Slabbed takes The American Zombie Shoplifting challenge: Who am I?

I am a politician and friend to Noodles Norman.  Travers Mackel was hot on my trail, but I worked things out thanks to an intervention from Noodles. Who am I?

Well folks there is your hint from Sop.  In other news crime is OUT OF CONTROL in New Orleans these days and something just has to be done about it. Luckily for the public State Rep. Austin Badon is on this issue hot and heavy.


I understand the FBI has been visiting Nan and the gang over at West Jefferson Medical center again….

I personally enjoy visiting with the good folks at the FBI but something tells me poor Nan and Baby Butler do not share that warm fuzzy feeling with the latest FBI site visits just last week. Remember folks Gambitman said Tim Coulon was squealing so we may well see the insurance portion of the scandal break wide open with this tentacle of the investigation.

Can someone help me remember what infamous Canadian Eco Lodge Butler, among other Broussard cronies, claimed to own a small slice in?


Aaron Broussard arraignment links: Team Fed seeks over $350,000 in forfeitures while Broussard continues to lose weight on his “indictment diet”

Let’s start with that Goatherder also known as the Toolman at WWL Tee Vee along with legal analyst Chick Foret.

I believe it was Slabbed that first reported Broussard’s indictment diet as it is clear Aaron, like his late former lawyer/business agent Roy D’Aquila, has a few butterflies on his tummy tum tum. I mention it because Broussard was yammering about it yesterday while making nice with the assembled main stream media as illustrated by the next 2 links.

Aaron Broussard arraigned on new charges (and is sticking with the indictment diet) ~ Fox 8 Tee Vee

Ex-Parish President, Attorney Arraigned On New Charges ~ WDSU Tee Vee

Aaron Broussard, Tom Wilkinson plead innocent to 6 new federal fraud charges ~ Paul Rioux @ The Times Picayune

The Louisiana way is hard to leave behind ~ Louisiana Political Columnist John Maginnis


Today is arraignment day for Aaron Broussard and Tom Wilkinson.

And I personally can’t wait to hear today’s quote from that self-absorbed jackass Aaron Broussard.  I hear Team Broussard is considering an insanity defense so I bet whatever ol’ Aaron has to say to the cameras will be way out there.


The American Zombie releases a plethora of Sneaky Snakes of 2012 and yes the Goatherders merit mention.

Like I said a while back Jason and I have had this pincer movement going on area corruption.  His latest rendition of area snakes and various area vermin reptilians qualifies as a must read and his frequent mention of Slabbed is mucho appreciated.


In this episode of Magnum J.D.: Sound the wedding bells!

Вы говорить на русском?

It is official folks, on Saturday Magnum tied the knot with his new blonde bombshell Russian bride, creating a new insta-family in the process as he is now known as Magnum with children. On behalf of the Slabbed Nation we wish the new couple a long and happy marriage.