BREAKING: Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Trout Point Lodge threaten to sue the SouthCoast Today! (again)

Folks I get the feeling the 99% in Nova Scotia tire of their courts becoming refuges for criminals trying to silence journalism in the public interest.  Please visit the SouthCoast Today for the latest on girlie saber rattling, which I have reproduced here in its entirety as I’d like to remind everyone that Sun Shine is the best disinfectant: Continue reading “BREAKING: Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Trout Point Lodge threaten to sue the SouthCoast Today! (again)”

Old line media reaction in Nova Scotia to yesterday’s developments was fast and mostly incorrect as the girls go on the PR offensive.

And naturally it was the New Media that told the story correctly as the SouthCoast Today they have a must read story on Nova Scotia’s record breaking award against Slabbed plus he has Leary’s spin on what a SPEECH action will entail. I will add that Chronicle Herald report Bill Powers bullshitted about my voice mail box being full and he also has my email addy, which he did not use as the old guard hangs on to the tatters of what was once a lucrative tourism libel law business in Nova Scotia.  Leary also appeared on the CBC to tout his award and injunctions. The Chronicle Herald story is here.   I could not find a link to the CBC story.


From a big picture standpoint the girls are simply continuing TheRiot’s dirty work on behalf of local crooks.

Remember back to May 2010?

And of course here on Slabbed….

The 4th quarter is here folks. Let’s have some fun while we drain the cesspool.


The reaction on Twitter to Slabbed becoming the most infamous blog in all of the Maritimes is rolling in LMAO!!!!

For a resort in the middle of no where that depends on American Tourists the phrase “shitting where you eat” comes to mind.


BREAKING: Nova Scotia Justice Suzanne Hood awards Trout Point Lodge damages against Slabbed and authorizes injunctive relief.

Libel tourism is alive and well folks as a Canadian Judge has awarded damages to Aaron Broussard co-conspirators Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret in their suit against Slabbed though I do not know any specifics as I am getting my information second hand. This is not the first time a Canadian judge has awarded damages to crooks, convicted felon Conrad Black being such an example.  Act 2 of this saga is fixing to open here in the US. Stay tuned.

SouthCoast Today is reporting the award could be record-breaking. Slabbed stands by all its reporting on Trout Point Lodge and the connections of its owners to the widening scandal in Jefferson Parish.

The girls claim the damages are $425,000 and they are coming here to collect.


Trout Point figure dead in New Orleans: SouthCoast Today

In the midst of a widening probe surrounding the roiling fraud scandal involving top players in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, attorney Roy D’Aquila has died in New Orleans, of an apparent heart attack. D’Aquila was the law partner of Aaron Broussard, currently the key figure in the federal investigation, which has resulted in 33-count indictments against Broussard, his ex-wife Karen Parker-Broussard and parish attorney Tom Wilkinson. Broussard, Parker-Broussard and A’Quila have been owners of property and property management firms based in the Trout Point development in East Kempt, adjacent to a popular luxury lodge in the area.

D’Aquila was a fifty per-cent partner in Kempt Wilderness Lodge Services, with a business address at 7 Trout Point Road, adjacent to the Tusket River.

Read more at The SouthCoast Today.