Lets talk a bit more about the Fox 8 settlement with the Goatherders: Possible reasons for the sudden settlement

Folks having read the Goatherders press release online about the “victory” over Fox 8, and especially after their Nova Scotia court “victory”, soon to be Pyrrhic over Slabbed, many people are wondering why Vaughn Perret, Charles Leary and Trout Point Lodge Ltd. would settle with Fox 8 for NOT ONE THIN DIME?

Here’s what Slabbed knows plus some salient additional questions, you folks do the math:

  1. Fox 8 vigorously defended this suit in Nova Scotia with a top-shelf firm, two full partners and dozens of support staff.
  2. The judge in the case sat on a motion by Fox 8 (Muise had the file sequestered for months) that the case be heard under Louisiana law – vigorously protested by Leary, et al, because (their words) “it’s easier to get a defamation judgment in Nova Scotia” Anyone hear “libel tourism“ in that?
  3. In court filings (and in affidavits and testimony certain to be part of the case in the future) Leary, Perret and company will have to face the court’s (and their investors’) scrutiny about:
  • Why they entered a perjured affidavit regarding anonymous bloggers when they knew the identity of Doug Handshoe, owner of Slabbed New Media LLC?
  • Why they have insisted on the myth of Aaron Broussard being “just a neighbor” at Trout Point, when they had clear, entwined business interests?
  • Why Perret hated Broussard so much?
  • Why would Trout Point Lodge “poach” Broussard’s vacation rental clients?
  • Despite the enormous financial pressures on them in running the Lodge, why Leary & Perret never seemed anxious about bookings, income, reservations, etc previous to the suits against Fox 8, the Times Picayune and Slabbed New Media?
  • Why Leary & Perret introduced Broussard ten or more years ago as their “silent partner” when trying to secure a prime, 18th century property on the quaint waterfront in historic Shelburne Nova Scotia for a proposed whiskey distillery?
  • Why the pair submitted perjured affidavit regarding their current plans to put a “spa-style” hotel on the same site?
  • Has the pair ever attempted to repay the substantial loan made to them from Leary’s father?

The fact that Slabbed (and the world at large) now has access to all of their court filings and those of Fox 8, are the Goatherders now seeing that there is open season for Slabbed and others on their duplicity and abuse of the courts. The transcript of the awards judgment hearing for the Slabbed case has Perret whining about the Fox 8 records being public. In a rare moment of sanity, Justice Hood effectively told Hood to “butch up”, cause “that’s what happens in a democracy.”

This pair of shit house lawyers know that a very large, very fast train is heading their way and their pack mule Danny Abel is of little use to them in Mississippi. They know now that the entire court record for all of their previous legal gyrations and abuse of process will be used here in the US Courts.

One theory is that they’ve decided that the hole is deep enough and they are going to stop digging.  We’re just warming up folks as the good ole US of A portion of this saga is just getting going.  Strap yourselves in as this promises to be a satisfying ride.


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