No Obit for Roy D’Aquila???? (Updated)

Slabbed values our first amendment rights as a media outlet and public forum. That said I have occasionally been approached about pulling factual posts on humanitarian grounds. Such was the case with a Gulfport stockbroker back in 2008 when I marked a factual post as private.  While I have not been approached by family of the late Roy D’Aquila to remove this post I have decided based upon reader comments to remove the original post for humanitarian reasons as it is not my intent to inflict further emotional pain on Mr D’Aquila’s family at this very difficult time for them.

I again wish to express the condolences of the entire Slabbed Nation to Mrs D’Aquila and family and we pray their pain is assuaged in time.


14 thoughts on “No Obit for Roy D’Aquila???? (Updated)”

  1. Has anyone considered the possibility that arrangements may not be completed as of yet? Or that the arrangements may be private?
    Or that family members/friends are coming from elsewhere?
    Me thinks that perhaps too much is being read into this. The delay is not unusual. Come on. They are due some privacy here.

    1. Privacy? Roy D'Aquila strongly appears do have been part of a conspiracy that deprived 3 slabbed commenters of that exact thing. In fact 2 of his co conspirators blamed me for Roy's death yesterday in a Nova Scotia courtroom.

      I'm a reasonable guy but to the extent others have injected D'Aquila's passing into the news cycle this unfortunately has become fair game.


  2. I stand firm in the belief in the possibility that neither was the departed Mr. D'Aquila (whom I did not know personally) nor definitely his bereaved family necessarily responsible for the actions of others ~ no more than is every person directly associated with the Novia Scotia perpetrators necessarily guilty. I do not believe in firm guilt by association..

    1. I don't do the guilt by association thing either but you may recall D'Aquila's name was mentioned in that newspaper retraction right along with Leary's, Perret's and Broussard's.

      I do appreciate you keeping it real here Misbhavin and do understand the point you're making regarding D'Aquila's family.


  3. Further, anyone who places direct blame on another for a person's natural death~ especially in a legal venue~is clueless, heartless and mindless. No sane judge would accept that line of reasoning.

  4. And I do understand your outright rage in their below-the-belt, childish naming of you in court yesterday. Obviously, they are pathetically grabbing at straws. Little do they know or care that this was really an injustice to Mr. D'Quila's family.

  5. It's not the fact that no obituary appears in any local paper. It's that no mention of his passing is made in any local papers.

  6. Expecting a judge to see through the melodrama worthy of a Mexican soap and dismiss the claims that a blogger caused someone's heart attack may be expecting too much of judges.

    I'm supportive of giving the family some space, but in their shoes, I might issues a family statement saying that they resent their loved one's death being used by the Trout Point Tricksters to smear their critics.

    I've been thinking about Nova Scotia. It is a TORY area within Canada. Many of the people from the Boston region who were opposed to the American Revolution fled to that part of Canada in particular. The treatment you are getting at the hands of the system in place up there is not surprising, when that history is taken into account, and it makes your insistence on your SPEECH Act rights even more appropriate.

    That Americans would practice "Libel Tourism" by heading to a traditionally Tory part of the world is telling.

    Louisiana has some laws that one foe of bloggers (named on this blog in the context of other inquiries) once used to suggest that critics of those working at New Orleans City Hall were out of line.

    The idea of "sovereign immunity" is alive and well among certain segments of the American political establishment, and it fits that some of these cats would choose an old Tory base from which to launch their attacks on you.

    These people will use the full power of the American system against their critics, right up until the American system offers their critics some protection. Then they are off to seek the protection of a foreign Queen.

    This shows me that what they are about is power, and they care for the law only to the extent that it will support their claims to be above the reach of it.

  7. SOP is my hero and I know of no other who could lead this site. We all thank you for allowing us to be a part of this great community.

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