The problem with the media coverage of Tourism Libelists Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret in Canada is it is built upon a foundation of straw.

Folks I warned Toronto Star reporter Richard J. Brennan this story was far more complicated and nuanced than he was lead to believe and I encouraged him to contact media outlets and the local authorities before wielding the hatchet to us.  Unfortunately he had his mind made up when he called me how he was going to frame his story and my mind is open to the possibility he stepped out big for suggesting I was a homophobe.  Hopefully they have proof to back that claim up.  After all, they now have readers agitating for my arrest and extradition to Canada because I dared to assert my free speech rights as an American Citizen and that comment passed through their moderation que.. Of course any action I take will be here in the US where the Star could enjoy the same legal rights as their brother journalists do here at Slabbed.

With that said I welcome intelligent discourse on this topic from both sides of the border that considers all the blogging we’ve done.  Our readers may remember Leary asserted to the Times Picayune certain things about his, Perret’s and Trout Point Lodge’s association with Aaron Broussard, the guy who helped peddle minority ownership of the Lodge to certain connected area residents. Let’s start there:

Broussard, “does not and has never had any ownership or management involvement with Trout Point Lodge, Limited.” The message went on to say Broussard owns a “vacation home on the same road.”

Now we all understand that all the T-P’s reporting on Trout Point has been retracted and they repeated Leary’s meme in their retraction. Of course when the backtracking at the Times Picayune began we discovered that on a website controlled by the girls, Broussard’s name popped up along side Charles Leary’s as board members of the Billy’s Hill Trail Society. Just as quickly as I posted the link the girls took the web page down though it remains online at to this day.  Now why is this important?  Actually it was a question that Richard Brennan asked me yesterday in a different way when said something along the lines of so what if they (the girls) handled  Broussard’s rentals. There is nothing wrong in them conducting business correct?  My answer was if  it were arms length absolutely nothing is wrong.  The better question is why did Leary insist that Broussard was completely unconnected to the Lodge, especially when it was not true.  After all the Mille Ball piece from 2001 featured the Aaron Broussard connection and clearly the girls were heavily involved with Ball in developing it. Funny how they had no objection to Broussard’s name being mentioned in connection with a travel piece on the Lodge back in 2001. Continue reading “The problem with the media coverage of Tourism Libelists Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret in Canada is it is built upon a foundation of straw.”

BREAKING: Certain NOLA Media outlets are reporting a Superceding Indictment of Aaron Broussard and Tom Wilkinson has been unsealed.

Y’all go click over by the Toolman as that is who has reported it.  I’ll nab the PACER docs and update this post in a bit.


Aaron the peeps have been telling tales on you…….

I wonder if there was any piece of Parish business you didn’t try to scam dude. Your daughter in law is being squeezed by Team Fed and others have been implicated. It is a story of graft that will mesmerize the entire Slabbed Nation.

With that said, those that followed my twitter timeline know I spent most of yesterday meeting with members of the Slabbed underground that gave me both excellent information and cash to fight off Broussard’s do bitches in Nova Scotia. It occured to me that there are lots of you folks in the Slabbed Nation whom I have not had the pleasure of meeting.

If you belong to a civic group or even select law firms in Metro NOLA and you guys wish to meet me in the flesh to talk about free speech and the internet, Jeffers0n Parish Corruption or whatever else we’ve covered on Slabbed, I’d be happy to meet and greet with the proviso that we pass the hat for those wishing to give love offering.

In other news I am happy to report that someone (I don’t think we need to think hard on the identity) has decided it wise to pretext my name to certain Ymail, Hotmail, Yahoo and Gmail accounts to send hate mail promising that I will be defending litigation for the next 20 years or until I am bankrupt whichever comes first. From the same anonmized IP address there were a couple of comments from you know who left on the Wanted Poster post. Continue reading “Aaron the peeps have been telling tales on you…….”