The American Zombie releases a plethora of Sneaky Snakes of 2012 and yes the Goatherders merit mention.

Like I said a while back Jason and I have had this pincer movement going on area corruption.  His latest rendition of area snakes and various area vermin reptilians qualifies as a must read and his frequent mention of Slabbed is mucho appreciated.


In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Sound the wedding bells!

Вы говорить на русском?

It is official folks, on Saturday Magnum tied the knot with his new blonde bombshell Russian bride, creating a new insta-family in the process as he is now known as Magnum with children. On behalf of the Slabbed Nation we wish the new couple a long and happy marriage.


Aaron Broussard again in the Canadian Media

New Orleans politician Aaron Broussard’s federal prosecution for fraud has captured much of the public’s attention over the past few months, including allegations that he may have used his Nova Scotia vacation property off Trout Point Road near the Tobeatic Wilderness in East Kempt,Nova Scotia in illegal enrichment schemes, but a far older and broader accusation against Broussard is grinding through Louisiana courts.

The prospective class-action plaintiffs in the state case blame Broussard for the widespread flooding that occurred after 220 pump operators were evacuated to Washington Parish as Katrina bore down on the region in 2005. Broussard’s claims of ignorance there stands in stark contrast with his public statements after the storm, when he portrayed himself as the government’s commander on the ground.

Read more at the South Coast Today.


Lets talk a bit more about the Fox 8 settlement with the Goatherders: Possible reasons for the sudden settlement

Folks having read the Goatherders press release online about the “victory” over Fox 8, and especially after their Nova Scotia court “victory”, soon to be Pyrrhic over Slabbed, many people are wondering why Vaughn Perret, Charles Leary and Trout Point Lodge Ltd. would settle with Fox 8 for NOT ONE THIN DIME?

Here’s what Slabbed knows plus some salient additional questions, you folks do the math:

  1. Fox 8 vigorously defended this suit in Nova Scotia with a top-shelf firm, two full partners and dozens of support staff.
  2. The judge in the case sat on a motion by Fox 8 (Muise had the file sequestered for months) that the case be heard under Louisiana law – vigorously protested by Leary, et al, because (their words) “it’s easier to get a defamation judgment in Nova Scotia” Anyone hear “libel tourism“ in that?
  3. In court filings (and in affidavits and testimony certain to be part of the case in the future) Leary, Perret and company will have to face the court’s (and their investors’) scrutiny about: