4 thoughts on “Worth repeating take note.”

  1. Uh, this may be a silly question but : do the Commenters to whom the FBI are providing protection KNOW they are being provided protection? And if so did those Commenters request the protection? My point being should we all be concerned if we are Commenters?

    The first time you posted this I just shrugged it off. Now that you felt compelled to repeat the post I am getting a little skittish.

    Any reassurances you can offer Sop?

  2. If I were under "witness protection" by the Federal Bureau of Constipation, then I would be "concerned", but not because of the intentions of some HOMOSEXUAL FRUITS (is THAT redundant?) from Canada. I would be concerned because the Federal Bureau of Constipation cannot "protect" themselves (or us) out of a goddamned paper bag. I have personal experience with this INCOMPETENT institution during the past two (2) years or so, and I can assure "The SLABBED Nation" that today's bureau is NOT the Bureau of J. Edgar Hoover, who I admired and respected growing up. These are the same people who brought us 9-11, the Shoe Bomber, the Underwear Bomber, Major Abu Nidal Hassan, and don't forget the D.C. Sniper and his homosexual accomplice, which was a TERRORIST series of murders, which the "Lame Stream Media" IGNORED as terrorist acts, because they were (and are) unwilling to call a spade a spade. And all brought to us courtesy of the Federal Bureau of Constipation, whose job it is to prevent domestic terrorism. I suggest that Members of "The SLABBED Nation" who have seen or plan to see the movie "J. Edgar", also view the 1977 movie "The Private Files of J. Edgar Hoover". The "new" movie is but a parody of the 1977 movie, and contains absolutely NOTHING "new", save for some transvestite, homosexual BULLSHIT, which SMEARS the legacy of some great Americans. It would be "nice" if David Welker, the current "Special Agent in Charge" here in New Orleans, was as COMPETENT as J. Edgar Hoover was. Who knows, Welker might even capture the likes of "Public Enemy No. 1" Alvin Karpis, as Hoover did on Canal Street. Ashton O'Dwyer.

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