Poor Roy D’Aquila got butterflies on his tummy tum tum when he saw Val Bracy’s reports on the Trout Point Development

Roy D’Aquila

And I verily bet poor ol’ Roy crapped his pants when he saw the other media reports on the Broussard curatorships considering he was telling Charlie and Vaughn, on Broussard’s behalf, to put Riverbend on the Lodge’s main insurance policy. Of course you say that and they will sue.

And this fixation they have with Anne Marie Vandenweghe is unhealthy IMHO.  In fact it appears to be the same fixation TheRiot had for AMV considering the Fox 8 case has really been all about trying to get information on blog commenters, whether with the T-P or Slabbed.  In the case of Fox 8 the girls goatherders wanted a log of every IP address that visited the story and video on Broussard. I’ll be rolling that out in due course. Click the pic to get the 4 page pdf of Charles Leary being Charles Leary. If you want to see the exhibits, where the best dirt is I need your help.~ sop

Update: In light of the newest revelations about Nova Scotia Enterprises being a conduit to pay bribes to Aaron Broussard, the affidavit posted late last January is well worth the read. ~ sop 9/13/12

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  1. Per Open to the World Magazine, Winter 2006

    Hewn from New Brunswick Eastern spruce logs that are so big I can barely link my arms around them, the three-storey lodge is designed to bring in the great outdoors, with its numerous breezeways, patios, and porches. Front doors open to a warm summer breeze, and the Tusket River out back is visible from the entrance. Open year-round, the lodge has 14 guest rooms, a lounge with comfy chesterfields and chairs arranged around a hand-cut granite fireplace, a library, dining room, and kitchen. The rustic interior is furnished with log and-twig furniture designed by the owners and made by Acadian craftsmen in nearby Wedgeport.

    Per Leary's affidavit linked above:

    17. Trout Point Lodge has always operated seasonally. 2011 will be the first year that we will attempt to have the Lodge open year-round,

    18. Properties owned in "hole or in part by Aaron Broussard and/or Nova Scotia Enterprises have regularly been available for rental year·round over the past several years. They were all efficiency units with kitchens and were rented as such. Trout Point Lodge rooms do not have kitchens, and Lodge guests dine m the Dining Room.

    The inconsistencies such as those exposed in Eric Paulsen's case and as illustarted above are both mutliple and glaring.


  2. Oh yea, Roy must really be having some massive Monach butterfly migration problems these days after the posting here on Slabbed of Roy's letter, alleging with Broussard's permission , he was requesting an insurance rider for Broussard's property to be placed on the insurance policy of the Lodge. The letter just does not seem to support the many previous affied and sworn statements of the total independency of the Lodge from Broussard's Nova Scotia property holdings

    It is also kinda' strange that some of the witnesses listed in the Affidavit , who watched in horror FOX 8 news about Broussard and were so offended, seem to be possibly friends or acquaintances of Broussard and for some odd reason want to testify on behalf of the Lodge..

    Come on FOX 8 news you know about the recent U.S. Federal Bill of Information concerning Ms. Parker's plea deal strongly suggesting Broussard's dealings in Nova Scotia. Compare such Bill to the September, 2011 Affidavit sent to The Supreme Court of Nova Scotia containing statement No. 23: "To my knowledge and belief Mr.Broussard has not been charged or convicted with regard to any allegation of wrongdoing related to his Nova Scotia property holdings."

    Sure hope the Feds are reading this international lawsuit and attached Affidavit and are encouraged to speed up their Nova Scotia investigation possibly with interviews with Lodge owners to get the real TRUTH and the filing of additional charges against Broussard if supported by sufficient evidence.

    Dudley Do-Right of the RMCP may have gotten lost in big Wiggins, Miss. trying to serve BS papers on Slabbed, but we know the Feds don't ride backwards on horses and have GPS (Goat People Sensors)..

  3. Pardon me for being obtuse, but while I can comprehend, and put my arms around, "curatorships" awarded to Aaron Broussard in Jefferson Parish by upstanding Members of the State Judiciary, like "The Honorable" Glen Ansardi (and others). And while I can understane the Judge's benevolent bestowing of undeserved financial benefits on Mr. Broussard because of illicit relationships between and among Mr. Broussard and the Judge's family, I have some TROUBLE connecting the dots to Nova Scotia. Will someone enlighten me, please. Thank you. Ashton O'Dwyer.

    1. Mainly because D'quilla was benefitting from them Ashton. He is also has enough stroke to tell Charles and Vaughn what to do at Broussard's request. The original allegation was Broussard was making Parish venders rent his property at Trout Point. I think D'Aquilla's letter proves not only that Leary and Perret were Aaron Broussard's strawmen but they were also complicit in the alleged criminal activity.


  4. I tell ya what Ignatius, since you are feeling needy tonight I uploaded David Loeb's affidavit just for you.


    Of all these shithouse friends of Broussard I've gotten the most dirt on Dave.

    And who notarized that Loeb affidavit. Bill Hall that's who.


    Yes put him in charge of policing corrupt 22nd JDC judges. And people actually wonder why it is such a corrupt cesspool.


  5. the fixation you alluded to that these people in canada have towards ms. vandenweghe could also be described as stalking. their fraudulent actions in the canadian court seem to be retaliatory and part of of the harassment that ms. vandenweghe has suffered as a result of the filing of her whistleblower claims. i would think under the circumstances that the FBI should be put on notice that her safety is presently in peril as a result of these very desperate men in nova scotia who are connected with mr. broussard.

  6. Their fraudulent actions in Canada cross over into more torts than what AMV has described in her civil rights case against the Parish and that does not count criminal implications. I'll add that Telemachus has sent me email indicating that he/she is in fear for her life as a result of the actions perpetrated by Leary, who I think we've demonstrated is clearly acting as Aaron Broussard's straw man in Canada.

    When Charles Leary, while denying Broussard was involved managing the Lodge, began threatening former employee Joyce Case Harlow after she spoke with me, I advised her, both via email and publicly on this blog to contact the FBI. After she called the NOLA office of the FBI I'll add the harassment stopped, except for an occasional defamatory comment such as the one they left about her on the Trout Point Blog recently.

    I have yet to meet or even speak with the good guys but given the latest turn of events my advice to Whitmergate, Unslabbed and Telemachus is to go pay the FBI a visit.

    Judge Pierre Muise should be proud he signed off on court orders that had the impact of putting people's lives at risk and impeded a major FBI investigation down here in NOLA. Keep that Muise surname circled folks.


  7. Broussard in the grand scheme of things is a small bit player. The Feds are finally going after the big fish which is why things are completely out of control right now and desperation is in full force and effect. Don't be surprised to see at least 20 Louisiana licensed attorneys lose their law licenses when this is all over. If I was a Greek I wouldn't be eating at any Italian restaurants and if I was Italian I wouldn't be doing business with any Greek businesses and well if you have Greeks & Italians doing business together well………..you better hope its not in Jefferson Parish.

  8. Oh and for those witnesses that are scared right now, Sop's advice of contacting the FBI office in New Orleans OR in Washington DC is sound advice. Protect yourselves by putting on the US Gov't condom who may actually now be working with Dudley Do-Right to catch Snidely Whiplash to ferret out Nova Scotia corruption Cajun Style.

  9. Telemachus is the very least of their concerns these days. The X factor has taken over: X-lovers, X-employees, X-wives, and X-friends. These idiots actually think the only people working with the Feds are those who are posting on the web which is what makes their foolishness all that more humorous to many. There is a reason the FBI office has doubled the manpower on "these" investigations. The Porteous connections to some of this is very interesting because the USAO may end up with egg on its face for not prosecuting everyone involved when the Porteous Redux comes back into the national focus again.

  10. I'll I can tell you Pres is I received two frantic emails from Tele both of which strongly indicated the person behind those handles was in fear for their life.

    This isn't a loss just for Slabbed either. Tele, under different handles has made substantial contributions to YRHT, AZ and The Lens. The connection of the Lens to Fox 8 is especially troubling in light of what we are learning about the doings up north.

    And while I agree the myopic focus on internet commenters proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that Theriot, Broussard and the rest are complete cyber morons, it does not change the effect, which is to silence those that helped expose publicly the wrong doing.

    We're to the point where Broussard and his henchmen are balls deep in a heap of trouble but they ultimately succeeded in silencing those they dubbed their worst critics, except one person that is. 😉


  11. What if WVUE had done a story about how Leary and Perret aggressively market Trout Point as a Gay destination ? And is allegedly owned and managed by gays ? No mention of Aaron Broussard. Do you think the Board of Directors of the Community School would refuse Mr. Loeb’s donation? In fact, I think it is remiss on Mr. Loeb’s part not to disclose this part of the Trout Point experience to the Board. Why the secrecy Mr. Loeb ?

    For me, this information would have no bearing … but can we assume that the Directors of this School to be as tolerant as I ?


    From September 2009 and up and through January of 2010 WVUE had broadcasts many stories involving the corruption of Aaron Broussard and his Administration … Broussard’s involvement with Whitmer in the insurance schemes with Parish Contractors … the para-legal payroll fraud which included his x-wife … his signing of checks made out to Hubbard in the MILLIONS of DOLLARS for unsubstantiated work … the granting of hugh raises to Whitmer and Wilkinson for their co-operation in facilitating corruption on all levels of Government … Broussard’s role in the criminal conspiracy to award River Birch an illegal landfill monopoly … the receiving of unlawful Christmas ‘gifts’ from staff … on and on … and finally, his resignation in disgrace …

    Of course the school “did not want to be associated with Mr. Broussard” … however Mr. Loed assumed they did … Hmmm…

    Does Mr. Loeb expect any reasonable person to believe that this Board had no knowledge of the litany of all other negative media reports about Broussard’s unethical and illegal conduct while Parish President? … the narrowly framed ‘Trout Point’ reason stated in the affidavit may suit Leary’s criteria, but is lacking sufficient credibility to be dispositive of what cumulative effect all of these stories reported by WVUE had on their individual decisions … Mr. Loeb failed to ask those questions and/or chose not to make as part of this affidavit, any other concerns they may have expressed about Broussard.

  13. If Messrs. Perret and Leary never had any dealings with Aaron Broussard, why did “we” create separate hotel and B&B listings for River Bend Lodge, and why did “we” pay for a distinct listing on bedandbreakfast.com ?

    Were the members of NSE and River Bend Lodge considered

    1. Great catch on the payments to Public Works Investments. Did you notice Leary said Patricia Caldwell was a lawyer he used? She handled most all the work for Roy D’Aquila, Marie Krantz and Aaron Broussard. Cozy little group no?

      In reality this affidavit, when examined in light of the latest bombshell from the federal prosecutors raises more questions than ever. I think the answer to each question will come clear by the middle of November.

      When I think of the Goatherders and all their SLAPP suits against the US media the old adage “Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered” comes to mind.


  14. Sop:

    I noticed something else yesterday when going through AB’s financial disclosures to the Ethics Board. When he “sold” his interests in several NS properties, he sold only his half (he co-owned those with his former wife). I wonder what happened to her 1/2 of their interests?

    Also, there was a Public Works, Inc. registered with the Louisiana SOS. It listed Karen Anne Parker and 2 other women whose last names were Parker – Anne Marie Parker and Michelle Anne Parker – all at the same address in Kenner,1005 CHATEAU LAFITTE WEST. It was registered in 1997 and the last report was filed in 2005. That’s right about the time Aaron Broussard sold his 42% interest in NSE to the redacted LLC in the exhibits to the DOJ filing.

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