3 thoughts on “From a big picture standpoint the girls are simply continuing TheRiot’s dirty work on behalf of local crooks.”

  1. Gee you don't think these guys would use the judical system to further their criminal ends? Why that would be making dupes of Judges, the FBI and the fed prosecutor. Tell its not so.

  2. What the fuck is going on around here. I leave this hellhole for a while only to comeback to find out that Broussard and his thugs have dug a tunnel to some fucking cocksuckers’ hellhole in Nova Scotia. There’s no communication down in Yalapa so it’s taken me a few days to get the hang of what’s up. If these punk-ass fucking faggots think they are going to take up from where TheRiot ran away from they are more fucked up then they have shown themselves to be so far.

    I’m a New York Times rock star of free speech and these MFers aren’t ready for me. Sue ? They can bet their asses that my NOLA posse is going to be there at whatever Courthouse to load some papers down their throat. I haven’t talked to ‘Gate and his family and crew yet but I gotta believe they’re going to join in with me in some legal action of their own.

    I think Sop may be on to something that these doofus douche bags may be acting in concert with these political thugs in JP in further retaliation of certain people who blew the doors open about Whitmer’s bullshit, payroll fraud, River Birch, Hubbard and a load of other corruption shit.

    And that settlement that the T-P made with these fraud freeks still stinks of Chuckie’s cheese from here to Canada.

    Hiding from us won’t be an option once these assholes make an appearance in Court. This ain’t no fairy tail jurisdiction like Nova Scotia.

    Jefferson Parish the HELLHOLE of all hellholes and that now includes Nova Scotia.

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