A not so quick note from your moderator Sop

OK guys, WordPress has moved all our content over here to the new place.  The process has resulted in a few down periods but I think the worst of the interruptions are over. The site redirect from the old site is now on for good.  I am in the process of enabling comments on our post archives and rebuilding the sidebars, footer areas etc.  Because of time constraints the process could last into next week so please bear with me.  The new Slabbed will have a cleaner look and feel. My goal is through time is to visually morph Slabbed into the small media business Slabbed New Media has become. I never was an anonymous blogger folks so I figure this is a natural progression of things.

I am playing around with the bbPress forums so that is still a work in process.  I put the open thread back up while I learn the ropes.

On a tangentially related note, while redoing the contact page I noticed several reader comments dating back to September of last year that ended up in our spam que including some very good ones from regular Slabbed commenters (you guys know who you are) plus a few others from unhappy readers over things like certain addresses showing in the Louisiana Secretary of State database connected to certain business highlighted on Slabbed are evidently residential addresses.  I value reader feedback but I must say the best way to keep your address off Slabbed is to not let it be used on Secretary of State filings, which are public records.

Finally yesterday I chatted briefly with one of my best sources, the person that inspired “The Wino”, a composite character that is an amalgamation of my best sources of information on the Jefferson Parish Scandal. Continue reading “A not so quick note from your moderator Sop”