll let these statistics do my talking for me, and in the meantime, legally carry a gun here in New Orleans, as I have been doing for many years (I only had to pull it out once, and the COWARD – a Negro male – backed down). Oh, and one other thing: The Internet is “ON FIRE” with a story out of Arizona that a Sheriff there has, as the result of an investigation, accused “Obummer” of LIES, FORGERY and FRAUD in connection with both his “Long Form Birth Certificate” and his “Selective Service Registration Registration Card”. And we’re dwelling on a harmless “inside joke” authored by a Federal Judge. Have a nice day! Ashton O’Dwyer.

  15. CORRECTION: I pulled a “handgun” on a Negro male COWARD once. On another occasion, I retrieved from my car trunk a Mossberg pump shotgun, with an 18-inch barrel, loaded with OO buckshot, and pointed it a Negro male who was advancing towards me. As soon as I chambered a round (which makes a very distinctive sound) the COWARDLY Negro skedaddled (a very smart move on his part). Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Your recent run ins on the St Chas Street Car line would strangely make a good post.

      Otherwise advancing upon a loaded shot gun may be brave but it is also suicidal. Not certain “coward” is the right word there.


  16. Agree with Gate and Sima. This guy didn’t think before forwarding the dumb email. He does the right thing by acknowledging his mistake and further steps-up and calls for an investigation. Isn’t this exactly the kind of thing we have advocated for here in our neck of the woods, accountability? Don’t know this guy’s record on the bench or otherwise, but if this is not part of some pattern for him, then he deserves some respect for his actions subsequent to his brain fart. Is everyone here perfect? Never made a big screw-up? Oh, I know, I’m not a “Federal Judge;” but if we are expecting judges or anyone to be super-human, then I need some of what you are smoking.
    Let’s get back to the important stuff. This is a huge smoke-screen. Something big must be happening somewhere that someone doesn’t want us to see.

  17. Worst part about it is,
    the “joke” is NOT even funny?…
    But the issue is not one of racism.

    Are judges supposed to be SUPERHUMAN?
    The sad fact is that they are SUBHUMAN.
    If one deems oneself worthy to sentence a person to confinement, torture, enslavement, he or she has lost contact with the laws of logic, NATURE & respect for humanity.

    Since the 70’s, the female PRISON POPULATION has increased by nearly 800%.

    YOU WONDER what the source is for the CURRENT VIOLENCE?

    Ask yourselves what happened to the CHILDREN of these WOMEN & their children & you will CONNECT the DOTS.

    It’s NOT BLACK and WHITE.
    It’s the IMPOVERISHED.
    Those who don’t have the FINANCIAL Means to “WIN” a court case.

    Ask yourself why the AUTHORITIES are privy to SPECIAL Treatment & LIGHT Sentences & WHY “they” have FEDERAL Jails & Laws for AUTHORITIES? (the FEW who are actually PROSECUTED)


    (sounds like the start of another BAD joke, eh)

    I have a question for ASHTON & any other attys. who may have an HONEST answer they’d care to share….

    Why did you become a lawyer?

    1. Although I am certain there is a small percentage of ideologues amongst the Louisiana Bar, I would bet that many, perhaps the majority of, lawyers choose that route – law school and then the practice of law – as a pursuit of a profitable trade. A/C repair with a tie and a leather briefcase, and with limited elements of chivalry.

      Not because most lawyers have some deep-seated need to right injustices. Oh, they probably enjoy those moments, and they are probably hard-wired to be opinionated and enjoy a lively verbal dispute, but like most times in other rewarding vocations, I’d bet those moments are few and far between for most of the Louisiana attorneys.

      So, my estimated reason why most people become a lawyer, i.e. go to law school, is to learn a profitable trade to fund their necessities, their interests…and ultimately, to acquire new and more expensive hobbies.

      1. Thank you for a logical response. This is just one aspects of the “United States justice system gone awry”, that should be addressed. People are used as commodities. Courts should NOT be used as a venue for profit.
        Just sayin’.

  18. Oh yeah…that too. Thanks for reminding me. Although, to his credit, at least “AROD” doesn’t run to the Bible to justify his racism.

  19. To Matzerath: You’re really not worth responding to, because your Comments are not “substantive” but laced with personal attacks. So please permit me to resoond in kind: The SLABBED Nation needs to know that you have aligned yourself with two THIEVING brothers, who also LIED by concealing their THRFTS from the Public and from their own Board of Directors, and then compounded their LIES by claiming that their Family would reimburse the THEFTS, but never did. Birds of a feather, Matzerath. Now, instead of attacking Sheriff Arpaio from Arizone, why don’t you address the substance of his investigation about the fraudulent documents that have been produced by your “boy”? And while you’re at it, why don’t you address the contents of “The Color of Crime” Essay which I summarized this morning, which confirms what all of us already know, namely that BLACK MALES constitute a clear and present danger to the rest of us? Lastly. I’d like to hear your views about the “shootout” here in New Orleans yesterday morning. And in the meantime, GO FUCK YOURSELF. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Do you have a job, fuck-bucket? As I am sure you do not and likely seek some sort of social assistance or maybe you are in bankruptcy; you might want to seek a PR position with David Duke. Your all-consuming obsession with black men is like a broken record and is so reminiscent of DD, it’s as if he’s at your keyboard. How much did you pay in taxes last year, loser?

        1. You know, you are so right. No more of this inane blogging for me. I’m off to engage in my favorite pseudo-intellectual hobbies, which are photo-shopping and listening to my old Zappa vinyls. During those relaxing activities, I shall reassess the ignorance and pointlessness of attacking a mentally deficient, hate-filled racist. This may take some time, so don’t expect a quick response to your next “holier than thou” criticism.

          By the way, that Clapton song sucks. One of his best, if not the best, is Forever Man.

          1. Forever Man IS a tremendous song, though not NEARLY relevant to my point.

            Please don’t pull a groin muscle composing a response.

            I’d hate to have to take you out back & put you out of your misery.

            Your vulgar missives reek of bacon.

    2. You expect us to believe that you are some persecuted freedom fighter yet you consistently demonize minorities with no real political power. Why should you be taken seriously? You come off as a paranoid narcissist.

  20. To Matzerath and Prince Charming: I’m a bit “tired” of you worthless pieces of shit calling me a racist, so stick this up your ass: When I was in jail, I heard the “n” word more times than I have ever heard the word spoken in my life, uttered by niggers, of course. But once the word got around the cell block (probably by the Guards) that I was a lawyer, and that I was incarcerated for having (allegedly) threatened Federal Judges, my stock in trade went up tremendously. Then when I told my fellow inmates that if I had intended bodily harm to anyone, THEY WOULD ALREADY BE DEAD, they “loved” me (figuratively, not literally). Anyway, I was made an “Honorary Nigger”, and later elevated to the Second Degree “Motherfucking Nigger”, and even later (not long before my release – conditionally – which was unexpected) to the Third Degree “Nigger Motherfucker”. So top THAT you PUSSYS! Why don’t you grab a big black dick to suck (but be careful, because the STD rate among Negros is exponentially greater than the rest of the population) or just bend over and take one up the ass, which I believe you’ll really like. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Wow. Mentally ill, racist, bankrupt, disgraced, disbarred,jobless, uncontrollably angry, drunk, boastful, loved in jail by criminals, melodramatic, self-absorbed, whiny, and with fantasies of interracial homosexuality. And your temper tantrums and sissy-girl insults are supposed to affect me? Broke-dick LOSER. I thought you’d enjoy the ALL CAPS.

        1. Tomorrow is garbage day. I need somebody to take out my old trash bag. Shut your stink hole, you haggy skank.

          1. Did your mother have ANY children who survived?

            You don’t need condoms for birth CONTROL.
            You can use your PERSONALITY.

            I don’t know what’s eating you, but I sure pity the poor thing.

  21. Hey, fuckhead. Are you an Agent of the Federal Bureau of Constipation? You just showed up recently on SLABBED. What I suggest that you do is send a Louisiana Public Records Act request to the “Windsor Court St. Bernard and to the 99% BLACK a/k/a inmates of that Institution. Thank God I was made an “Honorary Nigger”, because I’ve never been around so many felonious niggers in my entire fucking life! (Why don’t you Comment with your REAL name, and give us your address, you piece of SHIT, self-professed “Prince Charming”, probably infected with “stuff” you caught from Negros. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. You’re the one who was sodomized in the St. Bernard jail, not me. By using your real name, everybody here can goolge you, read about you, and quickly figure out that your lack of self-control, alcoholism, hatred, baby-fits (see video above), and general asshole existence cost you a pretty nice lifestyle. Now you have to beg a Bankruptcy referee, through a clerk, for your cuckoo medicine. What a screaming vagina you are. “Oooh, can I please have a few bucks for my chemical crutch.”

      I can’t tell you how hard I laughed when I saw your ginny-woman routine in that video. As some would say, you whine like a beeyotch.

  22. O.K. This is getting “tiresome”. What don’t you understand about “White, honkey, cracker BITCH”? I’ll tell you what I told Plattsmier in writing: “If we lived in another era, one or both of us would be DEAD, because I would have demanded satisfaction on the field of honor.” So what’e your name, motherfuck; and where do you live? Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. If you were not such a pathetic, old drunk, I might would take you up on that invite. But like many of the black youth a/k/a thugs you abhor, your only power is behind a gun. So, you’re a coward to boot. The typos are evidence that you’d better ratchet back on the booze and/or anti-depressants.

      Now comes the fun part old man. You just threatened me. You have no idea what I look like. See you later.

      1. Sounds to me that PC just threatened Arod. “Now comes the fun part old man. You just threatened me. You have no idea what I look like. See you later.”
        That, my friends, is a not-so-veiled threat in any language.
        Add the fact that PC does not use their real name while Arod does and the sinister intonation resonates further.
        “”Faites attention” Ashton as mon cousin Pelican might say

      2. You are neither charming nor a prince. You should always look behind to know what your legacy will be; and, to see what silent creature of the darkness has been sent for you… it may just suck out your life and shit your bones in the dirt.

        And quit fucking with Ashton…unless you really do want to have your asshole give birth to your head!

        1. Someone’s asshole gave birth to you. I like creatures of the darkness, but I don’t think looking behind me will determine my legacy. That’s just silly talk.

          Which inhabitant of the Island of Misfit Toys are you? With people using multiple screen names, it gets a little confusing. You can be Ms. Vile and O’Dwyer, with his hate-filled, racist whining can be Mr. Vile. You can live happily ever after.

          Don’t worry, I’ll be lurking.

    1. Brawl you say … this thread has degenerated into a typical NOLA pedestrian diatribe of the racial divide and name calling so characteristic of the comments on that blog … I am somewhat dismayed to read that Slabbed has become victim to that kind of dialog …

      Enough already …

      1. I’m 75 plus miles north of the coast, about 20 miles from the middle of no where ‘Gate. I kinda like seeing comments when I have little to no time to post as it keeps things going.

        The news cycle is thankfully slow so far this week. :-)


  23. Matzaball and PC: Let’s get off racist and ask each one of you if you were in NOLA during Katrina?If you were did you occupy your house in a neighborhood without lights, water, police or fire protection?

    If you did not answer yes to both questions then you have no standing to pass judgment on any of us who did.

    Yes I did occupy my house with weapons to defend my life and other loved ones. If the Arizona State Police, who came down the street verifying occupants inside, had attempted to take my weapons to defend myself from roving bands of thieves I probably would been taken also to the stockade and according to your “candy ass” misnomer wording, I too would have been a “drama queen”.

    So I don’t need your names just your honest answers if you are to be taken seriously with your unamerican criticisms of AROD for defending his constitutional rights.

  24. Lock – While we’re tossing out queeries, how is it exactly that possessing the mind-numbing stupidity to not evacuate ahead of Katrina confers immunity upon racist drunks from being called racist drunks?

  25. I am amazed at the blind defense of Mr. O’Dwyer. The fact that he may have been subjected to poor treatment at the hands of the NOPD, FBI, Supreme Court, Federal Court, or ODC, does not justify the blatantly racist statements on this blog. I admit that I’m not the most racially sensitive person in the world, but I just think the constant drumbeat of,for example, calling Ivan Lemelle a “nigger” in a public forum such as this, detracts greatly from what an obviously intelligent man such as himself could contribute to the cause. It also tends to, IMHO, trivialize the serious work of Doug and the contributors to this blog. Again, I have never met you Mr. O’Dwyer, but I beseech you to refrain from the diatribe.

    1. Amen to you and Atticus. As I alluded to in an earlier comment, it’s like being attacked by the inhabitants of the Island of Misfit Toys. O’Dwyer is Herbie the Elf (who wants to be a dentist). I have yet to see Yukon Cornelius.

  26. Atticus: I evacuated and came back because i did not live on a high ridge like AROD who had no reason to evacuate but had every right to occupy and defend his domicile from vandalism and roaming thieves with any weapon of his choice.

    Now you can be included in the above survey questions for the Second Amendment too. Just answer the above questions and if you qualify you will have standing to pass judgment on AROD’s defending his Second Amendment rights.

    As far as associating racism with AROD in NOLA did you participate in gutting any black homes like thousands of white Christians did post Katrina ? Or were you out marching for civil rights with ACORN, NACCP or the Rainbow “Collusion”. Or did you just concern yourself daily with what color shirt you look good in as President Bush’s Brownie did.

    And if you want a little reverse racism story let me additionally tell you ,Matzaball and PC of a little story told to me by one of the groups I sponsored. While all the white Christian women were sweating/ busting ass painting and other stuff in the Southern heat the black owner couldn’t even rake or collect the trash materials( he didn’t even pay for) until a few men told him to get off his duff and do it.

    AROD like myself are tired of the double standard games that certain constantly “squeaky wheel” blacks perpetrate on white society, namely “What have you done for me lately “. Instead of, “What can I do myself to improve my life and those of my loved ones”.

    But the most favorite black racist game is, namely “Black on black gangsta crime is a problem of society ( need better schools, more opportunity, midnight basketball, etc.)”. However, when well educated successful black leaders, who don’t participate in said games( Alan Keyes,Cosby and Cain), state it is a lack of family life, discipline and proper parental guidance of school work, they are ostracized and labeled Uncle Toms.

    And finally to everyone who thinks AROD is a drama queen for defending his constitutional rights maybe you “candy ass” feminine cowards need to haul your sweet asses to Syria and see how people who never enjoyed such rights are sacrificing their lives for such freedoms.

    1. Lock, I agree with your societal observations. But, as one who stayed and was without power for over a month, I had to draw down on a piece of white trash who was stealing gas from my neighbor’s barn. Katrina and our individual experiences are not a free pass. My friends who know me are probably laughing hysterically at my pleas to “color blind” this blog. You had put a great post up the other day as to many of the root problems with our state and city. I woul love to hear your dialogue on proposed solutions. I’m all out!

    2. Lock – Oh, where to begin? Not sure I ever called AROD a “drama queen.” I think “racist drunk” would stand up to almost any inquiry. Point is, imaangry is spot-on regarding the fact that the substantive merit of this entire endeavor is only detracted from by the ignorant name-calling garbage offered by AROD on a regular basis.

      The above is pretty evident, and your defense of AROD’s nonsense is to change the subject. As for attacking his “Second Amendment rights,” I’ll need a little refresher as to when I ever did that. I am the proud owner of a CCP and exercise my right to bear arms on a daily basis. Unlike AROD, I do not liken carrying a firearm to being “brave” or alternatively, retreating from a lunatic waving a gun around to be “cowardice.”

      Sorry, not buying the “AROD is a Martyr” t-shirt.

  27. To PC and Matzaball: How about you ” bookworms” crawl out of your fruity novels with all your make-believe characters which you make analogous to real people of the SlabbeNnation and while out in the harsh sunlight grow some pubic hairs and out of your girly man-hoods*.

    *Hat tip to Arnold.

  28. Sorry Gate’, I’m not trying to disturb your resting neurons that you are saving for another blitzkrieg on JP politicos. But it seems like we have some that are fixated on AROD and “racism” kinda’ like your friend Simadownah is fixated on his e-trade account and “nook”.

    Hell, Gate’ we even got “Snookie” from the Jersey Shore signing in this morning on toxic materials in JP cept’ she’s gone quiet after attacking my accurate JP Code comment and I asked her a couple of questions she knows the answers to.

  29. I repeat you are neither charming nor a prince. Someone should really slap the shit out of you…but then you would just disappear: shit seems to be the only substance to you.

  30. Far be it from me to boast, butt I think my insults were very clever.

    Those are original by the way, inspired by a prince dressed in goat’s clothing.

    He’s so ugly…How UGLY is he?

    He’s so ugly, that when he was born, the DOCTOR slapped the AFTERBIRTH….

    Just sayin’.

    1. Proof that you idiots talk to yourselves by using multiple screen names. It’s so obvious (and you losers know who you are). Patricia/Enema Girl/ms-vile; your jokes compel cricket-chirping. But I guess I can’t say that someone should “slap the shit out of you” because as yawning as your chasm may be, you are still a “girl.”

          1. There’s just a familiar tone and elitist style to your comments that makes me think you would know the Fayards is some way.

          2. I have no regard for the Fayards. If you knew me, you would choke on the word “elitist.” I get into a comment battle with a guy who has the same mentality as a KKK grand wizard (who lives on St. Charles Ave.)and his supporters, and that somehow makes me an “elitist”? I guess if calling people on the carpet for vile racism equates to “elitism” in your worldview, then so be it.

          3. Why do you automatically respond with comments about Ashton O’Dwyer to my comments about your comments to Patricia?

            Are you the Fayard’s lackey or not?

          4. Read more closely, I wrote “and his supporters.” As you have pointed out in previous comments, you were Fayard’s lackey; I never was and never will be. So, live with that shame and resentment, but don’t try to project it on to me.

          5. Well, there you go with a mischaracterization about me. I was never Calvin Fayard’s “lackey” – that position was reserved for people like Hugh Sibley. I was his paralegal, though. And I did witness a lot of nasty things, which is why I have a strong sense about your motives here.

          6. Let me state my motive, and then I shall let you have the last word. My motive is to confront a nasty, vile, disbarred, disgraced, mentally-ill, piece of human garbage. If any of you sides with him (and several of you do), that is a major character flaw. “Oh, but he’a an affable hate-filled racist . . . so that makes him alright.”

            I have no affiliation with the Fayards nor anyone if their ilk. Your associating me with them is more off-base than you can imagine. But then again, you are defending your beloved AROD, who only serves to damage the credibility of this great website.

          7. PLEASE identify specifically my comments in support of Ashton’s comments on this post? You can’t and won’t for the simple reason that I have not supported his comments on this matter.

            Ashton and I have had personal discussions about the fact I wish he would refrain from the use of inflammatory and hurtful comments about Negroes/African-Americans/Blacks.

            Ashton knows my godchildren are of mixed race and they are my heart. I would never, and have never, supported his comments on people because of their race or color of their skin.

            No, I became involved in this discussion because you made an accusation that Ashton had threatened you, and you followed up that accusation with your own, undeniable threat against him.

            IMHO, Ashton has received enough, unwarranted attention for “threats” he has never made. The basis for this unwarranted attention appears to be the fact he has obviously ruffled some feathers with Fayard and his friends in the judiciary, bar and US attorney’s office in New Orleans.

            Your specious claim that Ashton “threatened” you is what got my attention, and your threat (“You have no idea what I look like. See you later.”)has actually caused Ashton and his family genuine concern about his safety and well-being.

            You have crossed a serious line.

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