I understand the FBI has been visiting Nan and the gang over at West Jefferson Medical center again….

I personally enjoy visiting with the good folks at the FBI but something tells me poor Nan and Baby Butler do not share that warm fuzzy feeling with the latest FBI site visits just last week. Remember folks Gambitman said Tim Coulon was squealing so we may well see the insurance portion of the scandal break wide open with this tentacle of the investigation.

Can someone help me remember what infamous Canadian Eco Lodge Butler, among other Broussard cronies, claimed to own a small slice in?


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  1. Lest forgotten, Nancy Cassagne is only one of the “Wilkinson Leeches” STILL attached to and sucking on the public payroll and infecting government with corruption. Ought to be some kind of political-vermin spray. If you count all Tom’s various whores along with his whole damn family; its a regular Jefferson Parish infestation!

  2. People may not realize what “a BIG DEAL” the “taking” of my Family’s batture property has been under the Coulon and Broussard Administrations. Unfortunately, we are having a hard time getting “justice”, because the Federal Government has been complicit (one of the batture dwellers is a Corps of Engineers employee, and she has “taught” the rest of the squatters and trespassers (numbering well over a dozen) how to obtain Corps of Engineers permits through FRAUD. Well, the other day, “Whitmergate” made a Comment containing information I did not know previously, namely that Jefferson Parish Council Clerk Eula Lopez ALSO is a sister-in-law of former Parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson. It was Wilkinson’s “partner-in -crime”, former Deputy Parish Attorney Louis Gruntz, who came up with the idea of by-passing the Jefferson Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement, so that the Parish President and Council could pass Resolutions unanimously DIRECTING the Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement to issue Building Permits to whomever they wished WITHOUT AN APPLICANT PROVIDING ANY PROOF THAT THE APPLICANT OWNED THE LAND ON WHICH HE (OR SHE) PROPOSED TO BUILD. And of course, all of the preliminary paperwork, minutes of the meetings, and orders and directives to the Department of Inspections and Code Enforcement were taken care of by YOU GUESSED IT Eula Lopez, the Council Clerk and Wilkinson’s sister-in-law. And I can’t get the Feds or the State or the Parish (and that includes “Noodle” Normand) to DO anything, because all of them were complicit, and once the house of cards begins to fall, they will owe my Family BIG TIME DOLLARS. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. I understand that Jeff Parish is a “target rich” environment for corruption. But I don’t understand why there has been no scrutiny of East Jefferson Hospital. My understanding is that the Sherman Cherhardy lawfirm has held a contract to provide legal services to East Jeff for quite some time. Has anybody audited Cherhardy’s timesheets? Has anybody examined whether Sherman was representing clients (i.e at least one doctor’s group) who did business with East Jeff while representing East Jeff at the same time?

  4. Au contraire … the teat feeding for the pig relatives and significant others of Tom Wilkinson is a lot larger than his sister-in-law Nancy Cassange, who was fraudulently appointed as Director of WJMC at an annual salary of $500,000, a HALF OF MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR, plus medical, sick leave, vacation, and of course retirement !!!

    Can you just imagine being a knee-bender for Tim Coulon, then passed along to Broussard, Whitmer, Lagasse, Bordelon, Butler,Jr. et al, and without any professional qualifications be appointed to such a RICH POSITION … somebody’s getting kicked back some way for sure …

    There’s also the other sister-in-law, Eula Lopez, getting paid $125,000 plus sick leave, vacation and of course retirement benefits as Clerk for the Parish Council … and you wonder why most of the corrupt bullshit passed by the Council 7-0 during her tenure can’t be referenced ???

    Then there’s his sister in the Planning Department…along with Peggy Barton’s daughter … and no telling how many uncles and aunts and nephews and nieces and cousins, and his mother too … the taxpayers of Jefferson Parish have had and continue to have the privilege of supporting the Wilkinson Cottage industry … jobs and more job … you don’t think that he would let the failing economy get in the way of his family and friends being able to go to Lakeside Mall do you ? … hell he even paid a niece a year’s para legal salary of $26,000 for working two months while on summer break from college !!!

    And then there’s his knee-bender,DEBBIE VILLIO … lest we forget his significant other’s star rose both in title and pay while he was Parish Attorney … trust me this is both a lurid personal drama for these two individuals and a professional disaster for the taxpayers’ of Jefferson Parish…

    Yes, there is so much more to report about this POS troglodyte Wilkinson … however I am now spending my time to convince the Judge to give him the max of 695 years in prison should he go to trial and be convicted…plus a max fine of $9.2 Million, and additionally be made to pay for the costs of his incarceration, and in the unlikely event he his released on parole, he should be ordered to pay those costs also… And finally, the Judge should forfeit his retirement fund as as a fine to compensate the taxpayers that he stole from.

    1. And Kidd … in addition to the above … I must confess … I ABSOLUTELY hate, loathe, detest, despise, dislike, abhor, execrate; am repelled by, am unable to bear/stand, I find intolerable, and I recoil from TOM WIKINSON … and will continue to do anything within my power to insure that this worthless, abominable, detestable,odious, obnoxious, despicable, contemptible, damnable, diabolical; disgusting, revolting, repellent, repulsive, offensive, repugnant, abhorrent, reprehensible, atrocious, horrifying, execrable, foul, vile, wretched, base, horrible, awful, dreadful, appalling, nauseating; horrid, nasty, disagreeable, unpleasant, distasteful; informal terrible, shocking, godawful troglodyte BE SENTENCED TO THE MAX.

  5. Whit: You forgot the big word ———– EVIL. The EVIL axis terrorist powers of JP— Whitmer, Wilkinson and Broussard.

    While the FBI is investigating West Jefferson Hospital how about investigating East Jefferson Hospital especially Lee-Sheng’s old administrative assistant who ran like hell from Lee-Sheng over to EJH and who had also done work for Lagniappe Insurance while he also worked for the Parish.

    Exactly what the hell is another attorney doing at EJH and why would he leave a $100,000/yr job? Is it another Nancy Cassagne like position?

    1. To directly quote one of my sources: “This area has been flooded with FBI agents from across the country” and that would include some the Bureau’s most talented special agents that have no connection to this area what so ever. Given the problems that have surfaced connected to former local FBI agents and the post Katrina construction biz, I imagine HQ in DC has more than one motivation for the extra resource allocation down here beyond moving the sprawling JP investigation to a conclusion.

      The public corruption associated with the rebuilding has been so in your face it was impossible for Team USA to overlook and that includes the coast where Team USA stands on the cusp of crushing three brothers and one of the wives.

      What makes the cesspool interesting is ‘Gate also mentioned Debbie Villio in his earlier remarks and something tells me there is no love lost between Villio and the three sisters. Tim Whitmer cut himself a great deal and he was probably the most culpable of Lockem’s “axis of evil”. I am watching carefully the tension between these 4 women, three of which have potential criminal exposure. Like Whitmer it is very possible the least culpable of the group end up with the harshest prison sentences.

      Since this post has received so much traffic the second time around and deservedly so given ‘Gate’s insightful commentary I’ll leave it hanging for the day.


        1. And there’s more coming … right now I’m watching the replay of the Tour de France on Bastille Day … and to think that yesterday, a Friday the 13th was another French Holiday marking the slaughter by a French King of the French Knights’ Templar ,,, Oh Mon Dieu !!!

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