Sean Alfortish gets 46 months. He deserved double that IMHO.

Sean Alfortish was sentenced last Thursday. Slabbed last visited with his jackassery here. Stephanie Grace wrote a good column about the entire Alfortish fiasco for yesterday’s T-P that is worth visiting.  For those keeping a Jefferson Parish corruption score card when Alfortish wasn’t looting out the Horseman’s Association, he moonlit as a city magistrate in Kenner that sat in judgment of others.  I’m pretty sure Slabbed is the public executioner to which Alfortish referred to in his remarks before Judge Fallon, who imposed the maximum prison sentence for Alfortish’s self admitted crimes.


3 thoughts on “Sean Alfortish gets 46 months. He deserved double that IMHO.”

  1. Sop, I'm 1,000 percent with you on this. This is just another example of the federal judiciary going easy on white collar scumbags. Like Judge Bodenheimer who only got 46 months. And what galls me to this day about Bodenheimer is that he planted OxyContin on a resident who complained about Bodenheimer's marina and then tried to have the guy arrested on drug charges. Had Bodenhemer been successful that guy would have been sentenced to far more than 46 months.

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