7 thoughts on “The girls are saber rattling again”

  1. I have known for some time that the girls would try to couch their Canadian defamation claims in terms of other torts such as invasion of privacy, which too are covered under the first amendment. This is their solution for the SPEECH Act and I can't wait for them to come try it out.


  2. Can you invade someone's privacy by repeating information that is available through public records? That information was in the public domain already.

    It isn't as if you went through their sock drawers.

  3. I do not want to delve into the specifics but you are 100% correct. The US rule is if someone discloses something about themselves publicly (such as Leary claiming in the ACOA case the courts were discriminating against him because he is a gay man) that fact becomes fair game. Additionally if such a highly personal detail has journalistic significance (such as Southaven Mayor Greg Davis helping himself to the local treasury to indulge his gay proclivities) that too is fair game.

    Leary thinks he and Perret are not public figures and on that score too they are dead wrong. Once Leary and Perret injected themselves into the Times Picayune's and Fox 8's reporting on Aaron Broussard's connection to Trout Point Lodge they became public figures on that topic.

    I've said for months Danny Abel's legal acumen has been questioned due to his erratic behavior in court. The case Gates v Strain has kicked back up and Abel/Shane Gates ended up sanctioned in December for issuing subpoenas to 22nd JDC judges without court approval. Then again Aaron Broussard and Abel are still telling ppl Broussard will beat the charges. The denial is complete and their behavior highly erratic.

    I have no doubt Leary, Perret and Abel will be trying to get their damages enforced down here. In fact I am counting on it.


  4. These guys at Trout Point must be crazier than Aaron Broussard because you would think they would be smart enough to not publicly post or tweet open ended threats.

    One thing about that Tweet though is that they just guaranteed that the USAO is going to use that Tweet as an EXHIBI in all of the numerous future criminal cases.

  5. They are in Justice Hood's chambers as we speak Pres getting their damages award. They are in fact too cyber stupid to understand they can't send tweets to users they have blocked. Luckily for me I have people watching their timeline.


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