12 thoughts on “Aaron Broussard never had any management involvement with Trout Point Lodge no siree. You say any different and we’ll sue your ass in Nova Scotia”

  1. I knew there was something about that letter:

    Aaron Broussard got bulk of private legal work, appointed by Jefferson Parish judges
    Published: Sunday, February 14, 2010, 5:56 AM
    By Paul Purpura, The Times-Picayune http://www.nola.com/politics/index.ssf/2010/02/aa

    “Former Jefferson Parish President Aaron Broussard, who ran one of the largest local governments in the state until his abrupt resignation Jan. 8 amid a federal investigation of his administration, received more private legal work from parish judges during his tenure than any other lawyer, an investigation into the parish's curatorships revealed.

    Aaron Broussard got more private legal work from parish judges during his tenure as parish president than any other lawyer.

    Broussard received more than 500 curatorships in the past decade, more than any lawyer listed on a roster of curatorship appointments obtained from the Jefferson Parish clerk of court. Curators are appointed by the court to represent absent defendants in civil cases.

    Lawyer in firm handled most of Broussard work:
    Court records show that in recent years, Ronald Vega, an attorney in the D'Aquila firm, handled much of the curator work for which Broussard was appointed. That firm received payments for Broussard's curatorships, according to a fee disbursment list provided by the clerk of court."

  2. Does the fact that most of the work was done not by Broussard but by somebody else in another law firm raise an issue of judicial ethics? Quite often, though not always, appointed curators must appear in court. Considering the sheer number of appointments, it would have become apparent to one or more of the judges that the work was not being done by Broussard, the lawyer who he/she appointed to represent the absent party. This doesn't strike me as being entirely kosher.

  3. Ronald Vega traces his professional roots to the Gautheir law firm. David Loeb, to both Gauthier and Chehardy Sherman. If you trace back this social circle you will find that everyone of these Broussard cronies trace their linage back to one or both of those places.

    Remember a long time ago I posted about the old Gauthier firm and promised to connect it to the happenings in the JP scandal?

    Honey we're home!


  4. SOP, if you want to start linking all of the lawyers to dirty dealings in Jefferson Parish, you could start a whole new blog just dedicated to that.

    It, to some degree, is still like that with the lawyers and judges in Jefferson Parish, although it has gotten somewhat better with the clean sweeping in 24th JDC (Green, Benge, Bodenheimer, Porteous).

    It is so nice, though, to see the girls get theirs. To think that they vehemently denied any connection to the Broussard scandal. You have exposed them so well, and I am sure that there is more to come. I hope that miscreant, bullies like them will crawl back to the Canadian spider hole they came from.

  5. Oh! And PLEASE don't forget the "crooked-as-a-snake" SCUM-BAG, The "Dis-Honorable" Ross LaDart, who the Louisiana Judiciary Commission (which hasn't met a "crooked" judge it didn't like) and "Lettenemgo" of the U.S. Department of "Injustice" has allowed to remain on the Bench of the 24th Judicial District Court, notwithstanding MISCONDUCT in the "Younce v. Pacific Gulf Marine Inc." case, in AMV's case, and in other cases. I wonder how many curatorships LaDart awarded Broussard in the past 10 years, Ashton O'Dwyer.

  6. Um, the question of judicial ethics came to my mind. Someone could start a Wrinkled Robe review with all the natural talent now on display.

  7. With the reporting of the AUSA’S filing of their “other bad acts” motion, it looks like your post connecting Broussard and his graft to Nova Scotia was dead on. Can’t wait…..

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