Remember that post on Slabbed early this week regarding Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s public records suit against Jefferson Parish?

Rich Rainey picked up the trail folks as he filed a report yesterday for the Times Picayune on AMV getting a copy of her work hard drive back in partial settlement of her public records suit against the Parish. Let’s pick up a snippet of Rich’s report:

Vandenweghe landed in hot water when interim Parish President Steve Theriot suspended her in February 2010. He allegedly accused her of blogging online during work, according to her federal lawsuit.

Slabbed was there real time back in early 2010 when it all came down. Our old friend TheRiot sent Vandenweghe home along with 2 other lawyers in a PR move and it is worth noting he refused to disclose the reason for her being placed on administrative leave. We soon learned however that TheRiot suspected her of blogging on tower and doing private legal work on Parish time but he was confusing AMV for his buddies Tom Wilkinson and Lawrence Chehardy.  When TheRiot and his henchman could not find anything incriminating on AMV’s work computer, in a stroke of “genius” he sued the blogosphere, got his ass kicked in the court of public opinion and beat a hasty retreat back under the rock from which he slithered. Occasional Op-Ed columnist Drew Broach also examined the lawsuit for the T-P, which he found funny. Here is a snippet:

His explanation is that, notwithstanding the lawsuit’s language, he’s really not out to silence the growing mob. What Theriot says he’s trying to do is to harvest good tips from the likes of watchout40, repentingamigo and prayerwarrior2 about wrongdoing inside the administration. Continue reading “Remember that post on Slabbed early this week regarding Anne Marie Vandenweghe’s public records suit against Jefferson Parish?”

Why would the Plaintiffs be interested in the Jacqueline Patterson Edwards RICO case????

Slabbed lifers well remember the Jacqueline Patterson Edwards RICO case against former St John the Baptist Parish Prez turned convict Bill Hubbard. For those that don’t, for right now we’ll use the google cache to highlight that old Slabbed post here is the old post on the topic because Edwards also sued Jefferson Parish, Aaron Broussard, Tim Whitmer and others including Pipeworks.  Here is one case document online that has a short history of the case. If memory serves Jason over at AZ also went fishing for answers on the case very early in the game.  So why do I mention this?

Mainly because I checked my file copy of the complaint filed by Patterson Edwards and NO WHERE in the whole damn case record do I find the name of the ones we call the Goatherders. So my question is WTF are they doing trying to discover information on it from Fox 8 in a lawsuit in Canada that supposedly has nothing to do with the now indicted Aaron Broussard.

This my friends, is a very reasonable question.  I’ll do my best to ascertain the answer for all. ~ sop

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Wednesday Music: Slabbed New Media LLC announces its first ever terms of service

The lyrics refer to a situation where kindness and cooperation are universal, joy and good fortune abound, and psychological burdens are lifted.

So our only rule is there are no rules but we can still be nice while exercising all our constitutional freedoms. I’ll update this as we continue to evolve. ~ sop