Here is some more Charles Leary / Trout Point Lodge Jackassery: Why due process is important to a clean court system

Here in the US we have an adversarial system of law that guarantees certain due process rights.  Sadly this is not the case in Nova Scotia.  As proof allow me to offer this uncontested motion filed by Charles Leary on behalf of all the owners at Trout Point Lodge, silent or otherwise in the case against Fox 8 back in late April 2011. Canada, like the US supposedly has an adversarial system of law too but it is missing in Judge Muise’s courtroom as I and 2 Slabbed commenters were robbed of our due process rights by a dishonest plaintiff that lied to the Nova Scotia Supreme Court. You see folks, as a reader pointed out to me this morning, there are two kinds of lies: those of commission and those of omission.

Leary’s 10 page copy and paste of Slabbed, circa February to April 2011, omitted one key element that would have cast the pleading in an entirely new light as I was not anonymous at all dating to May of 2010 when I appeared on Fox 8 in a Val Bracy story about TheRiot’s Jackassery suing the blogosphere.  Leary and Perret had been following Slabbed closely since we busted them on the Billy’s Hill Trail Society way back on January 12, 2010.  But of course of all the posts we had in April the one that failed to make Leary’s pleading was this one from April 14, 2011, where I announced Slabbed New Media and posted a link to my Mississippi Secretary of State filing.  And since Canadian judges evidently make decisions based on what are effectively ex parte motions, the result is an invasion of privacy of gargantuan proportions.

Judge Muise is evidently too dumb to see the blatant inconsistencies in his own court record, but like a pre schooler he colored all over Leary’s motion whittling the time away while acting as if he were actually doing something productive for his community.  Muise appears to be a good fit with your typical Mississippi Justice Court Judge.

There is a reason we have the SPEECH Act here in the US.  In fact I see the need for additional protections.


4 thoughts on “Here is some more Charles Leary / Trout Point Lodge Jackassery: Why due process is important to a clean court system”

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    1. I have been informed that the FBI is providing witness protection to certain Slabbed commenters whose privacy was violated by Charles Leary and Vaighn Perret and their Canadian Do Bitch Judge Pierre Muise.


  2. Let me repeat myself here please: These guys are UNAMERICAN. They ( American citizens still presumably) go to CANADA to sue fellow American Citizens because AMERICA does not allow the types of lawsuits they want to file. Then they think they can come back to AMERICAN courts to have their 'judgments' enforced? They should be deported and stripped of their citizenship…the gall…the nerve…not only should we BUY AMERICAN we should BE AMERICAN…if you don't like BEING AMERICAN and following AMERICAN laws then GO AWAY…GET LOST… STAY OFF AMERICAN SOIL. You are not welcome here.

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