Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy in the news……

Today the T-P’s Hammerman and Gordon Russell delve in-depth into Ray Nagin’s involvement with Stone Age, his granite counter top side biz that is now the focus of the Federal Grand Jury investigation into post Katrina corruption in metro NOLA.  This is a telling snippet IMHO:

Nagin formed Stone Age in January 2005. But it wasn’t until April 2007 that Stone Age applied for a home improvement license, which all contractors must get from the Louisiana State Licensing Board of Contractors to perform more than $7,500 of work.

The original partnership included Nagin; his son, Jeremy; and Tarikh Duckworth, one of Nagin’s nephews.

Jason over at American Zombie was all over this years ago folks.  On Friday he got a well deserved hat tip from the Gambitman Clancy DuBos. Here is a snippet:

The TP noted in its first story about the grand jury investigation that the feds are looking into “three parallel tracks” against Nagin, who campaigned as a crusading reformer in 2002. According to the newspaper, one track involves city tech vendors who provided Nagin with luxury travel and home maintenance; another concerns the Nagin family’s countertop business and its exclusive deal with Home Depot; and a third involves suspicions that the countertop biz got free equipment and materials from city vendors.

Add to that list the City Hall email scandal. Computer records of Nagin’s schedule and emails disappeared — right after WWL-TV asked for them in a public records request. It is a federal crime to tamper with public computers, and if the tampering is done to conceal a crime, we’re talking obstruction of justice. Continue reading “Ray Ray the Chocolate Guy in the news……”

Coast news miscellany: Insurance reform and State port

Since Hurricane Katrina’s devastation in 2005 and subsequent legal battles between homeowners and insurance companies, Buckel has lobbied lawmakers for more protections and rights for insurance policyholders. He’s thus far been defeated by the powerful insurance lobby. And what started as a more comprehensive “policyholders’ bill of rights” years ago has been whittled down to one item: adopting into law rulings by the state Supreme Court and federal court that insurance companies have the burden of proof when they deny a homeowners claim.

Sun Herald column Political buzz on former New Orleanian turned Long Beach resident Kevin Buckel’s efforts to get some consumer protection from corporate predators like State Farm into the Mississippi Code. Big business claims to be for the rule of law except when it runs counter to their financial interests. I’ve always held the opinion that 90% of the policyholder disputes after Katrina originated with baseless legal positions initially taken by insurers.

West Pier rising: Port will begin elevation work soon ~ Anita Lee on post Katrina reconstruction at the State Port of Gulfport. To the extent  port debris played a large part in the destruction of my neighborhood I’ve followed the doings there closely. The West Pier elevation to 25 feet should help mitigate such problems in the future.


Karen Carter Peterson in the news (Updated)

She sure is folks. Good on you Sen Peterson. In slightly dated news Slabbed spotted JP Prez Young holding hands with Sen Peterson up DC way last weekend.

Lots of political business is conducted at the DC Mardi Gras celebrations. So the story goes Young has reached across the aisle for help on those pesky FEMA loans Jefferson Parish still has outstanding from Hurricane Katrina.

Former Congressman Gene Taylor had this issue taken care of for the Mississippi Gulf Coast years ago. You guys help me remember in comments who Gene’s counterpart was in Louisiana? It wasn’t Scalise.


I see the T-P ran an editorial on this issue yesterday.