Slabbed’s travails with the Goat Herders makes the NOLA New Media

The good folks over at NOLA Defender have chimed in on the doings in Canada. Since we solved the mystery on the shores of the Tusket River the Goat Herders have since admitted they managed the rentals Broussard owned. Time will talk as to what other business arrangements, if any, they had with each other.


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    During her visit, Poppe canvassed homeless people, mostly around the French Quarter. As the group leaned over the Mississippi River wharf to wake up two men who were sleeping in dangerous, rat-infested conditions last week, Poppe could not help but contrast their "horrible, horrible circumstances" to the stunning New Orleans backdrop — the river, its bridges, nearby hotels, and the city's historic skyline.

    "I'm going to carry that image with me," Poppe said. Despite how intractable the problem may seem, the image motivates her, she said. "It reminded me that our society and its wealth really do have the capacity to house all the people I saw."

    They DO have the CAPACITY. They DON'T have the CONCERN or the COMPASSION.
    Mitch LANDRIEU should be ASHAMED of himself.

  2. O.K., Patricia. I'll probably "tear my britches" with you in this Comment. But I really don't get your point. Are you from Mew Orleans? Do you live in New Orleans? I am as compassionate of the well-deserving poor as the next guy, probably "more" so, although events since KATRINA have resulted in personal "financial reverses" which have curtailed my ability to help those more unfortunate than I am. But when we talk about "the homeless" in New Orleans, I have a few questions: (1) Where are they from? (2) Are they REALLY New Orleanians? (3) Why has "Mitch the Bitch" made New Orleans a haven for human flotsam and jetsom that no other City in the Country wants, and I'm including our great President "Odumber" among those unwilling to help the homeless? (4) Why are these "homeless people", who Mitch the Bitch has allowed to establish residency here MY problem, ie. the problem of New Orleans taxpayers, whose numbers have dwindled GREATLY since KATRINA? (5) Are these "homeless people" working at ANY job, much less at jobs which would allow them to sustain themselves? And as for the two men who Ms. Poppe alleges were sleeping under a wharf (which I doubt very much), there was NO REASON for them to be sleeping under a wharf. There are shelters in this City which could have accomodated these two men, but they would have had to "check in" by a certain time, and be DRUG FREE and ALCOHOL FREE. Personally, I would like to see Mitch the Bitch make New Orleans as "homeless unfriendly" as any other City in America. But I'll settle for building a shelter for any of them who need shelter, conditioned on: (a) presentation of a PHOTO I.D. for entry; (b) photographing each person seeking shelter; (c) submitting to being finger-printed as a condition of entry; and (d) submitting to a DNA test. And of course, being drug and alcohol free at the time of entry. And by the way, have you taken a walk on the "Moon Walk" lately? The "homeless people" have totally TRASHED it! Be careful that you don't step in human feces should you dare go up there. (Why in the FUCK would anyone sleep under a wharf, when ther are numerous other places to sleep?). Ashton O'Dwyer.

    1. I slept under the wharf or 2 months.. So don’t say you doubt there was 2 people sleeping under there. When I stayed there there was at least 20-30 other homeless people and travelers staying there as well. Also.. Some people (like travelers) choose to be homeless. All I gave to say is you are a dumb, blind, and just fucking horrible. Make the city homeless unfriendly? Bitch suck a dick and fuckin choke on it. Your not out there homeless… So why hate on us like this? Worry about your own life. You piece of shit.

    2. And some homeless people may yeah it but as a homeless person I’ve never seen that. The only people I ever see trash New Orleans is yuppies. Yuppies trashed a spot on Frenchman one night and me and my 2 friends spent half an hour cleaning it. Your just a misinformed hateful person. Go fuck yourself

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  4. "The Lodge also managed rentals of his property, and has never denied this fact."

    Nuff said, boys,,,, girsl,,, whatever.
    Where are the BOOKS???

  5. These politicians are publically LAUNDERING money while dining like swine in posh restaurants.

    It's an insult to ALL Taxpayers & homelessness is only ONE of the distortions caused by an inept, self-serving government.

    IMO Fundraising for the wealthy is illogical, n'est-ce pas?
    So is expecting a homeless person to carry a photo ID & assuming that "they" have numerous choices on where to sleep, live, eat, shit, be.

    Just sayin'.

  6. i wonder if millie ball has been invited to testify in front of the grand jury? one has to assume she had much more info than what was in her puff piece.

  7. Managing Broussard's rentals isn't the only thing they admitted to in that blog entry Koati. They also addressed the snippet of Millie Ball's piece that Jr. posted here some time ago as their story continues to evolve. They must think we're all imbeciles to not notice.

    They are in reality one trick ponies.

    Is Millie Ball still around Jr? I wonder about Fox 8? Was their case in Nova Scotia on auto pilot or did anyone down here notice what was being dug up in discovery? The major focus on the Goat Herders discovery requests dealt with communications between Val Bracy and me, Val Bracy and Anne Marie Vandenweghe. They actually obtained a court order from Judge Muise to get information from Automattic on me, Whitmergate, Unslabbed and Telemachus in that case. And they lied to him in order to get it. When they could not back door their invasion of the privacy of the Slabbers mentioned above they filed suit against me personally. Had I chosen to defend it is there any doubt about what the thrust of their discovery would have been? Remember they demanded Timothy Gillespie give them all electronic communications we had dating to last summer.

    I'll be rolling all the above out in a post complete with documentation but like I said last week they were continuing Theriot's work with his ill advised suit against the blogosphere. I may be too close to the situation but it appears to me that Theriot was working with Broussard, Abel, Leary and Perret. My long held opinion was Theriot was placed into office as Interim Parish Prez via bums rush to protect the shit house deal Broussard, Wilkinson and Whitmer cut with River Birch. My mind is open to the possibility Theriot actively worked with Broussard and company after Broussard left office. This is what makes Whitmer's cooperation so tantalizing to me because he would likely have information about that.

    We've had so many comments of late I want to make a point about Karen Parker's factual basis for her plea. This is what they Feds say they could prove in the Parker case yet that allegation had not seen the light of day outside Slabbed. I do not have any special relationships with the FBI or DoJ and in fact have not communicated with anyone from either agency during the course of the last 2 years to my knowledge. Leaving aside the fact such condition is on the brink of changing, I take that blurb to mean they had the goods on Nova Scotia before Parker copped her plea.

    Without going into detail to protect my sources I think the FBI has had firm evidence of the Nova Scotia money train since last summer. And I think we've helped by lending context to the social and business networks that underpin the whole criminal conspiracy.

    Is it lost on anyone the first motion filed by Broussard in his criminal case was a demand for an investigation into the grand jury leaks. It exhibited a lack of good judgment and relates exactly to that one trick pony thing I mentioned above. The boogie man is coming after you boys and while you idiots have been harassing me, AMV (yeah I know about you Carl Finley), Joyce Case Harlow and Timothy Gillespie, the FBI has been lurking in the background infomation gathering the whole time. I look forward to locking eyes with Aaron Broussard soon.

    I have some posts coming on other stuff today so stay tuned folks.


  8. do you have any thoughts on the possibility that the goat herders approached the doj to feel them out and were rebuffed? or are they totally delusional? the employment of a scorched earth policy shows they have major concerns outside of bad publicity for the lodge. as for millie ball. she retired back in 09 but i saw a freelance byline recently so i am fairly sure she is still alive and well in new orleans. given the activity of her tpl write up here i am surprised her piece was not retracted in part.

    1. I do not think the Goat Herders approached DoJ and up to the point when Karen Parker changed her plea were in fact delusional. Danny Abel in particular likes to run his mouth and I think he is acting the part of Broussard's shadow lawyer.

      The word I get from Nova Scotia is they told Judge Hood they were very scared of what the FBI might be reading into what we post. While I think the FBI reads this blog we are but one informational resource among many. The fact it came up at all shows IMHO exactly what the Goat Herders are scared of.

      If Ms Ball is still around I would certainly hope the FBI has contacted her. Them guys are pretty good at leaving no stone unturned.


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