BREAKING: Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Trout Point Lodge threaten to sue the SouthCoast Today! (again)

Folks I get the feeling the 99% in Nova Scotia tire of their courts becoming refuges for criminals trying to silence journalism in the public interest.  Please visit the SouthCoast Today for the latest on girlie saber rattling, which I have reproduced here in its entirety as I’d like to remind everyone that Sun Shine is the best disinfectant:


As with any publication, SCT gets letters from readers. Here, in an attempt at transparency and some sort of journalistic democracy, we publish almost every letter we receive. We also have it as policy to make any factual corrections and to review any claims of prejudicial coverage and make changes which we feel result in unfair or biased stories.

The nature of this news site is that we regularly ruffle feathers… sometime we just piss people off! That seems to be the case with Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret, owners and managers of the prestigious Trout Point Lodge on the banks of the Tusket River abutting the Tobeatic Wilderness. The pair, and corporate entity behind the lodge, have been engaged in a very public battle regarding assertions that have made that blogs sites, news papers and TV stations have inappropriately connected them to a crooked New Orleans politician under indictment for dozens of charges of corruption, fraud, etc. You can read more about that on this site and on the official Trout Point Lodge blog.

Much of the notoriety in this case has come as a result of the several law suits filed by Trout Point, one of which just resulted in a major damage award.

Leary and Perret have taken great offense at some of my stories and, in an accommodating gesture, I have removed several of them. But they seem to want me not to publish anything about them, especially regarding the law suits they have initiated and the details contained in the court files relating to those law suits. As you may know, these and other public records the life’s blood for reporters. Without them, and depending solely on the comments – or spin, in some cases – provided by story subjects it’s often hard to sort out the bull from the blather.

Again, so my readers can make their own assessment, I’ve printed the latest letter from Leary and company (at bottom) and my reply (just below this. Please let me know at [email protected] if you think I have printed anything unfair or incorrect about trout Point Lodge or the lawsuits or the New Orleans Scandal – or the dead puppy.


Timothy Gillespie



February 2, 2012

Charles Leary
Vaughn Perret
Trout Point Lodge, Ltd. .

First, congratulations on the outcome from Justice Hood. It does seem, though, an awfully steep price to pay for a ticket into the U.S. court system, but, you have probably done the cost-benefit thing and have the solid backing of investors required for such an undertaking.

Although your letter seems to come from “Trout Point Lodge”, I see that it is personalized, so imagine that one or both of you actually wrote it.

Some comments about your assertions:

1.) Of course, all of my publications are made in my name and freely available on the internet and archiving can be such a rewarding hobby.

2.) I have never posted with a “moniker” on Slabbed or any news blog – ever. All of my comments on that site – and all of the others to which I may have
posted over the years – have my full and true name attached. I am sensing a “glass houses” scenario here, as I strongly sense that is not the case with either of you. I think in your obviously agitated state, you are imagining bogeymen under every bed, but please do not count me among them.

3.) I have no idea what you mean by “chosen” and ‘destiny”. Maybe you are referring to another posting under another “moniker”

4.) Again, if there are factual errors in any of my stories, I welcome any correction (always have, always will).

5.) As for libelous innuendo, that would be for a court to decide.

5.a..) As for your slanderous utterings against me, those are also archived. You know what they are and repeating them here would be pointless. The last time I looked, reckless disregard for the truth applied to all Canadian citizens or visitors.

6.) As for copyrighted images, I do not recall hosting any copyrighted images on any of my sites, but, when time allows, I will review the sites and remove any hyper-links there to any copyrighted images residing on other servers.

7.) I have never “maliciously” passed on emails to Slabbed or anyone else. In fact, I cannot recall doing anything bordering on malicious since I drowned my brother’s little puppy in 1956 in the old well behind grandpa’s farm in rural Manitoba. He cried for days, but never abused me again.

8.) As for your assertion that you “simply” asked for my private emails to Doug Handshoe, that is “simply” laughable on its face.

9.) As for my attendance – or not – at any public court hearings in your – or any other – case, that is “simply”, as Justice Hood so ably reminded you, none of your beeswax.

10.) As for me – or anyone else – reviewing or copying court files – yours or anyone elses – that again (see transcript from Justice Hood) is none of your beeswax and your hysterical assertions about my motives would make a cynical person question your balanced viewpoint on the matter.

11.) Regarding “residual and actual effects”, here I am referencing matters relating to the eventual arrival of the Handshoe matter (according to your most recent news release) in the U.S. courts as a SPEECH Act case. There is no actual or intended insinuation. Google it.

11.) As for rhinos – yellow or otherwise – I haven’t got the faintest clue what you are talking about. But I am intrigued and half suspect that it is a veiled threat of some sort. Like when mom and dad are finished tucking you in, then say… “Did you hear that noise in the closet? Oh, never mind”. Then they turn off the light and shut the door and you lie awake in sheer terror, knowing that there is no one scary in the closet, but also knowing that there is and, if you fall asleep, he will come out, creep over to your bed and do horrible things to you and you won’t be able to scream and if you could your parents couldn’t hear you because they have Barry White turned up so loud it makes your ears want to bleed. Other than that, I have to admit that yellow rhino doesn’t mean anything to me, but you got me hooked here and I’ll probably spendcountless hours today trying to figure it all out.

Wait… maybe this is a game and I’m supposed to ask you something. OK…does River Birch mean anything to you?

As always, it is a genuine pleasure to hear from you. I enjoy our little correspondence tet-a-tet so much and look forward to a continued friendship.

Best regards

Timothy Gillespie
South Coast Today

Please be advised that it is my practice and policy for years to freely publish ANY AND ALL correspondence received from readers, among which, I consider you both some of the most attentive.

BTW, I am presuming that by Mr. Gillespy, you really meant me. If I am in error, as Emily Latella would say, “Never mind”.

P.S.: A confession: When I saw the subject “correction”, I really thought it was a note apologizing, or “correcting” your recent and repeated defamatory remarks against me. Boy, was I wrong, eh?



Mr. Gillespy(sic),

We have all of your publications relevant to Trout Point Lodge saved in all versions since 2011. We also have copies of all comments for all of your monikers appearing on the slabbed(sic) blog.

This includes comments made the day before the damages hearing against Doug Handshoe before the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia.

The above includes the comment whereby you expressed and I paraphrase, that you accept being the chosen one by Slabbed and that you could not deny your destiny.

In the recent past we have asked that you be responsible in your representations of facts and events . Yet you continue to misrepresent facts and spread libelous innuendo. We have supplied you with details of your factual failures in the past. We will no longer perform your due diligence for you.

Correct your misrepresentations of facts and your libelous innuendo, and cease and desist from using Trout Point Lodge copyrighted images, or we will have no choice but to pursue all legal remedies available to us.

Trout Point Lodge and its principals deny having published anything about you remotely approaching being defamatory.

On the other hand, you also appear to have defamed us recently in the Slabbed blog. You accused us of spreading “misinformation, lies and innuendo.” You also aided the slabbed blog in its campaign of defamation. You have, according to court officials, copied court documents of the Louisiana Media litigation file. You later passed these same documents onto Slabbed for the purpose of extending the Slabbed defamation. “I have never operated as an “informant” for Slabbed or any other person”.

You maliciously passed on emails sent to you from us regarding the correction of defamatory publications to the Slabbed website to assist in the defamation of Trout Point Lodge and its principals. This illustrates express malice. It is noteworthy that you do not care about the true coverage of a judicial proceeding. You showed up for the hearing which you misrepresented to the world, but did not show up for the judge’s decision.

“I have never intentionally printed false or misleading or defamatory material about the Lodge “. One this isn’t t (sic) true; two, your intentions don´t matter when you act in reckless disregard for the truth. No one has ever intimidated you. We simply requested that you provide copies of the emails exchanged between you and members of the Slabbed Nation, of which you appear to be a member.

“One of the residual – or, in some cases, primary – effects of this serial defamatory action by Leary, Perret and Trout Point Lodge, and perhaps part of their strategy, is to dissuade further coverage of their actions and notoriety.” Once again you are publishing more defamatory innuendo. Consider the context.

Finally, do you know anything about a yellow rhino?

Please immediately correct or remove your publications.


Trout Point Lodge

17 thoughts on “BREAKING: Charles Leary, Vaughn Perret and Trout Point Lodge threaten to sue the SouthCoast Today! (again)”

  1. This is truly laughable , this whole thing is truly laughable and really, REALLY entices me to want to " come out of the closet " so to speak. ; ) but I will continue to bide my time, I have collected the PDF of the TPL blog , the court documents , and also the article (anonymously written : ) but with a clear unmistakeable mistake on the authors part : )
    Yes ….I will bide my time…..and watch and wait……..

  2. That guy is hilarious. He missed his calling as a comedy writer. of course, the girls give him some wonderful material. You cannot make this shit up!

  3. In Canada there is an ongoing debate about ‘Libel Tourism’ and the need for Anti-Slapp legislation to curb the abuse both by plaintiffs like Leary and Perret and Judges like Hood. The following are excepts from formal proceedings:



    2. Existing remedies for abuse of process in Canadian common law

    [19] In the common law jurisdictions, the law appears to offer a number of remedies
    for abusive litigation. For reasons set out briefly in this part of the paper, these remedies
    have not been effective in relieving the effects of SLAPP suits.

    2.1 Abuse of process

    [20] “Vexatious proceedings, that is, proceedings that are an abuse of process, include
    those brought for an improper purpose, including the harassment and oppression of other
    parties and proceedings brought for purposes other than the assertion of legitimate

    [21] The common law gives the courts an inherent jurisdiction to control such abuse of
    process.12 This power is codified as well, for example in s. 140 of the Courts of Justice
    Act,13 which provides for the control of vexatious litigants. That section expressly
    preserves other powers of the court respecting abuse.14 The Act elsewhere provides a
    general power to stay proceedings “on such terms as are considered just.”15 The courts
    say that this power will be used sparingly.16

    22] In addition, the rules of civil procedure provide several potential methods to
    attack abusive litigation. In Ontario, these involve the power to move for summary
    judgment (Rule 20), the power to determine an issue before trial (Rule 21), and the power
    to strike out pleadings on the grounds that they are abusive (Rule 25.11).17

    [23] The other common law jurisdictions have similar powers, though sometimes
    located in different legal instruments or called by different names.18

    [24] While some examples exist of the courts exercising these powers, they seem
    outnumbered by those in which the courts express their reluctance to deprive a plaintiff of
    an opportunity to prove his, her or its case in court after a full hearing on the merits.
    “Thus, the power to dismiss a case as frivolous or vexatious or as an abuse of process is
    exercised only in the clearest of cases.”19


    The committee concluded that abusive lawsuits are an observable reality and
    constitute a serious threat to the participation of citizens and groups in public debate. The
    committee added that the solution to the SLAPP phenomenon should have defined
    objectives, such as protecting the right to freedom of expression and opinion, putting a
    speedy halt to strategic lawsuit proceedings, deterrence of SLAPP lawsuits, safeguarding
    the integrity and objectives of the judicial institution, and improving access to justice.2

    From my reading of the above, it would explain the cluster-fuck mockery of Justice that these three individuals colluded in.

  4. Oh, I'm not insinuating anything. It's just a question. But, FYI, Tom worked with Wendell and Danny for some time.

  5. Timothy Gillespie is one of the best writers I've had the pleasure of coming across in a long time. He is able to weave so much meaning into his work. Oh after Googling -Yellow Rhino- I just have to say what a weird question on the part of Trout Point. Fear of being sued makes me restrict comment on the Yellow Rhino search or even linking it here. But this is not the type of thing I'd want my business to be associated with. If they take the time to google this term I'm sure they will clarify this with the one they posed the question to.

  6. Timothy Gillespie writes mud. I have read his stream of consciousness dribble. Maybe he should consider taking a high school level writing course or two. The quality and honesty of his writing would surely improve over what exist, or maybe not. Who is he? Is he American or Canadian. Anybody know??? It really does´t matter. His motivations are transparent.

    Yellow Rhino, maybe it is a symbol for who and what slabbed is?? The thing that confuses me is that yellow is a color commonly associated with gays like pink ( nazis,. Canaries, bananas, pineapple ( carmen miranda), Is slabbed a place for closeted self hating gay types?? I agree with stevie, I would´t want my business to be associated with such a strange symbol of self loathing!! This is the scandal!!

  7. Really this is very weird to say the least—

    —–Once again you are publishing more defamatory innuendo. Consider the context.

    Finally, do you know anything about a yellow rhino?

    Please immediately correct or remove your publications.


    Trout Point Lodge—- From the above email.

    OK Lets say you are like me and have no idea what yellow rhino might be. What do you do? Google it. Then boom. First link and it is to some weird site which tests things I don't associate with. I mean are these guys trying to get the reporter to look up this term and comment on it so they can then sue him? I just don't understand these guys.

  8. please stop the insanity, trout point lodge is a very sad place, and is not one any visitor should imbark, let their credit card be tolled for many of expenses that were not up front or even deserved. the food is sub par, and accomadations even less. what has happened to true owners that want to give a traveler an experience to remember???????

    1. I think the insanity is just beginning with the two looniest of the loony tunes fixing to come to Mississippi to find out the meaning of rule of law. Curious that despite announcing to the world on their blog they’d be open over the winter local residents are telling me Trout Point Road has been blocked by a gate.

      You wonder whether they ever made a single penny off their Nova Scotia adventure and if not, the source of funding for their losses.


  9. Vaughn Perret and Charles Leary are treading some heavy waters in their future! There overated TPL, and their practices, I can only hope will come back to haunt them. They think they have found a safe haven with shody rulings? There are many that have worked and stayed at this dimall place, who charges an 18% surcharge over the 15% government tax for lax service that I have never seen by any other place in this provine, what a disgrace, and they are still looking for a recepsoinist, and a cook to further there lies, go figure? There is staff accomadations if you want to work there, but they will not interview you until they are ready, say 9:ish, but will finally come out of the room about 11:30, if you are lucky?????

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