Gulfport lawyer Jim Davis files suit against BP

And yes folks there are reasons lawyers have such a terrible reputation because some of them are just plain sleazy, especially the TeeVee lawyers.  Not all of ’em are on the Tee Vee  though so please allow me to introduce to the Slabbed Nation to Gulfport lawyer Jim Davis and his suit against BP, which he filed after Ken Feinberg at the GCCF turned him down.  He has a novel theory of how the spill impacted his law practice:

The Law Office of Jim Davis, primarily a criminal practice, had a substantial client base of individuals with criminal backgrounds who worked offshore on rigs and commercial fishing vessels. Other clients included local residents who worked in seafood processing plants, hospitality and food service, and tourists cited for DUl and other charges while visiting this area. All of these industries and businesses sustained a devastating economic impact by the BP oil spill, and drastically reduced his clients’ ability to pay for legal services, resulting in greatly diminished profits and the lay-offs of one attorney and one secretary.

Now folks lest we gain too much of a reputation for being a plaintiff friendly blog….