The American Zombie releases a plethora of Sneaky Snakes of 2012 and yes the Goatherders merit mention.

Like I said a while back Jason and I have had this pincer movement going on area corruption.  His latest rendition of area snakes and various area vermin reptilians qualifies as a must read and his frequent mention of Slabbed is mucho appreciated.


15 thoughts on “The American Zombie releases a plethora of Sneaky Snakes of 2012 and yes the Goatherders merit mention.”

  1. For some reason, I was unable to comment on the AZ Web-Site, but I want to express the following: Ah, shucks, Dambala! I was hoping to learn what REALLY went on aboard the Yacht SILICON BAYOU during those evening cruises on Lake Pontchatrain. Additionally, I was hoping for some “pictures”, especially of some of “the girls”. Hope springs eternal. Ashton O’Dwyer.

    1. Jason moderates all his comments. If you left one it could take a few minutes.

      Ashton you need to meet Jeanette Maier.


  2. To SOP: Ya think Jeanette Maier, or her daughter, who worked for and turned “tricks” for her Momma, the Canal Street Madame (reportedly), took cruises on the Yacht SILICON BAYOU? I’m still waiting for that @$%^#&*+ Lemelle to release the “Black Book” which he said “on-the-record” that he had released to the Public, but hadn’t, and never has. Guess that makes Lemelle a LIAR as well. Whatcha think is “worse”, Jeanette Maier, her daughter, the “Johns” they “serviced”, or a LIAR like Lemelle? Ashton O’Dwyer.

  3. I’d say the “Johns” they serviced were the worst, not because they were johns, but because many of them were sanctimonious pricks who luxuriate in power cocktails and double-standards.

    1. Hmmm … would the Rex Captain who treated his float Krewe to a party at ‘Johnsville’ be among the pricks you refer too? Or would all those on the float qualify as pricks also ?

  4. To Oyster: I agree, but I’ve got to say that Lemelle’s a “close second”. But then, I have an axe to grind with him and cannot be objective. Thanks for your thoughtful response. Ashton O’Dwyer.

  5. Alright, basic question: trying to catch up on things. What is Trout Point? As far as I can piece together, it was some sort of Aaron Broussard money-laundering scheme. Condominiums in Canada or something like that?

    1. Here is a good place to start.

      The short answer to what is Trout Point is it is a large parcel of land, which was divided and subjected to restrictive covenants, part of which was marketed and sold to several politically connected Louisianians by Aaron Broussard. Some of the properties were developed with vacation cabins and those cabins were rented to the public by Trout Point Lodge, itself owned by Broussard cronies Danny Abel, Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary as well as a multitude of silent investors.

      Then there is the Costa Rica hotel project Cerro Coyote, which was sold several years ago but the money was not returned to its investors.


  6. Your question Clay, “What is Trout Point?” … The answer is that it’s one big smoke and mirror cluster-fuck ! … and you’ve come to the right place to archive this subject matter to your heart’s content, or until the goats come home others might say.

  7. Lockem’, seems like you need to simmadownah. Your commenting is discombobulated. I know you’re excited about Broussard and Wilkinson taking some additional hits as we all are, however Aaron and Tom are going to need Boudreaux’s Butt Paste for other than fish hook accidents as their buddies up in Nova Scotia can attest to.

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