Rut roh Calhoun! 1st Circuit Court of Appeals denies Calhoun’s writs. The Ethics Investigation into Calhoun’s alleged strawman political contributions is greenlit.

I’d say more folks but I’d be facing a fine of $2,000 and jail time so I’ll let the readers draw their own inferences there. My previous posts on this subject can be found here and here. ~ sop

4 thoughts on “Rut roh Calhoun! 1st Circuit Court of Appeals denies Calhoun’s writs. The Ethics Investigation into Calhoun’s alleged strawman political contributions is greenlit.”

  1. Looks like Judge Welch tried to draft a dissent the Louisiana Supreme Court would adopt when the Fayards and DEMOPAC apply for a writ on this majority denial.

    First, Judge Welch says “the investigation was spurred by an unsworn complaint…”

    The April 14, 2011 complaint was signed by the complainant, and notarized by an attorney with the language “sworn to and subscribed before me…..”. Maybe that’s not a “sworn complaint”.

    Then Judge Welch says the "complaint" did not give the Board of Ethics reason to suspect the contributions were made in the name of another.

    The complaint specifically references discussions and comments on the blog, TheHayride, as a source of information that formed the basis for the complaint on the campaign finance and fund raising activities of the Fayards. It would seem reasonable to me that the Board of Ethics reviewed the very detailed comments provided on TheHayride and elsewhere spelling out past campaign finance and fund raising practices of Calvin Fayard, his wives, his children, his bookkeeper, and his law partners and associates, including campaign funding by a source other than the identified contributors (straw donors). After reviewing that information, I personally feel the Board had every reason to suspect that contributions to DEMOPAC by the identified Fayard entities had been made in the name of another. But, I’m not even a lawyer, much less an appellate court judge.

    I know for a fact the federal complaint filed last month with the FEC against Calvin, Cindy and Chalyn Fayard, and their bookkeeper, contains precisely these type of straw man donation claims. Each of the Fayard entities identified in the complaint to the Louisiana Board of Ethics also donated an additional $10,000 to the federal arm of the DEMOPAC. Where does a historically and chronically unemployed student come up with a grand total of $100,000 in a single month to donate to her sister's campaign?

    As mentioned above, I suspect the Fayards/DEMOPAC will file a writ application with the Louisiana Supreme Court on this denial. If they were to recuse every Louisiana Supreme Court Justice who has received campaign donations from Calvin, his firm and his partners, there may be 3 Justices left to rule on that writ application.

    The race is on – Calvin must collect the BP fees before these ethics and federal campaign finance investigations come to a head.

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  3. Update:

    The document appearing in this post has been removed from the online suit record at the 19th JDC for some reason – there one day; gone the next.

    Once again, Slabbed has scooped the entire main stream media, as well as the blogger community, with an exclusive story and supporting documents, thus thwarting the efforts of the Fayards and their high-priced attorneys (including those who have contracts with the State of Louisiana) to keep a lid on this Board of Ethics campaign finance investigation.

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