5 thoughts on “Danny Abel, Shane Gates aka Shane D’Antoni, Charles Leary & Vaughn Perret Come on Down!”

  1. Damn Sop don’t you know when you play these violent, comic parodies the girls get scared, have to change their panties and want to run to the courts or authorities in fear.

    Saw the movie over the weekend and its so riveting you can’t turn it off cause the revenge is so justified.

    “……. don’t deserve to die like this…………….. see ya’ in hell……. BAM”.

  2. Oh I think the girls will be be soiling the panties when they talk to the authorities alright. Remember what Stephanie Grace said last week in her column? Team Fed included the Nova Scotia references for a reason. How long do you reckon ppl like D’Aquilla and Abel have been talking on a party line?

    I don’t pretend to know all the answers but we’re finding enough to understand why Team fed included that language in Karen Parker’s Bill of Information.


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