Remember that post on Slabbed early this week regarding Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s public records suit against Jefferson Parish?

Rich Rainey picked up the trail folks as he filed a report yesterday for the Times Picayune on AMV getting a copy of her work hard drive back in partial settlement of her public records suit against the Parish. Let’s pick up a snippet of Rich’s report:

Vandenweghe landed in hot water when interim Parish President Steve Theriot suspended her in February 2010. He allegedly accused her of blogging online during work, according to her federal lawsuit.

Slabbed was there real time back in early 2010 when it all came down. Our old friend TheRiot sent Vandenweghe home along with 2 other lawyers in a PR move and it is worth noting he refused to disclose the reason for her being placed on administrative leave. We soon learned however that TheRiot suspected her of blogging on tower and doing private legal work on Parish time but he was confusing AMV for his buddies Tom Wilkinson and Lawrence Chehardy.  When TheRiot and his henchman could not find anything incriminating on AMV’s work computer, in a stroke of “genius” he sued the blogosphere, got his ass kicked in the court of public opinion and beat a hasty retreat back under the rock from which he slithered. Occasional Op-Ed columnist Drew Broach also examined the lawsuit for the T-P, which he found funny. Here is a snippet:

His explanation is that, notwithstanding the lawsuit’s language, he’s really not out to silence the growing mob. What Theriot says he’s trying to do is to harvest good tips from the likes of watchout40, repentingamigo and prayerwarrior2 about wrongdoing inside the administration.

He’s conducting his own investigation, see? And he needs their help.

The tipsters may be forgiven for asking, “With friends like Steve Theriot … ?”

Other parish officials, evidently not on the same page as Theriot, say he is investigating one of his administration’s own employees, someone who is thought to be trashing him and others from a parish computer while on parish time. The chief suspect is said to be Assistant Parish Attorney Anne Marie Vandenweghe, who was briefly suspended earlier this year but has publicly denied the cyber-slamming allegations.

But if Vandenweghe is considered a kook and a malcontent, clearly there are administrative tools that can be brought to bear. Jefferson Parish spends close to $4 million per year on information technology. If Vandenweghe left electronic fingerprints on eye-opening blog posts, one would think the in-house geeks could find them.

As everyone will soon clearly see Theriot trying to dig dirt on online critics was just act 1. And when the Jefferson Parish machine couldn’t get what it wanted here in the US the operation shifted to Canada. I think everyone wanted to try to get their stories straight before talking to the grand jury but then again what do I know.  Stay tuned.


16 thoughts on “Remember that post on Slabbed early this week regarding Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s public records suit against Jefferson Parish?”

    She LIT the FIRE RAINEY!
    Do you WRITE to your MOTHER with that KEYBOARD?
    Gawd ~
    What some people call JOURNALISM ~
    Legalized PROSTITUTION Via Written WORD ~
    The Time Picayune NEARLY Killed Earl LONG & I have the ALBUM…Recorded telephone conversations & broadcasts of Earl talking w/reporter & when “they” locked him up…You can hear his descent.

    AMV is a QUALITY WOMAN who did NOT Bow down or BEND OVER (most of those pols are FREAKEEE)…

    She STANDS Tall STILL with the TRUTH as her ALLY.

    Happy MARDI Gras

  2. Wait. Let me be sure I get this: Drew Broach, in this article, calls AMV a “kook and a malcontent”?! Or is he quoting Theriot calling her a “kook and a malcontent”?!
    Either way somone looks to have defamed her back then and especially in light of where her allegations of corruption in the Jefferson Parish Administration have led since then…

    And the TP folded when the TPL folks yelled foul? Good golly Nancy Drew…hope you kept your notes if you plan on pinning this one on Theriot. Does Phelps Dunbar still rep the TP? Maybe the TP can get a discount from PD for continuing their defense of the indefensible against AMV and just adding the TP to the mix?

  3. TheRiot, who was illegally installed as interim Parish President by Roberts, Lagasse et al, they all lied, and in doing so put her in a “false light” as to the public’s perception. When the scheme didn’t work she was re-instated. WHY ? Because the only thing she did was report wrong doers and their lies didn’t hold up. The Broussard payroll fraud with Wilkinson is proof of that. She simply asked for her records as any person would do and was entitled to have. But no, TheRiot, the Council and the interim Parish Atty Peggy all refused, sue us. Well she did, and so far the parish has paid over $200,000 +++ to Phelps, Dunbar to loose. The La 5th Circuit Court of Appeal, in a 3-0 decision and coupled with a blistering decision, reversed the home cooked collusion by Judge LaFart and Kim and Nan. The same records Ms. Vandenweghe asked for in the first place is being granted to her now, except that now the Parish is still spending money paying Phelps,Dunbar to Defend the Indefensible.

    I suggest some one find a way to convince the likes of Roberts and Lagasse to end their perverse vendetta against this woman before Phelps, Dunbar bankrupts the Parish in Attorney fees together, not with damages to the plaintiff in these matters.

    If the public only knew of the MILLIONS OF DOLLARS wasted by these thugs to payback their lawyer campaign contributors in unecessary litigation, I really think there could be a revolution. Hey you don’t think these politico mafioso care, of course not, it’s not their money !

  4. It must be worth a million bucks a DAY
    to Anne Marie…

    …NOT having to interact with these miscreants,
    5 days a week…Right? In such a distorted environment.

    ~ WHEW ~

  5. Imagine this sissy hog pulling a mardi gras float ….riding in an antique fire truck …. pushing his own hot-dog stand …. driving his $30,000 Bad Ass golf cart ….. selling sno-balls …. floating in a balloon above the parade route …. throwing thousands of dollars of chinese mardi gras beads and favors … dancing on his float to music being played from his $40,000 plus sound system ….. waving from his vintage panel truck to his subjects …. and ALL unlawfully paid for from his campaign finance fund ….

    What we need is a picture ogf this hog in a pen…a prison pen !!!

  6. How could anyone not be really, really angry ?

    I read that the taxpayers of JP have paid over $200,000 to the Phelps, Dunbar law firm for what ? Only to lose the PRR case that shouldn’t have been litigated in the first place.

    That Ms. Vandenweghe has in her possession now the same computer and e-mails that she asked for iniatially with a Public Records Request before she filed a lawsuit.

    I am beginning to agree with other commenters that there are people in the Parish Administration and Parish Council, who along with the collusion of the Phelps, Dunbar law firm have a PERSONAL VENDETTA against this woman for no other reason than the fact that she did the right thing by reporting wrong doers who had and/or are still doing wrong things.

    Apparently even at this late date as the former Parish President and Parish Attorney have been indicted along with their co-conspirator Karen Parker who has pled guilty in the para-legal payroll fraud case that Ms. Vandenweghe originally reported in her Whistleblower claim, these politico thugs would rather waste more taxpayers’ money on outside counsel fees than own up to their moral and ethical responsibility to settle with Ms. Vandenweghe.

    I can only pray that a jury or Judge in the Federal Court punish these evil people by awarding her MILLIONS as a result of their abuse of power and corrupt conduct. And I believe they will as more indictments roll out.

  7. ASHTON!…Ya want your BATTURE Property BACK?
    Gather up about some friends with SUITCASES & Move into the DWELLINGS…
    Take POSSESSION of your OWN PROPERTY instead of EXPECTING the government to do it.
    ANOTHER THANG….Pursuing compensation or ANYTHING of VALUE via the court system, is both HYPOCRITICAL & Non-productive.
    It is however, your established profession & it is the system which enables your delusional sense of racial superiority & serves as a BROKER for the CURRENT SYSTEM of LEGALLY SANCTIONED SLAVERY
    Just sayin’.

  8. I repeat: Where did Drew Broach get the idea that Mrs. Vandenweghe was ” the chief suspect” being sought by that foolish old man TheRiot? Ah, did that foolish old man really admit that? Ah but no…TheRiot did not state the lawsuit was to discover who was ” trashing” him and others. It was others who made that statement ( clearly not in step with Herr TheRiot). My little grey cells find it very piquant that they chose the word “trashing”…were they already worried about the yet to be exposed River Birch matter? and TheRiot was seeking out the assistance of knowlegeable bloggers by suing to find them…he is so amusant. But again, no mention of to whom Drew Broach ( did they really call him Nancy Drew? as I am told?) spoke to support his writing the words ” kook and malcontent” to describe Mrs. Vandenweghe. Perhaps the ‘Team Vandenweghe’ will be inquiring of him that information in Mrs. Vandenweghe’s lawsuit? The discovery in her lawsuit should make for a tres interesant Summer reading…

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