Poor Roy D’Aquila got butterflies on his tummy tum tum when he saw Val Bracy’s reports on the Trout Point Development

Roy D’Aquila

And I verily bet poor ol’ Roy crapped his pants when he saw the other media reports on the Broussard curatorships considering he was telling Charlie and Vaughn, on Broussard’s behalf, to put Riverbend on the Lodge’s main insurance policy. Of course you say that and they will sue.

And this fixation they have with Anne Marie Vandenweghe is unhealthy IMHO.  In fact it appears to be the same fixation TheRiot had for AMV considering the Fox 8 case has really been all about trying to get information on blog commenters, whether with the T-P or Slabbed.  In the case of Fox 8 the girls goatherders wanted a log of every IP address that visited the story and video on Broussard. I’ll be rolling that out in due course. Click the pic to get the 4 page pdf of Charles Leary being Charles Leary. If you want to see the exhibits, where the best dirt is I need your help.~ sop

Update: In light of the newest revelations about Nova Scotia Enterprises being a conduit to pay bribes to Aaron Broussard, the affidavit posted late last January is well worth the read. ~ sop 9/13/12

They left the one legged crack whore outta the story

And it was she that called the cops saying her boyfriend was out of control (and armed) and later it was she that convinced Mike to sue.  A bit over a year ago the Seacoast Echo ran a major story about all the alleged abuse of people by the Waveland PD and included this case.  They pulled it from their website a very short time later. Everything else in today’s story is 100% dead on accurate. Regarding the head on with a freight train, Mike told me he simply had “lost his zest for life”.

You meet the most unlikely of people when you become an investigative blogger.  And while dealing there is certainly less than appealing to an otherwise mild-mannered CPA it has given me a perspective on the people who routinely slip through the cracks of our social net that few of my fellow peeps see. Here is hoping Mike can stay on his meds.

File this one under Nude and Tased.


Danny Abel, Shane Gates aka Shane D’Antoni, Charles Leary & Vaughn Perret Come on Down!