12 thoughts on “BREAKING: Certain NOLA Media outlets are reporting a Superceding Indictment of Aaron Broussard and Tom Wilkinson has been unsealed.”

  1. The "Superceding Indictment" is now available on NOLA.COM, and is a BIG disappointment. Nothing whatsoever about Nova Scotia or co-conspirators not already identified. Based on my "quick and dirty" review, the only "new" things I saw were: (1) Karen Parker was "busted" while gambling in a daiquiri shop during office hours (HORRORS!); (2) Whitmer was "INSTRUCTED" to give a BIG raise (the "max") to Wilkinson, because Wilkinson had used his influence to get one of Broussard's children into an unnamed private school (Parents: Get you brats out of that school, NOW!); and (3) Wire fraud is detailed in an excrutiatingly BORING fashion. Way to go, U.S. Department of "Injustice"! Ashton O'Dwyer.

  2. But what is the reference to "…and another parish official…" every time they talk about the meeting where it all was set up?

  3. Can that be Bonano? Wasn't he the first Landfill manager at the Garbage Dump or something before the Buller guy? Bonano sure had a meteoric rise after that , kinda like Whitmer from grass cutter to CAO. Hmmmm

  4. This is actually a very smart move on the part of the feds. The new allegations focus on Wilkerson which means that they are turning up the heat on Wilkerson in order to get him to strike a deal.

  5. The superceding indictments are significant for 3 reasons but it deserves its own post. Remember Parker has been squealing for less than a month and my peeps have pointed me to places where the good guys at chasing leads almost real time.

    I'll add that while Parker's testimony on the Nova Scotia money train will be useful, my own opinion is that Team FBI was on the trail 4-6 months ago. Thursday night the Wino shared one small tidbit about a document leaked to Slabbed that placed everything into context for me, namely the origin of that document. I do not want to say too much here and I've really said too much as it is.

    Did anyone else notice Broussard's driver was mentioned yesterday in the court doc? Now I hate to brag but there was one blog that reported that development almost real time.


  6. Where is the Nova Scotia connection? Friday I was expecting something big given the build up and your grandiose accusations. I believed you and am now truly dissappointed to see you have lied about everything. From the factual basis and before you have lied. So it must be homophobia which motivates the pandering catholic. Homphobia just doesn't allow you to get off that stinking dead pony, it will carry you to hell if you aren't careful! You have defamed these men forever with your lies, I have to believe they have catalogued all of your lies and misrepresentaions of the truth. As a careful curious observer, I have looked at the last two years of post, it is clear you are a homophobe and a liar. Have you looked at your words, they are irreconcilable. They ar written and therfore facts now. . You offer versions of reality, and when compared can't be sustained.You have free speech but not to lie, stalk and ruin peoples reputations with your lies.

  7. Oh and Charles aka Jimmy aka avowed homosexual , exactly how does calling you what you avow to be ( homosexual) amount to lies ruining your reputation? TRUTH IS AN ABSOLUTE DEFENSE. You claimed in sworn court documents that your sexual proclivities were the basis of a slight you received by other aggrieved parties.

    Instead of flailing at reality based comments about your homosexuality perhaps you should heed the warnings in THE BIBLE which clearly says homosexuality is an abomination.
    (God’s words, not mine). It details the fate awaiting the arrogant, the corrupters, the unrighteous. One need only look to 2Peter 2:1-22 (NIV). Or 1 Corinthians 5:9-13 (NIV). Or 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 (NIV). Or Romans 1: 24-32 (NIV).

    Charles aka jimmy: confess, repent and be redeemed.

    God said it. I believe it. That settles it.

    PS: don't tread on MY RELIGIOUS BELIEFS.

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