The problem with the media coverage of Tourism Libelists Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret in Canada is it is built upon a foundation of straw.

Folks I warned Toronto Star reporter Richard J. Brennan this story was far more complicated and nuanced than he was lead to believe and I encouraged him to contact media outlets and the local authorities before wielding the hatchet to us.  Unfortunately he had his mind made up when he called me how he was going to frame his story and my mind is open to the possibility he stepped out big for suggesting I was a homophobe.  Hopefully they have proof to back that claim up.  After all, they now have readers agitating for my arrest and extradition to Canada because I dared to assert my free speech rights as an American Citizen and that comment passed through their moderation que.. Of course any action I take will be here in the US where the Star could enjoy the same legal rights as their brother journalists do here at Slabbed.

With that said I welcome intelligent discourse on this topic from both sides of the border that considers all the blogging we’ve done.  Our readers may remember Leary asserted to the Times Picayune certain things about his, Perret’s and Trout Point Lodge’s association with Aaron Broussard, the guy who helped peddle minority ownership of the Lodge to certain connected area residents. Let’s start there:

Broussard, “does not and has never had any ownership or management involvement with Trout Point Lodge, Limited.” The message went on to say Broussard owns a “vacation home on the same road.”

Now we all understand that all the T-P’s reporting on Trout Point has been retracted and they repeated Leary’s meme in their retraction. Of course when the backtracking at the Times Picayune began we discovered that on a website controlled by the girls, Broussard’s name popped up along side Charles Leary’s as board members of the Billy’s Hill Trail Society. Just as quickly as I posted the link the girls took the web page down though it remains online at to this day.  Now why is this important?  Actually it was a question that Richard Brennan asked me yesterday in a different way when said something along the lines of so what if they (the girls) handled  Broussard’s rentals. There is nothing wrong in them conducting business correct?  My answer was if  it were arms length absolutely nothing is wrong.  The better question is why did Leary insist that Broussard was completely unconnected to the Lodge, especially when it was not true.  After all the Mille Ball piece from 2001 featured the Aaron Broussard connection and clearly the girls were heavily involved with Ball in developing it. Funny how they had no objection to Broussard’s name being mentioned in connection with a travel piece on the Lodge back in 2001.

I mention all this because Toronto Star story is predicated completely on the fact the Times Picayune retracted its story.  Brennan failed to mention Fox 8 did not retract any of its reporting and especially the interview Broussard gave them back in January 2010. Heck who better to describe his relationship with the Lodge than the man at the center of the controversy.   Broussard resigned in disgrace the day after he gave that interview. But for the sake of argument lets forget the Fox 8 suit in Nova Scotia for the time being as it involves pending litigation. What we need is a Nova Scotia press source on this subject matter and luckily for everyone there is a report in the Frank Magazine on this exact topic.  To my best knowledge the story has not been retracted because Leary and Perret have an aversion to suing Canadian media outlets over the same things they sue American media outlets for in Nova Scotia (if I’m wrong guys please feel free to correct the record here). Here is a snippet of the article found on page 18:

Aaron’s $360,000 resort getaway is in the Tobeatic wilderness, an area first settled by New Orleans movers and shakers c. 1998, when a trio of cheese-lovin’ Yanks purchased the former Prout estate and opened the luxury Trout Point Lodge to cater to the wealthy jambalaya-munchin’ set (Frank 438, 458).

In the fallout from the resignation, Trout Point Lodge principals are not exactly rallying around their fellow traveller, Aaron. Understandably, they seem hotter than a Cajun spice to distance their biz from the political stinkfest, telling local media that Aaron is not a silent investor in their award-winning resort.

The perceived association likely stems from the fact Aaron acquired a neighbouring cottage in August 2002 from Louisiana’s late thoroughbred racing matriarch Marie Krantz, whose property was purchased from the Trout Point Lodge biz two years earlier.

At the time of the deed transfer, six months before her death at 67, Marie also advanced Aaron a $469,625 US loan, at no interest, payable over 10 years, property records indicate.

The beleaguered Jefferson Parish pol also owns or co-owns three additional lots, in spitting distance, which are mortgaged by a couple different U.S. banks for nearly $300,000 US.

Now I can certainly understand why they would want to minimize their involvement with Broussard but the fact remains he peddled those minority investments to the local “jambalaya-munchin’ set”. Clearly he was more than just some guy down the road. Now we have rehashed this more than a few times but the fact is Leary lied and collected a financial settlement from the Times Picayune based on that lie.

But our readers may remember that the question of ownership of the Lodge and the failed cheesemaking venture La Ferme D’Acadie was the subject of litigation with the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.  We found that case on April 26, 2011, less than 2 weeks before Leary served me with a notice of intended claim while telling Judge Muise in the Fox 8 case in mid May 2010 that I was an anonymous blogger and he needed a court order to find out who certain Slabbed commenters and I were. Again we turn to Frank Magazine for some info they dug up on the case:

Although ACOA fired the first salvo in June 2002, suing the trio and their Yarmouth County cheesemaking biz La Ferme D’Acadie for $104,211 in alleged arrears from a 1998 loan, the litigants do not seem finished yet. By the looks of it, we may discover that the moon is made of green cheese before this tiff ever ends.

Last fall, N.S. Court of Appeal’s Justice Jill Hamilton ruled that the Yankee bizmen could sue ACOA over its acknowledgement it destroyed “virtually all” the documents related to the disputed loan.

Apparently, the federal money-chucking agency deems its policy of shredding old documents “routine.” If I was minister Peter MacKay, I’d be on the horn mighty quick to ACOA big cheese Monique Collette, and I’d be giving her an earful.

Ironically, an earlier, related Supreme Court action had the New Orleans-based biz associates pleading that their documentary evidence was “90%” destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. They also alleged relevant documents were lost when a safe was stolen in a 2006 Trout Point Lodge break-in.

Since the legal spat began, three ACOA employees who played “pivotal roles” in the loan process have died, and others are no longer working for the feds.

Now we picked up on that exact same fact of the girls claiming they lost almost all their Nova Scotia business records to Hurricane Katrina. Specifically they claimed in the Canadian court record:

The applicant claims that broken pipes caused a flood in his home during the winter of 2002, resulting in the destruction of documents. In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina wiped out the office of Daniel G. Abel, who was Mr. Leary’s Louisiana attorney and business associate. The applicant maintains that he kept records of the partnership’s dealings with the plaintiff, as well as other business records, at this location. In the spring of 2006 a break-in at Trout Point Lodge in East Kemptville, NS, resulted in the theft of a safe containing certain documents related to the transactions which are the subject of this proceeding.

I called them out for lying about Abel as he had no law office in New Orleans in 2005 instead practicing law with Aaron Broussard out of the Super 8 Motel on Clearview Parkway in Metairie before moving to the offices of Dr Manuel Mariano De La Rua on Williams Blvd in Kenner when Broussard filed suit against author Peter Brown on Danny Abel’s behalf on July 11, 2011. For those keeping score, Abel is the owner of Trout Point Lodge who still lives in New Orleans area that often affiliates with Broussard in civil legal matters. Abel and his girls are known down here as professional plaintiffs dating to their days working for Wendell Gauthier.

Beyond that though the girls claimed and filed affidavits with the courts in court swearing they were the only owners of La Ferme D’Acadie yet David Loeb identified himself as an owner of that venture in an affidavit sworn before the Nova Scotia courts in the Fox 8 case and claims to own La Ferme D’Acadie on his professional website.   The investors down here were not sold Trout Point Lodge LP. Instead they were sold minority interests in La Ferme D’Acadie, the original business entity set up to hold the cheese farm and Trout Point Lodge.

That fact aside also claimed they had a safe stolen in the spring of 2006 from the Lodge and yet they seemingly contradicted themselves on Trip Advisor. Remember they told the courts their safe was stolen in the spring of 2006.  Slabbed commenter Steve found this following in a management response to a bad Trip Advisor review dated September 13, 2006:

In seven years of operation without incident, Trout Point has never given out keys to the rooms. If someone wants a key or wants to store valuables in our safe, all they have to do is ask.

It just looks awfully bad given what they told the courts, represented to the local paper and Trip Advisor. So here is the deal folks, we have a good idea of some of the politically connected people who claim to be owners of the Lodge as reported in earlier, unretracted reporting, names that are literally at the epicenter of the corruption investigation such as Peter Butler Jr.

Remember Leary said Broussard was just some guy with a house down the street.  What he didn’t say is the Lodge handled the rentals of all the Cabins at the development including Broussard’s.  Speaking of those cabins one of our readers noticed Leary broke a link and took down a page at the Trout Point Lodge website regarding them:

Speaking of deleted content. I noticed one of the links you placed was no longer active V. Perhaps the Lodge no longer books rooms for the privately owned properties? Not clear on their website but certainly they no longer advertise on the link you provided. I did search the cached link and it had this data which is obviously outdated along with a nice map—

Privately-owned vacation houses are available for rental from Trout Point Lodge. These houses lie off the Trout Point Road near the Great Lodge, all are on the water—either East Meadow Lake or the Tusket River–and have their own kitchen facilities.

River Bend Lodge also operates in Bed & Breakfast style year-round.

Those arranging their rentals through Trout Point Lodge have access to all Lodge facilities including public areas, boats, mountain bikes, and the wood-fired hot tub (during main season). Meals at the Lodge’s Dining Room are available May-October. All billing occurs through the Lodge’s front desk, and the reservation and cancellation policy is the same as for the Lodge.

So the question remains, why the big coverup?  In his interview with Fox 8 the day before he resigned Aaron Broussard addressed his ownership at the Trout Point development and he didn’t duck the question at all. Broussard certainly had a greater level of involvement with the Lodge itself than Leary publicly indicated as illustrated by the letter written by the late Roy D’Aquila on Aaron’s behalf to Leary and Perret less than 5 months after the scandal broke.  According to Richard Brennan at the Toronto Star, Leary indicated to him the Lodge never did consolidate insurances with Broussard but that is also besides the point as he clearly mislead the local media as to the true nature of his business relationship with him.  here we are back in 2008 and Broussard and Leary are talking about coordinating insurances.

These have been the most extraordinary 4 weeks of blogging we’ve ever had on Slabbed.  On January 13th 2012 we learned that Aaron Broussard’s ex wife had copped a plea and agreed to tesitfy against her ex hubby Aaron.  The “Factual Basis” for her plea contained the following nugget:

Additionally, from approximately 2004 through 2010, Broussard received monies, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, that were characterized as, among other things, “retainers,” “consulting fees” or “finder’s fees” with various contractors and vendors, all of whom were doing business with Jefferson Parish during the period of time Broussard was the President of Jefferson Parish. Moreover, Broussard was a majority owner in a holding company which owned an investment property in Canada. Broussard received income from this Canadian property. This property was partially funded by individuals and/or entities who were contractors and/or vendors doing business with Jefferson Parish during the period of time Broussard was the Jefferson Parish President.

Of course that investment property in Canada is there in Nova Scotia lapping on the shores of the Tusket River.

Later on January 13, 2012 Slabbed broke that Tim Whitmer had cut a plea deal, one full week ahead of the NOLA major media outlets. Then on January 25th I broke the letter written by Roy D’Aquila to Leary and Perret.  Between that date and Friday January 27th long time D’Aquila law partner Jerome Volk quit the firm in what sources are describing to Slabbed as a nasty split.  On January 29th D’Aquila dies of a heart attack.

My comment pointing out Volk’s departure was very sudden as the firm’s website has not been updated to account for Volks departure (when I made that remark) and unlike the Mr D’Aquila’s Obit which did have the name change did not sit well with certain people at the law firm. Now, the old D’Aquila Volk website has now been taken down but they did leave the firm’s contact information up on their now “under construction” website. I mention this because despite all of Aaron Broussard’s and Danny Abel’s office gyrations in official court filings, Broussard did indeed have an office to operate from, namely his office building located at 3329 Florida Blvd in Kenner.  Heck he even has a phone line there per the Yellow pages (504) 469-6699. I mention all this because Roy D’Aquila’s law firm has that exact address and phone number listed on their under construction website and we know that Broussard’s investment company, Kempt Wilderness Lodge Services was partially owned by D’Aquila and used the caretaker’s cabin for the lodge as its registered address. D’Aquila name was also mentioned in the Times Picayune retraction.

In Canada reporting such things evidently constitutes libel but our readers are already hip how Canada’s defamation are routinely used by unscrupulous individuals to silence legitimate lines of journalistic inquiry.  I have repeatedly been threatened by Leary and Perret with lawsuits every time I put a post such as this one up, but now they are out of ammo unless they come here and here is where we shall fully flesh out these issues.  The Canadian media except one new media outlet has missed the boat on this story.  And as far as Leary and Perret accusing us of being homophobes that is not a new thing at all with them as illustrated in their suit with the ACOA right there in Nova Scotia and I quote the judge:

Mr. Leary’s allegation of “unequal treatment” based on his American nationality or his sexual orientation appears to be speculation….

Some things with the girls never change. Meantime Slabbed will continue to peel back this scandal layer by layer until the truth is completely out in the open.


48 thoughts on “The problem with the media coverage of Tourism Libelists Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret in Canada is it is built upon a foundation of straw.”

  1. I have seen that document. I can't wait to get the exhibit from Perret's niece where she claimed to cry when she saw the Fox 8 report on Broussard and Nova Scotia.

    But it gets better than that Steve but I can't risk burning a source so today I took one for the Team allowing those kooks to comment on Slabbed.


  2. I once heard a man and a woman fighting. She was telling him, "You don't love me any more because I'm fat, which is really shallow."

    He responded by telling her that he didn't stop loving her because she was fat, but because she was always telling him why he thought things.

    "You write about fraud, so you must be a homophobe." Right.

    According to that logic, all gay people must be into taking tax payer money and buying resorts with it. Being a fraud must be an intrinsic characteristic of homosexuality in that guy's mental model.

    From my hotel balcony, I did some pop psychology on the fighting couple. I figured the woman hated herself for being fat, and projected that onto the man. He might have loved to cuddle her fat ass, but who likes to have someone ignore who they really are while pretending to love them?

    If the reporter insists that you hate the fraudsters because they are gay, maybe he hates himself because he is gay, and he feels like a fraud because he is in the closet, or was in the closet for part of his life. Fraud and homosexuality would therefore share a special connection for him.

    I think I'm reaching and being silly, too, but the image of that couple popped right into my head when I read about the indignant Canadian reporter. "Dude, Canada has laws that let you marry. It's OK to come out now." I wanted to tell him in a soothing voice. But not too soothing a voice.

    1. Anono I should have emailed you by now but I've enjoyed your occasional comments so much I've resisted the urge out of fear I'd spoil the magic.

      The force is strong with you.

      If Richard wants to be cross with me I can't control that. But he has now partaken of the forbidden fruit that is Jefferson Parish Louisiana. One bite is all it takes to become hooked.

      I'd talk with him again tomorrow if he called. My experience is that while journalists certainly have feelings and emotions they hate being duped worse.

      I'm more than happy to have this conversation with a larger audience.


  3. Hmmm. A grown man who insists on the remarkably childish practice of referring to two men as "girls" welcomes intelligent comment? Whatever objections you may have to the sexual orientation of these guys all you've done by calling them names is expose yourself as yes a homophobe but also a halfwit.
    You appear to be completely obsessed with Mr Leary and Mr Perret. Some people would suggest that indicates a subconscious attempt on your part to compensate for some latent homosexual tendencies of your own. Not that there's anything wrong with that of course. 😉

    Maybe hate speech is allowed under US law, I don't know. In Canada it's plain and simple hate speech and for spreading it you would be what we call a bigot.

  4. I'm curious to see if you allow any comments that are critical of your "free speech". If not you're a bit of a pussy for hiding behind it (free speech) while at the same time suppressing it on your own blog.

    1. Been doing it all day. Tell me why do you think Leary has lied about his associations with Broussard? Would it not have been far better to disclose they handled the cottage rentals instead of lying about it?


  5. I came to this story via the Gay press. You aren't coming off well in those stories. The American Gay Press. I can't see any "there" in your arguments. Lots of Dots…nothing illegal that you've proven. Its not illegal to know Mr. Broussard. It isn't illegal to dissasociate yourself from someone after they've become controversial. You are becoming the story, not Trout Point.

    1. I have yet to see an American Media outlet outside of one blog and evidently The American Gay Press whatever that is cover this. You are right that it is not a crime to know someone. So why did they lie about it? Why the deception of breaking their own links that contradicted their own assertions. They got money from the TP based on that lie. It is all there Tom, lying in plain sight.

      The federal grand jury starts back up soon. 🙂


  6. Quite the little rumour mill you folks got going on here. I'm reading through the "evidence" you're producing on this blog and I can't say I see anything resembling a slam dunk as far as proof of any illegal activity. Definitely nothing that would warrant making yourself look foolish in two countries simultaneously. Looks like a lot of guessing and supposition, no doubt fueled by your bizarre insistence on sticking your nose into other people's business.

  7. To SOP: I "love" making new friends, especially those as smart and insightful as some people from Canada (ask the Nova Scotians what they think of people from Newfoundland). So reading one of the Comments by "UFC-is-for-closet-homos", I experienced a "EUREKA" moment that I haven't experienced with ANY of the psychiatrists or psychologists that "the Feds" sent me to while I was in their custody (actual and constructive). Reading that Comment by "UFC-is-for-closet-homos", I suddenly realized that I actually am a lazy, dumb, stupid, uneducated and un-educatable, godless, promiscuous, larcenous, murderous, out-on-parole or probation ex-convict, illegal gun-toting NEGRO! Thanks to my new friend "UFC-is-for-closet-homos" for solving my identity crisis and for making the rest of my life "happy". Ashton O'Dwyer. P.S. And I'd better not hear any of you using the "N" word! AROD.

  8. I'm treated like a rock star here UFC. The insults actually are helping me to solidify local support. Those that have read more than Leary's press release have a better appreciation of what you describe as a rumor mill.

    We take all comers here at Slabbed,whether white, black, yellow, brown, straight, gay, republicans, democrats, socialists, libertarians and everything in between.

    Even if you want to wring my neck I still value your opinion.


  9. Why did George Bush lie about his relationship with Ken Lay? Because it was embarrasing. It doesn't prove anything illegal. Neither does Trout Point's connections with Broussard.

    And if they are guilty, may the courts system get them. No argument from me. As far as the homophobia, you might choose to stop making Trout Point's case for them with childish postings. They want to spin this as some homophobe from Mississippi being abusive towards Gay persons. You are helping them. Do you really want the Sun Times or the Mississippi Press picking up the Canadian stories about you?

    In short, if the grand jury is going on, why not just let them do their job? Why is Trout Point the story here? It seems to me that Broussard would be the issue. Is Mr. Perret or Mr. Leary the subject of any formal investigation?

    One other question for you. Why are you bringing up the default on the cheesemaking loan from what appears to be the Canadian equivalent of the SBA? If you are attempting to tie them to money laundering, doesn't that default run counter to how one might expect a money laundering operation to function? You're a CPA, so how does borrowing money from the government fit a money laundering profile? I"m confused.

    I'll leave you to your blog. Its yours and you can say what you wish. I'll wait to discuss until I've seen the results of the grand jury or I see more stories on you in the American Gay media.

    To UFC, I'm not a lawyer, but my understanding is that US libel is much more difficult to prove than in Canada (certainly more so than the UK).

    1. Tom the original allegation was Aaron Broussard used his position as Parish President to force Parish contractors and venders to rent his vacation property in Nova Scotia. The Louisiana Ethics Board could not bring the allegations home but given Karen Parker's plea deal it sure looks like the FBI is hot on the trail given what was said in her factual basis for that plea which I linked above. Leary and Perret inserted themselves into that news story. If they had simply said something like "We've handled Broussard's rental business since he became a property owner here and are greatly disturbed at the allegations, of which we have no specific knowledge…", this likely never would have mushroomed so on them and the process simply would have played out.

      Ever hear the old saying its not the crime but the coverup that causes the problem. It applies here in spades.

      Regarding the ACOA loan, it is important because of the names that were named as owners of the Lodge itself. Leary, Perret and Abel, from a legal standpoint own Trout Point Lodge 100%. Their investors down here were sold shares in La Ferme D'Acadie, which as a legal entity existed for all of about 2 months in Canada. When I find a court case where Leary is filing affadavits with Canadian courts saying only he and Perret were the sole owners of La Ferme D'Acadie while one of their investors down here is showing it on his website that was meaninful to me. You see not only did Perret and Leary lie about their prior associations with Broussard, they lied about the ownership of a company they had sold to third parties (and to that point) had not repaid a government loan on the cheese factory, which they sold without notifying ACOA. For me it was a piece of the puzzle that deepened the mystery since the original allegations also noted silent ownership of the Lodge.

      Not brought up here but certainly important is the boutique hotel Leary, Abel, and Perret opened in Costa Rica, Cerro Coyote. I was leaked the ownership agreement in Cerro Coyote by a source that is impeccably well placed in all this – I pinch myself everyday as a reminder of how lucky and fortunate I've been doing Slabbed. I've said it a couple of times that this paperwork was connected to Aaron Broussard market making business ventures for his law associate Abel plus Leary and Perret. After I posted it I learned that the girls sold the property and never bothered to let their investors know. That caused them alot of problems locally with a few of the folks that ponied up the $10K it took to buy in. Where I got that agreement from should terrify Broussard, Leary, Perret and Abel but they are still in denial about the whole deal from what I am told.

      This story involves a massive criminal investigation in Louisiana, involving Louisianians (including Leary and Perret) with the twist that Broussard was sending his money across an international border to Canada. The lawyers here can't believe a Nova Scotia Judge actually took jurisdiction given the totality of the story, which has been largely ignored in Canada until now. I wasn't surprised because frivilious libel suits bring big money into the Canadian legal system. The practice of libel tourism is especially repugnant and amounts to legalized extortion. Trout Point Owners Danny Abel was down here literally 30 miles from me and could have easily filed suit against me here on the coast. It appears the only place these grifter have not worn out their welcome is with the local courts in Nova Scotia.

      Rat Bastard is close with his 90% remark and dead on about why people talk with me. And if I am on the wrong track I happily correct my reporting if notified. Heck I even retracted a story late last year and not because I feared being sued but because I was wrong.

      I hope those of you in the gay community understand that some of you have done the exact same thing Leary and Peret accuse me of using sterotypes to brand the Slabbed Nation as homophobes that do strange, perverted things with farm animals. I have a thick skin as you gotta have a hide when you blog at this level. Instead of cussing us out, if you folks feel that strongly about this issue book a week at the Lodge and support them. Just be prepared to sign away your rights to rate your experience on websites like Trip Advsior since Leary and Perret are very sensitive about occasional bad reviews. They are so sensitive in fact they ran off an executive with a media company based in New York because he wouldn't sign his 1st Amendment rights away and evidently Leary was a complete asshole while doing it including threatening to sue the poor man after when he wrote a review of the bizarre experience on his blog. Judge Hood took exception to me writing about the prospects of a purported 5 star inn going bankrupt over such silly business practices but heck these guys depend on American Tourists, most of whom find such behavior culturally repugnant but what do I know.

      Finally UFC, when you comment, change your handle and comment immediately again WordPress will invariably throw the comment into the spam que. To the extent you went apeshit because you didn't see your comments pass through moderation I'll just do us both a favor and keep them in with the spam.

      Again Tom I do appreciate you input and opinions. I hope you continue to follow this story, even if it is on NOLA.


  10. Tom

    Your a new reader and poster…you don't have the history of the site…Problem is SOP is an investagative blogger….he digs and uncovers stuff before the mainstream press…that said…his record I would say…(i'll defer to him) is upward of 90% correct when the smoke clears…

    That said…he says its red…Most are going to be looking for the red. He in not trying to get in the way of the authorities…if anything give them stuff that people will tell him but not the authorities because they don't want to get suck into the BS

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  12. Tom m'boy,I suspect from your last comment that your tongue is so far in cheek you may have swallowed a bit of it. Particularly your "confusion" about the ways of financial corruption. Of course invoking the cachet of george bush & ken lay only makes the point you were denying!

    Oh! On the subject of george bush; his other friends, the Saudi's (the ones he doesn't denouce for embarassment, LOL!) are REALLY homophobes! They hang and stone to death any they catch "out of the closet" whether they are happy and gay or not!

  13. Sop, Steve's Federal onion peeling machine is exact, meticulous but a little slow, bounces and bruises the old onions around a bit before chopping off heads but mostly fails to slice the onion open.

    Again in your post above you walk the extra mile and slice this international ONION wide open exposing all the layers which to an investigative reporter, liken to a paleontologist, reveals which layers were formed first and last.

    The dried up, flaky layers have been peeled back by the feds but when they do decide to slice and dice many people who refused to open their eyes to the onion's mild,external vapors will get burning eyefuls .

    It appears these recent gay bloggers are just sympathizers playing their " poor persecuted us" card like OJ played his race card. When you have played the incontestable cards that's the only card they can play in a futile attempt to win.

    May God Bless them for they are not only lost sheep but its their arrogance and heterophobic hate for those just disagreeing with other gays that is so damning.

  14. Love the sinners, hate the sin.

    ANYONE can confess , repent and be redeemed…it is between them and GOD.

    Under my Christian beliefs I am not allowed to judge their hearts…likewise if they do not outwardly APPEAR to be redeemed and continue their sinful behavior even after being witnessed to about their sin(s) , my God states in his Word- the Holy Bible- that I am to shake the dust from their town off my sandals and move away from them.

    We are nearing the point where it is time to shake their dust from my sandals and leave them to their fate. I pray they will see the light and be saved.

    1. Do tell Shark. You gotta figure since Karen Parker copped her plea there has been some quality back slabbing happening in the background. I'm anxious to learn who high tailed it to Letten's office and who will be left holding the bag.


  15. From the posts I have read here , 'high tailing it to Letten's office' does not guarentee one will not be left holding 'da bag' as it were.

    On several occasions, it is my understanding, the Feds declined the offer.

    Might be a tad too late for some to high tail … repent because ye know not when your time will come.

  16. I thought I might offer some context as to how you are making your case may be seen by some as motivated by homophobia.

    As you are a presumably white, straight, Republican Mississippian (reason for assumption, you are going after a Democratic official and you are from Wiggins/Bay St Louis..feel free to correct me), please understand that, fairly or unfairly, people will question the motives of anyone going after a Gay couple using childish homophobic language, especially if they don't have the inside information that you proport to have (again, whatever your argument is, it isn't complete, and many will wonder why you care about some Gay B&B in Nova Scotia). I get it..sorta..but it still looks bad to me. And trust me, most people aren't going to devote the time to go through your convoluted argument to attempt to piece together your argument.

    Mississippi has a reputation for pervasive, crass homophobia. Much of it is, unfortunately, justified. Many of the things that Gay people from Mississippi face you may not see. You don't see Judge Wilkerson in George County abusing his office and being retained. You don't see the inexcusable behavior of Sheriff McGee in Hattiesburg (who FIRED a Gay correction officer because he reported to the police that he was the victim of a domesitc battery and was determined to be Gay as a result. When the ACLU sued, Sheriff McGee, argued that he could fire all his Gay employees simply because Mississippi law doesn't cover sexual orientation). And then there is the horrendous behavior that the ladies in Ovett faced. And the murder of a Gay Biloxian that was never investigated. And the American Family Association. And the horrendous treatment that a transgender student and then a lesbian faced in Itawamba. And the homophobic garbage eminating from the Gulfport City Council. And the hateful treatment that even Democrats treat Gay persons in Mississippi. And Fred Phelps (from Meridian). And the problems that the few Gay venues in Mississippi face in keeping open (a movie was even made about the Gay bar in Meridian – you probably didn't see it, but lots of Gay people and liberals in Canada and other parts of the US did). There isn't one single openly gay elected official in the history of Mississippi (or even appointed to high office) and no, the self-hating closeted Gay man in Southaven who ran on an anti-Gay platform doesn't count. For the record even Alabama and Arkansas have multiple openly Gay elected officials. You may not see these stories in the Hattiesburg American, the Sun-Times, or on WLOX, but they make our news sources. And expatriate Gay Mississippians pile on as well with stories about how awful the situation is there. You can be, and many have been, fired simply because they are Gay in Mississippi. The vast majority of the population appears to be either ignorant or directly hostile to our concerns. And the wipeout on the anti-Gay amendments in Mississippi didn't help either. These are facts. And after people see these stories, without any positive stories about Mississippi (the Episcopal Bishop in Jackson is a positive thing from a Mississippi perspective, but doesn't negate all the other horrible stories eminating from Mississippi), they begin to have issues with Mississippians. For the vast majority of Gay people, this paragraph sums up what they hear about Mississippi. Do you blame them for thinking that Mississippi is home to many homophobes? It doesn't make you one. But you aren't helping your case with calling them 'girls'.

    It doesn't help that Mississippi is home to two other very prominent groups that go around the world advocating shocking abuse of Gay people. The American Family Association runs all over the country saying hateful things about Gay people and even working with Saudi Arabia Iran and Syria at the UN to prevent condemnation of executions and arbitrary incarceration of Gay persons. And then there is Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church.

    So now we have someone from Mississippi who to the outside viewer is harrassing some Gay couple in Nova Scotia and who uses homophobic code language. Yes, I see you have some arguement, but remember that the context matters. Its kind of analagous to a white Mississippian with a strong Southern Accent vocally opposing Affirmative Action. It just looks and sounds bad to many people. Is that fair….no. But it is how it is.

    Not defending any hateful comments, but understand that everything has a context.

    1. Tom I'm goimg to give a better explanation tomorrow but Slabbed is considered a left wing blog by the right wing blogs, mainly because I am pretty merciless to politicians that scapegoat hispanics and the poor. I voted for Obama in 2008. I do not know the same sex couple across the street but the gay widow a few houses down is very friendly with my wife and I. The guy who gave me my first job at a local drug store was also a long time family friend. Aids got him in the late 1980s. His partner made particularily good cheese cake. Later on my first business mentor was a gay man who I miss to this day. Several of of my High School classmates also came out of the closet since we were kids. One of 'em even hugged me last week at my 30 year reunion.

      No one ever inquiried until you Tom. I'll add the force is strong with you too. Tomorrow morning I'll do dedicated post that will explain the why I chose to call two gay men "the girls" (besides it actually fitting).

      I appreciate the fact you've chosen to look a bit deeper.


  17. Tom … thank you for your thoughtful comment … however to assume can somtimes make an ass out of you and me … that why context coupled with facts matter …

  18. As Newt Gingrich so eloquently put it recently " I know it is politically incorrect to tell the truth about certain issues"…hmmmm…truth is an absolute defense.

    And if as a white Mississipian with a strong Southern accent I wish to vocally oppose Affirmative Action THANK GOD my 1st Amendment rights under our Great Country allow me to do so.

    And GOD BLESS the men and women who have given their lives to make certain we keep those inalienable rights.


  19. To "The SLABBED Nation": The Web-Site belongs to SOP, and if Leary, Perret and Able were not CRIMINAL co-conspirators with Broussard (and others), then there may be legal ramifications (although it remains to be seen whether a Nova Scotian Judgment – which none of us have seen – can be executed against a U.S. citizen in the USA). But I've HAD IT with this character "Tom From Mobile". He is switching the subject from alleged CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR to fruit, queer dick-sucking and fudge-packing, and people may be falling for it, because he is so "glib-tongued" (maybe he's had a lot of practice). So I have a proposition for this "TomFrom Moblie" character: I'll release my medical records if you, "Tom From Mobile", and Leary, Perret, Able, Gonzo, Rotary, Jordan and Craig, release YOUR medical records. What say you, "Tom From Moblie"? Now perhaps can we get back to who owned property in Nova Scotia, and who used it, and why and for what, and what they paid for the use of it, and to whom, and leave all of this FRUIT, QUEER oral and anal homosexual SEX behind (no pun intended) us? Ashton O'Dwyer.

  20. Tom, really this is the last time I will post, but you and no other right minded person should not post to his blog. You are being used. Had you looked at not his post about the MEN from Nova Scotia you will see no matter what he says, he is a homophobe and more generally a biggot bully.
    Actions speak louder tha words. SOP calls people faggots, bottom bitches, whores, faggot scum but it he isn't a HOMPHOBE. Look closely at how he refers to blacks and women throughout the blog and make up your own mind, I believ it is elf evident.
    Because he has a fetish for brown latino/a skin doesn't innoculate him from this disease.
    What happened yesterday with Broussard? I thought for sure that the shoe would fall from the hand and the truth about Nova Scotia would be revealed, however there is no mention of Nova Scotia propeties. I am a little bitter and feeling a bit betrayed because when I first looked at your blog I took you at face value, you decieved. I feell
    been decieved. My bad!!!!!!
    I should better and know that we cannot rely on othersespecially white racist bullies to be resposable for information, too much taint. Obviously we must be responsabile for our own thoughts and decisions. You taught me something. Not a nice lesson, but none theless I have learned something!!
    I do believe you have created your own trap in your weapon against these guys. There is so much misinformation that it is overwhelming for all but the most discerning and disciplined. However with patience and stamina it is possible to cut through your misrepresnetaions and observe that your truth depends on the cause of the momment. Go back and read your words it is all there. You had better hope they are able to take your sight down, or else in time more will look, examine and expose your inconsitencies and venial motives. I do believe SOB it is coming and it won't be the ejaculate of the CDN court system.

    Whitmergate pretends to know something about the law. Be careful relying upon its advice, from what I can tell Whitmergate got its law degree from sort of mail order JD internet scam. Neither she nor you understands what it means to be a public figure, nor the impact of Sullivan. Even under Sullivan when you accuse people/public figures of crimes without substantiation it is defamation and from what I can tell also a felony crime in ole Mississippi. Fait attencion!

    Doug, one lasat question, think hard, have you ever lied to a court???

  21. Tom: I like how you refer to Broussard as a "democratic official" and then assume that if you criticize him you must be a republican redneck. Have you ever heard of Harry lee? He was a democrat too. You don't know shit about politics in south Louisiana and what is at stake with slabbed. While you are worried about homophobic code words, we're worried about the corrupt sons of bitches who think public service leads only to power and money.

  22. This blog is about, primarily, corruption in government and business. The moderator, SOP/Doug, is merciless regardless of your party affiliation, sexual proclivities, race, or socio-economic status. I am a moderate Republican, and I have disagreed with SOP's postings on several occasions. But, he has not cast any hateful aspersions to me simply because I happened to disagree. That aint how this works.

    When it comes to Leary and Perrett, this blog has simply pointed out the complete untruths they have asserted about the lack of a connection with Aaron Broussard, a corrupt Parish president, who will soon go down under a significant Federal indictment (the indictment itself mentions the connections to Trout Point, the Leary/Perrett lodge). I see no "homophobia" in his postings. Is there "homohatespeak" in some of the commenter's comments, maybe. However, the blog has done nothing to encourage or discourage that, because at the end of the day, everyone, you included Tom and Jimmy, have the right to say what you want on here. So, have a nice day and SOP, keep shining the light AND allowing free speech.

  23. Charles and Vaughn … vous les paysans, vous avez des truffes à la place de cerveau !

    Dr. Leary, a/k/a Jimmy, you write as though you’re still on that bad trip you were experiencing in that drama queen Broadway musical chair play you and Vaughn acted out before that fag hag of a Judge.

    The fact is, you are a public figure, albeit not one you may have preferred to project to the public. Simply stated, a public figure is someone who has actively sought, in a given matter of public interest, to influence the resolution of the matter. You chose to sue the Times-Picayune. Period.

    To be defamed, one’s reputation would have to have been damaged. In your case, truth is the best defense. Please note, if the plaintiff is a public figure, he or she must also prove actual malice, an element that is absent in all of the fraudulent transgressions alleged in both your pleadings and Court performance.

    And by the way Judge Jimmy your rather dubious decree,

    “… Neither she nor you understands what it means to be a public figure, nor the impact of Sullivan. Even under Sullivan when you accuse people/public figures of crimes without substantiation it is defamation and from what I can tell …”

    assumes that only YOU understand the nuances of the Sullivan decision … such solipsism … the combination of your hubris and ignorance is at once, both psychosomatic and perverse …

  24. Sharkpuppet,

    No one is telling you what you can say. I'm just letting you know that others may hear something different than what you are saying because of the context. Fairly or unfairly, context matters.


    I'm not aware of any discussion of sexual activity in any of my comments. There has been a discussion of the language used to characterize Gay persons in this blog. As well as a posting on the injustice faced by Gay Mississippians and how it may relate to the perception of the blogger outside of Mississippi. That is all. Before you get angry and flame off in the comments, please note that all I have posted here is to ask for information about the argument, provide some constructive criticism as to the language used in the posters' argument, and yes, respond to an off topic comment you made that was replete with incomplete facts regarding DADT repeal. If you don't want to discuss 'anal sex'…then stop commenting on it, because you're the only one bringing it up! If you make incomplete comments, I may choose to correct them.


    No one is using me. Slabbed hasn't proven anything to me. They have an (largely) unsubstantiated argument with some fact points that circle around an argument, but as I don't see the circle closed or know what Trout Point's fact points are, I'm going to reserve judgement on this and assume Trout Point is innocent. In other words, im agnostic towards the investigation at this point. Ignorance and invective exists in these posts, but it does everywhere.

  25. Sure, Tom. And I've always like Mobile, and have many friends there. If the historical accounts are to be believed (and there is no reason NOT to believe them), the celebration we now call "Mardi Gras" originated on the North American Continent in Mobile, Alabama. Happy Mardi Gras! Ashton O'Dwyer.

  26. CORRECTION: "Haste makes waste!" I was inarticulate, again. The celebration which we call "Mardi Gras" here in New Orleans originated in Mobile, before Spanish. French or American revellers even "thought" of what New Orleanians call "Mardi Gras" today. However, the "Fat Tuesday" or Mardi Gras celebration preceded "Ash Wednesday" for European Christians for centuries before whetever happened in Mobile or New Orleans. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  27. Fuck Mardi Gras history ??? Com'on Ashton crawl out of that hellhole you're in and give us more of your insightful medical views. All this other bullshit is fucking boring.

  28. One thing is for fucking sure, this hellhole is getting crowded now that Leary and his pussy posse have decided to uncover the opening of their hellhole in Nova Scotia since it tunnels down to JP. Now that that fucking dingbat Broussard is going to jail he doesn’t care how many people fall in.

    ‘Gate you and deBrief lay off the Rebel Yell till I get there because sober you will want to be when I tell you of my lawyers’ plans for these cocksuckers when they step foot either here in Louisiana or on the South Coast in Mississippi. They are fucked with a capital F U C K E D !

    And if I find out that piss ant law firm of Phelps, Dunbar has anything to do with this there’s going to hell to pay … did I say gay ???

    Jefferson Parish the HELLHOLE of all hell holes …

  29. VFH, Yalapa, did I read that name correctly ? Well it’s obvious that unlike the Dr. Leary in Nova Scotia whose having bad trips, your sojourn to one of ‘the’ Dr. Leary’s shrines hopefully provided you with a tripping good time.

    With that said, ‘Gate and I are pleased to have your lively comments back on board. Frankly I don’t think that this new crowd of Chuckie commentators are ready for your style, but c’est la vie.

    Before I leave for DC tomorrow afternoon, it is important that we discuss any information you have that may connect Leary et al’s lawsuits to TheRiot’s and other Jefferson Parish political thugs’ conspiracy of continuing retaliation against individuals who uncovered their wrong doing and either went public with that information and/or co-operated with the FBI Investigation. ‘Gate, of course, is convinced that their complicity is a fact. I need further information to conclude the same.

    By the way, I hope you had enough sense to bring more Rebel Yell. It’s going to be a long night of story telling.

    1. They landed on our radar screen for a number of reasons, starting with the fact they signed on to file Steve Theriot's lawsuit against the blogosphere.

      I think Ashton aka AROD gave us the background a over a year ago since his first name goes with the first last name of the firm. I'll have some links in a bit in a new post.


  30. Uh…I think that labeling homosexuals as "Gay people" is a misnomer & especially false in leary & perret's case…
    well, it just sounds SILLY.
    I asked my bi-sexual girlfriend if she was offended by being called "GAY"
    & she told me to shut up & keep eating.

    How about "procreatively challenged"?

  31. To SOP: I don't mean to dwell on "trivia" at such an important time in your (and our) life, but you may have ascribed to me reporting about "Flip Dumbar" that should be accredited to another SLABBED Commentor, with much more knowlwdge about the subject than I. My most recent involvement with Flip Dumbar was their representation (through Kim "Aunt Jemima" Boyle) of some of my fromer law partners in personal litigation involving my abduction, brutalization, torture and false imprisonment on 9/20/05. In that case, Aunt Jemima misrepresented to Judge Berrigan that my former law partnets had "nothing to do with" what was illegally done to me on that date. At the time, Aunt Jemimah KNEW she was lying, as did a host of othet lawyers in Berrigan's Courtroom, including lawyers representing the Louisiana Department of "Injustice" (ie. the Attorney General's Office), and lawyers representing Chief "Injustice" Catherine Kimball and her "PIMP" in the Office of Disciplinary Counsel, Charles Plattsmier, all of whose clients were complicit. To make a long story short, NONE of these lawyers or their clients have been disciplined or otherwise held legally accountable. But I digress. I would LOVE to have "more" information about Flip Dumbar and Aunt Jemima, which assist you, the FBI and "Lettenemgo" in bringing them DOWN. But their possible involvement in the Broussard scandal came fro another Commenter, not me. Ashton O'Dwyer.

  32. While I can't speak to the reputation of Phelps, Dunbar in other areas (they purchased an old law firm in Mobile a few years back), the reputation of the lawyers in the firm they purchased in Mobile is considered pretty good. I know a lot of the people there (some I like, some I dont – but thats like in any organization). I'm not aware of any unethical, much less illegal, behavior of any attorney in the Mobile office. And I assure you, I would hear about it without asking from multiple people if it happened (Gossip is a favorite pastime in Mobile). I don't know anyone in the other parts of the firm. My interaction with the employees there is limited to 'small talk' at various social events around town.

    I have no idea about the firms operations or personages in their other offices.

    Sorry Ashton, I know that isn't the answer you wanted, but I don't have anything for you on that count. That's why I asked you guys because I sincerely am not aware of anything untoward from them. I also wanted to distance myself from your labels of Aunt Jemima/PIMP/etc. in the characterization of one of their staff members and others (I hope you understand that when I respond to a posting with emotional/racial characterizations, I wish to make it crystal clear that I meet any superflous remarks with non-endorsement).

  33. That's O.K., Tom. Consider that there is a "truce" between me and you, as suggested by SOP and some of your admittedly reasonable arguments. My Comments were not directed to anything that you said, or didn't say, about Phelps Dunbar. The appellations which you apparently believe to be inflamatory have been expressed by me on SLABBED many times before, and I wish that "Aunt Jemima" and Kimball (I won't repeat what i have called HER in print right now), and her PIMP Plattsmier, would SUE me! If they dare. If you knew more about me, and about them, you'd have an easier time making judgments about what is worse: Their post-KATRINA CRIMINAL CONDUCT towards ME or my strident language towards THEM, which I will stop when I am DEAD. Ashton O'Dwyer.

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