I’d like to thank everyone who visited Slabbed.Org

Saturday morning I went live on Slabbed.Org and the response was excellent.  I also had several Slabbed lifers email me saying I had s-mail coming.  I sincerely thank each and every one of you.

With that said I need to describe the goal. The Fox 8 file is around 5,000 pages and copy costs are 70 cents a page.  There appears to be lots of gold nuggets buried throughout the court file such as the now infamous letter to Charlie and Vaughn. Something tells me the FBI has been hip to the Nova Scotia ecotourism scene as well, likely dating back several months. I’m proud we’ve been on the cutting edge of this.

If you are sitting out there and like what you’re learning, whether using your I-Pad Chris Roberts style at 5AM, are at a law firm checking in during lunch or at the family desktop after hours you can’t depend on the next guy to tote the whole load. The power of Slabbed derives from the power of community sourcing. With 2,000 plus daily unique visitors if everyone did just a little, Slabbed could get everyone a big time bang for the journalist buck (and fund a big time 1st Amendment lawyer). Please visit Slabbed.Org to find out more.


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    1. I'm not counting on Nowdy coming back Editilla though she'd certainly be welcome. 2011 ended up being a very challenging year for her. You have her email addy, drop her a line I'm certain she'd love to hear from ya.


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