7 thoughts on “The Krewe of Chaos certainly has members in the greater Slabbed Nation”

  1. LIVE MARDI GRAS Reports FROM the comfort of my warm clean home and watching on the IDIOT BOX…(Pete Fournet DESCRIPTIVE)
    Lots of POMP & POO POO as far as I can SEE on TV…MITCH LANDRIEU has a catfish head mask on.rt

  2. THE GUY on the BURGER KING Commercials just tripped getting off the boat & lost a diamond & the little toe on his left foot.
    He has ordered some LARGE FRIES & demands that the children of the realm be freed from the FORCED CURFEW & THAT the GOVERNMENT (I’m paraphrasing here) get the fuk out of the PUBLIC’S LIVES for this one day….Why JUST on MARDI GRAS?
    They can’t even UPHOLD DAT!

  3. COMMERCIAL Advertising is an INSULT to NEANDERTHAL Mentality!
    All about MEDICATIONS, Insurance, LAWSUITS against Medication Manufacturers, CAR SALES, grooming products that promise to make all women look the same…..

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