And so it was 10 plus years ago at Trout Point Lodge….

For my part I deem those blessed to whom, by favour of the gods, it has been granted either to do what is worth writing of, or to write what is worth reading; above measure blessed those on whom both gifts have been conferred. In the latter number will be my uncle, by virtue of his own and of your compositions ~ Pliny the Younger on his uncle Pliny The Elder

July 22, 2001 Sunday

Nova Scotia Nirvana;  Trout Point Lodge is rich in Louisiana roots, an hour from the  Evangeline Trail, co-owned by New Orleanians who used to make cheese at the north shore’s Chicory Farm. But it’s decidedly Canadian, an unparalleled wilderness experience in the lap of luxury.

BYLINE: By Millie Ball; Travel editor


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EAST KEMPTVILLE, NOVA SCOTIA — Once a month, from May through October, New Orleans lawyer Daniel Abel catches a flight to Maine and then a boat to Yarmouth, a town at the southern tip of Nova Scotia. By the next morning, Abel has settled into another week-long stay at Trout Point Lodge. It’s his idea of heaven. Others agree, including Food and Wine magazine, which raved about it last month. The 10-bedroom lodge is surrounded by 200 acres of spruce and pine and birch and maple trees and overlooks the Tusket River and a pond that reflects the clouds and skies above Nova Scotia. The interior is Metropolitan Home rustic, with kilim rugs and furniture crafted from tree branches. The comforting smell of earlier fires that crackled in the many fireplaces mingles with fresh scent of spruce logs that were trucked in to build the lodge.

Abel’s one of the owners. He knows how to find Trout Point, which isn’t easy. It’s an hour north of Yarmouth and an hour east of the Evangeline Trail, the heart of Acadian Nova Scotia.

“Go past East Kemptville to East Kemptville Road” — a dirt road, by the way — “then turn at the lodge sign and follow the electrical wires to the end,” said Vaughn Perret, Abel’s business partner with Charles Leary. Perret was talking on a cell phone that kept fading in and out.

Perret and Leary run the lodge, now in its second season, as well as a nearby cheese dairy farm similar to their last project, the north shore’s Chicory Farm, which gained some renown in the mid-1990s. Abel still spends most of his time in New Orleans. He is a partner in plaintiff king Wendell Gauthier’s law firm, working on high-powered cases: the cigarette suit, the mayor’s case again gun makers, and a suit against Nintendo that alleges video games can trigger epilepsy in children. Continue reading “And so it was 10 plus years ago at Trout Point Lodge….”

Today is arraignment day for Tim Whitmer

Rich Rainey has all the scoop on Tim Whitmer’s scheduled court appearance regarding the felony charge that was part of his plea deal with Team Letten. For those catching up Rainey included a short history of the insurance portion of this major political corruption scandal and the story is well worth the read.


I’d like to thank everyone who visited Slabbed.Org

Saturday morning I went live on Slabbed.Org and the response was excellent.  I also had several Slabbed lifers email me saying I had s-mail coming.  I sincerely thank each and every one of you.

With that said I need to describe the goal. The Fox 8 file is around 5,000 pages and copy costs are 70 cents a page.  There appears to be lots of gold nuggets buried throughout the court file such as the now infamous letter to Charlie and Vaughn. Something tells me the FBI has been hip to the Nova Scotia ecotourism scene as well, likely dating back several months. I’m proud we’ve been on the cutting edge of this.

If you are sitting out there and like what you’re learning, whether using your I-Pad Chris Roberts style at 5AM, are at a law firm checking in during lunch or at the family desktop after hours you can’t depend on the next guy to tote the whole load. The power of Slabbed derives from the power of community sourcing. With 2,000 plus daily unique visitors if everyone did just a little, Slabbed could get everyone a big time bang for the journalist buck (and fund a big time 1st Amendment lawyer). Please visit Slabbed.Org to find out more.


He’ll likely be remembered here for being a part of the gang that made the Times Picayune eat its own big toe……..

Trout Point Lodge
Trout Point Lodge

The Times-Picayune has referenced Trout Point Lodge in some of the stories published in print and online since Jan. 6 regarding an ethics complaint against former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard claiming that he owns a Nova Scotia vacation lodge that he rented to parish contractors.

The newspaper retracts publication identifying Aaron Broussard as having an ownership interest in Trout Point Lodge; asserting Trout Point Lodge was rented to Jefferson Parish contractors; indicating that Roy D’Aquila has any part in Trout Point Lodge ownership or management; indicating that Kempt Wilderness Lodge Services has any ownership or management relationship with Trout Point Lodge; and identifying a photo of the lodge online as “Broussard-lodge.jpg.” The Times-Picayune apologizes for publishing this material.

Of course we now know that retraction is in fact a falsehood in and of itself when Slabbed broke the letter written by Roy D’Aquila to Trout Point Lodge ordering the Libel Tourists Charles Leary and Vaughn Perret to insure Broussard’s cabin on the Lodge’s main insurance policy, since the “Lot Assessments” were not covering Broussard’s note on the cottage. That revelation came on the heels of the plea deal reached by the government with Aaron Broussard’s ex-wife which indicated that she would be giving up Aaron’s Nova Scotia money train as illustrated on Slabbed. And then the most recent revelation of fluttering butterflies and rumored turmoil inside the law firm of D’Aquila, Volk, Mullins & Contreras.

I mention all this because Slabbed has learned that Roy D’Aquila has passed away. I wish to express the condolences of the Slabbed Nation to his family.


Lets disclose another branch of the Louisiana to Nova Scotia political family as Slabbed welcomes Edwin Edwards crony Carey S Goss to the Trout Point Lodge Party.

Several days ago it came to my attention that a gentleman named “Carey” S Goss was one of the land owners at the Trout Point Development.  History remembers Goss as an EWE unindicted co-conspirator that is also well-remembered as one of the guys that tried wiretapping FBI agents investigating Edwin Edwards back in the late 1990’s.  So along those lines it did not surprise me to see his name listed on the map of the Trout Point Development done by the good people at the SouthCoast Today that is color coded to its ownership.  The map is a must see graphic as a picture is indeed worth 1,000 words.


Gulfport lawyer Jim Davis files suit against BP

And yes folks there are reasons lawyers have such a terrible reputation because some of them are just plain sleazy, especially the TeeVee lawyers.  Not all of ’em are on the Tee Vee  though so please allow me to introduce to the Slabbed Nation to Gulfport lawyer Jim Davis and his suit against BP, which he filed after Ken Feinberg at the GCCF turned him down.  He has a novel theory of how the spill impacted his law practice:

The Law Office of Jim Davis, primarily a criminal practice, had a substantial client base of individuals with criminal backgrounds who worked offshore on rigs and commercial fishing vessels. Other clients included local residents who worked in seafood processing plants, hospitality and food service, and tourists cited for DUl and other charges while visiting this area. All of these industries and businesses sustained a devastating economic impact by the BP oil spill, and drastically reduced his clients’ ability to pay for legal services, resulting in greatly diminished profits and the lay-offs of one attorney and one secretary.

Now folks lest we gain too much of a reputation for being a plaintiff friendly blog….


Here is some more Charles Leary / Trout Point Lodge Jackassery: Why due process is important to a clean court system

Here in the US we have an adversarial system of law that guarantees certain due process rights.  Sadly this is not the case in Nova Scotia.  As proof allow me to offer this uncontested motion filed by Charles Leary on behalf of all the owners at Trout Point Lodge, silent or otherwise in the case against Fox 8 back in late April 2011. Canada, like the US supposedly has an adversarial system of law too but it is missing in Judge Muise’s courtroom as I and 2 Slabbed commenters were robbed of our due process rights by a dishonest plaintiff that lied to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. You see folks, as a reader pointed out to me this morning, there are two kinds of lies: those of commission and those of omission.

Leary’s 10 page copy and paste of Slabbed, circa February to April 2011, omitted one key element that would have cast the pleading in an entirely new light as I was not anonymous at all dating to May of 2010 when I appeared on Fox 8 in a Val Bracy story about TheRiot’s Jackassery suing the blogosphere.  Leary and Perret had been following Slabbed closely since we busted them on the Billy’s Hill Trail Society way back on January 12, 2010.  But of course of all the posts we had in April the one that failed to make Leary’s pleading was this one from April 14, 2011, where I announced Slabbed New Media and posted a link to my Mississippi Secretary of State filing.  And since Canadian judges evidently make decisions based on what are effectively ex parte motions, the result is an invasion of privacy of gargantuan proportions. Continue reading “Here is some more Charles Leary / Trout Point Lodge Jackassery: Why due process is important to a clean court system”