BREAKING: Trout Point Lodge asks Nova Scotia Judge Suzanne Hood for $1,000,000 in damages against Slabbed plus a cyber execution for the blog.

Well folks, what can I say except 2 of the 3 Trout Point Lodge stooges were in rare form today. The SouthCoast Today has this breaking news story. Here is my favorite part:

The pair testified that they thought that the recent revelations on the Slabbed blog about New Orleans lawyer Roy D’Aquila might have resulted in or contributed to his death yesterday. When the pair complained to the Justice that Slabbed had access to public court documents from Nova Scotia, Hood reminded them that the documents are public records and available for all to see. Perret asked that the Justice clear the courtroom for some of his testimony, which she refused to do.

Leary and Perret testified repeatedly about the contempt which they felt Handshoe had displayed for the Nova Scotia Judiciary and Hood reminded him that the judiciary was not a party to the case.


BREAKING: Jimbo the Clown’s legacy to Louisiana policyholder revealed. Louisiana Citizens Insurance has assets seized to satisfy court judgment

Louisiana Insurance Commish Jim Donelon

And folks this is what happens when a clown is elected as Insurance Commish. Heckuva job Jimbo!

And so it was 10 plus years ago at Trout Point Lodge….

For my part I deem those blessed to whom, by favour of the gods, it has been granted either to do what is worth writing of, or to write what is worth reading; above measure blessed those on whom both gifts have been conferred. In the latter number will be my uncle, by virtue of his own and of your compositions ~ Pliny the Younger on his uncle Pliny The Elder

July 22, 2001 Sunday

Nova Scotia Nirvana;  Trout Point Lodge is rich in Louisiana roots, an hour from the  Evangeline Trail, co-owned by New Orleanians who used to make cheese at the north shore’s Chicory Farm. But it’s decidedly Canadian, an unparalleled wilderness experience in the lap of luxury.

BYLINE: By Millie Ball; Travel editor


LENGTH: 2229 words

EAST KEMPTVILLE, NOVA SCOTIA — Once a month, from May through October, New Orleans lawyer Daniel Abel catches a flight to Maine and then a boat to Yarmouth, a town at the southern tip of Nova Scotia. By the next morning, Abel has settled into another week-long stay at Trout Point Lodge. It’s his idea of heaven. Others agree, including Food and Wine magazine, which raved about it last month. The 10-bedroom lodge is surrounded by 200 acres of spruce and pine and birch and maple trees and overlooks the Tusket River and a pond that reflects the clouds and skies above Nova Scotia. The interior is Metropolitan Home rustic, with kilim rugs and furniture crafted from tree branches. The comforting smell of earlier fires that crackled in the many fireplaces mingles with fresh scent of spruce logs that were trucked in to build the lodge.

Abel’s one of the owners. He knows how to find Trout Point, which isn’t easy. It’s an hour north of Yarmouth and an hour east of the Evangeline Trail, the heart of Acadian Nova Scotia.

“Go past East Kemptville to East Kemptville Road” — a dirt road, by the way — “then turn at the lodge sign and follow the electrical wires to the end,” said Vaughn Perret, Abel’s business partner with Charles Leary. Perret was talking on a cell phone that kept fading in and out.

Perret and Leary run the lodge, now in its second season, as well as a nearby cheese dairy farm similar to their last project, the north shore’s Chicory Farm, which gained some renown in the mid-1990s. Abel still spends most of his time in New Orleans. He is a partner in plaintiff king Wendell Gauthier’s law firm, working on high-powered cases: the cigarette suit, the mayor’s case again gun makers, and a suit against Nintendo that alleges video games can trigger epilepsy in children. Continue reading “And so it was 10 plus years ago at Trout Point Lodge….”

Today is arraignment day for Tim Whitmer

Rich Rainey has all the scoop on Tim Whitmer’s scheduled court appearance regarding the felony charge that was part of his plea deal with Team Letten. For those catching up Rainey included a short history of the insurance portion of this major political corruption scandal and the story is well worth the read.


I’d like to thank everyone who visited Slabbed.Org

Saturday morning I went live on Slabbed.Org and the response was excellent.  I also had several Slabbed lifers email me saying I had s-mail coming.  I sincerely thank each and every one of you.

With that said I need to describe the goal. The Fox 8 file is around 5,000 pages and copy costs are 70 cents a page.  There appears to be lots of gold nuggets buried throughout the court file such as the now infamous letter to Charlie and Vaughn. Something tells me the FBI has been hip to the Nova Scotia ecotourism scene as well, likely dating back several months. I’m proud we’ve been on the cutting edge of this.

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