8 thoughts on “I guess we won’t be seeing any of AMVs emails posted to Slabbed for a while……”

  1. Whitmergate,

    Is BBE&C the same group that has the multi-million dollar contract at the sheriff’s new 911 center?

    If memory serves me, Deano was in charge of the 911 center before Young gave him the boot.

    The more things change the more they stay the same.

  2. Look at this waste of money. Sock puppet is right, just pages of gobbledygook and it truly is useless considering it was somewhere in someone

  3. Whitmergate here’s a true formula for you:

    Jefferson Recreation Dept.+ old coaches = Yennii$m.

    Playgrounds, then government & next The World- Yennii$m

  4. Hey, Simadownah: There you go again getting all pissed off and craping in your diaper.

    I think you enjoy that though knowing that all your stinky baby waste, full of Cheerios and chewed up stock market receipts,has to be picked up by IESI and eventually goes to the dump close to Lil’ George’s house.

    Where is Lil’ George these days after he vilified CFGG and Waste Management, kissed Council asses but failed to get a dark suntan prior to running for District councilship?

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